Number Of Visitors To Japan Down Over 90% In March

Number of visitors to Japan down over 90% in March

Japan's Immigration Services Agency says the number of foreigners who entered the country in March fell by more than 90 percent from the same month last year, due largely to refused entries attributed to the coronavirus.

Preliminary data from the agency shows that 152,162 foreigners arrived in Japan. That number excludes people who were given permission to re-enter. The figure was 2,504,193 in March, 2019.

European Countries Divided Over Virus Measures

European countries divided over virus measures

About a month has passed since European countries began lockdowns to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. They are now divided over whether to ease or continue their approach.

On Tuesday, Austria partially eased its lockdown and other strict measures that had been in place since last month. Some shops in Vienna, including clothing shops, reopened for the first time in a month. Pedestrian traffic appears to be gradually increasing.

Japanese University Receives 'threats' Over Virus

Japanese university receives 'threats' over virus

A Japanese university says it has received hundreds of complaints, some of them akin to threats, over coronavirus infections originating from its students.

The number of confirmed cases linked to students at Kyoto Sangyo University has reached 74 in 13 prefectures as of Wednesday.

Over 500 New Cases Reported

Over 500 new cases reported

Officials reported 144 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo on Wednesday. That's the largest daily increase so far.

More than 1,300 people have now tested positive across the capital, which is home to around 14 million people.

Rakuten: Over 700 Hotels Can Take Patients

Rakuten: Over 700 hotels can take patients

E-commerce giant Rakuten says more than 700 hotels on its travel website can accommodate patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus.

Rakuten officials say they want to help free up space at overburdened hospitals. They say they are approaching 36,000 accommodations, and that so far, 744 say they are available. Rakuten says this would open up about 91,000 rooms.

Fukushima Residents Cautious Over Water Discharge

Fukushima residents cautious over water discharge

Many Fukushima residents have expressed concern over a possible scheme to release diluted radioactive wastewater from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the sea or air in the prefecture.

The government on Monday held the first meeting to hear local opinions on ways to handle the wastewater accumulating at the plant.

Govt., Ldp Agree On $2,800 Handout Over Outbreak

Govt., LDP agree on $2,800 handout over outbreak

Japan's Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the main governing Liberal Democratic Party have agreed to give roughly 2,800 dollars to households whose income has fallen to a certain level due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Abe and LDP policy chief Kishida Fumio agreed on the 300,000-yen cash handout on Friday as part of discussions on an emergency economic package.

Poll: Over 90% Support Tokyo Games Delay

Poll: Over 90% support Tokyo Games delay

An NHK opinion poll shows that more than 90 percent of the respondents support the decision to delay the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

NHK conducted the survey over the weekend. More than 1,300 people responded.

Top Court Rules Against Okinawa Over Henoko

Top court rules against Okinawa over Henoko

Japan's top court has finalized a ruling against Okinawa Prefecture over a landfill project needed to move a US airbase in the southern prefecture.

The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an appeal by the prefectural government to halt the project.

Over 1,300 Coronavirus Cases Reported In Japan

Over 1,300 coronavirus cases reported in Japan

Six more infections of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Japan as of Thursday morning, bringing the total number to 1,313.

The figure was provided by the health ministry and local governments. It includes 14 cases confirmed among people who returned from China's Hubei Province on chartered flights.

Hokkaido To Lift State Of Emergency Over Virus

Hokkaido to lift state of emergency over virus

Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido is to lift a state of emergency declared last month in response to the new coronavirus outbreak there.

Governor Naomichi Suzuki told reporters on Wednesday that the three-week emergency period will expire on the following day as planned. He announced the declaration on February 28.