Ex-air Sdf Official Arrested Over Data Leak

Ex-Air SDF official arrested over data leak

A former senior official of the Air Self-Defense Force has been arrested for allegedly leaking confidential data on US early warning aircraft to a Japanese trading house.

58-year-old Sou Kanno is a former colonel and section chief at the ASDF's Air Development and Test Command.

Japan Post Heads To Quit Over Insurance Sales

Japan Post heads to quit over insurance sales

The heads of three Japan Post Group companies will resign to take responsibility for the firms' inappropriate sales of life insurance policies.

The Financial Services Agency took administrative disciplinary action against the companies on Friday.

Ldp Lawmaker's Office Searched Over Casino Project

LDP lawmaker's office searched over casino project

Tokyo prosecutors have searched offices of a ruling party lawmaker in connection with a Chinese firm that is suspected of bringing undeclared cash into Japan.

The special investigative team raided offices of Tsukasa Akimoto, a Lower House member of the Liberal Democratic Party, in Tokyo on Thursday.

Journalist Shiori Ito Wins Damages Over Rape Case

Journalist Shiori Ito wins damages over rape case

A Japanese court has ordered a former television correspondent to pay damages worth 3.3 million yen, or about 30,000 dollars, to a journalist over a rape case.

Journalist Shiori Ito sued Noriyuki Yamaguchi, a former reporter of Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, or TBS, demanding about 100,000 dollars in compensation. Ito said she was raped by Yamaguchi in 2015 after getting drunk at a dinner with him and falling unconscious.

Ldp Lawmaker Questioned Over Casino Project

LDP lawmaker questioned over casino project

NHK has learned that Tokyo prosecutors have questioned a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker over suspected illegality by a Chinese firm.

Lower House member Tsukasa Akimoto was questioned on a voluntary basis. It is believed that he was asked about his involvement with a Chinese company hoping to enter the fledgling Japanese market for integrated resorts that will include casinos.

Japan, S.korea Meet Over Trade Row

Japan, S.Korea meet over trade row

Senior officials from Japan and South Korea are sitting down together in Tokyo, in a bid to resolve a bilateral trade dispute.

The meeting is the first of its kind since Japan tightened export controls on some high-tech materials sold to South Korea.

Over $92 Mil. Eyed To Develop F-2 Successors

Over $92 mil. eyed to develop F-2 successors

Japan's Defense Ministry will ask for more than 10 billion yen to develop stealth fighter jets to replace the Air Self-Defense Force's aging fleet. That amount is more than 92 million dollars.

The ministry says it will use the budget to develop the fuselage and other parts of successors to the F-2s.

Two Men Questioned Over Nakamura Shooting

Two men questioned over Nakamura shooting

The Afghan interior ministry says its officials are questioning two men in connection with the fatal shooting of Japanese doctor and aid worker Tetsu Nakamura.

The ministry told NHK it believes the two men may know something about the incident.

Nintendo Sold Over 800,000 Switch Units Over The Thanksgiving Weekend

Nintendo Sold Over 800,000 Switch Units Over The Thanksgiving Weekend

Nintendo’s Switch console has been doing rather well and we imagine that it is probably a holiday present that many people are after. In fact, that’s exactly what happened because according to the numbers, it seems that the Nintendo Switch has done very well for itself over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Based on the numbers, it seems that just in the US alone, Nintendo has managed to sell a whopping 800,000 units of the Switch console. This brings the total number of Switches sold in the US so far to a whopping 17.5 million units. We’re not sure what the split is between the Switch and the Switch Lite, but we imagine that the cheaper Switch Lite probably contributed to these figures.

Job Website Gets 2nd Warning Over Mishandling Data

Job website gets 2nd warning over mishandling data

The operator of a job-hunting website has been slapped with a second warning over improper management of personal data. The company was previously cited for selling information on job-seeking students.

Human-resources services firm Recruit Career operates the job-hunting website Rikunabi. The company estimated how likely it was that student job-seekers would decline employment offers, based on their browsing history.

Diet Split On Longer Session Over Cherry Party

Diet split on longer session over cherry party

Japanese opposition parties are trying to extend the current extraordinary Diet session to grill Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the guest list for the annual state-funded cherry blossom viewing party.

The Diet session is scheduled to end next Monday.

Abe Denies Allegations Over Party Guests

Abe denies allegations over party guests

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the list of guests invited to an annual cherry blossom-viewing party in April was disposed of as scheduled and denied that it was related to a disclosure request by an opposition lawmaker.

Abe made the remarks while replying to a question from a member of his Liberal Democratic Party in the Upper House on Monday.

Japan, China, S.korea Divided Over Fta Plan

Japan, China, S.Korea divided over FTA plan

Japanese officials say talks with China and South Korea on a free trade pact will need more time before a deal can be reached.

Negotiators wrapped up a three-day meeting in Seoul on Friday. It was the 16th round of talks since they started in 2013.