Abe Urges Further Efforts To Contain Virus Spread

Abe urges further efforts to contain virus spread

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on Wednesday called on people to continue their efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, two weeks after his declaration of a state of emergency.

Abe was speaking at a meeting of the government's coronavirus task force.

Stay Home Measures Spread In Japan

Stay home measures spread in Japan

In Japan, more people are being asked to take steps to slow down a surge in coronavirus infections.

People in Tokyo are adjusting to a sudden lifestyle shift as the number of cases there topped 2,000.

Expert: 80% Less Contact Can Stop Explosive Spread

Expert: 80% less contact can stop explosive spread

A group of experts says Tokyo could prevent an explosive spread of the new coronavirus by reducing person-to-person contact by 80 percent. The group advises authorities to immediately take appropriate measures.

The projection was conducted by a group that includes Professor Nishiura Hiroshi of Hokkaido University, a member of a government taskforce on cluster infections.

Sustained Spread Of Virus 'likely In Japan'

Sustained spread of virus 'likely in Japan'

NHK has learned that a government expert panel has approved a report that says sustained transmission of the coronavirus is likely to occur in Japan.

Tokyo confirmed 41 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the nationwide total to over 1,300.

Infections From Nile Cruises Spread In Japan

Infections from Nile cruises spread in Japan

Japan has reported 26 new coronavirus infections linked to cruise ships on the River Nile. The health ministry says the cases were confirmed between March 5 and 15.

Among them are Japanese tourists who recently returned from cruise holidays as well as family members and other people with whom they have been in contact.

Theme Parks Shut To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

Theme parks shut to prevent spread of coronavirus

Theme parks in Japan featuring Hello Kitty and other characters will close temporarily in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Sanrio announced an indoor theme park in suburban Tokyo called Sanrio Puroland and an outdoor theme park in the Kyushu region called Harmonyland will be closed from February 22 to March 12. Both facilities are operated by a Sanrio subsidiary and are popular among tourists who are fans of the famous characters.

Virus Continued To Spread On Ship After Quarantine

Virus continued to spread on ship after quarantine

Japanese health experts say the new coronavirus continued to spread on the cruise ship Diamond Princess even after the passengers were told to stay in their cabins as a quarantine measure.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported this on its English website on Wednesday.

Japan Works To Contain Coronavirus Spread

Japan works to contain coronavirus spread

New cases of the coronavirus in Japan have been confirmed, bringing the total to over 330, including 285 on a cruise ship offshore.

Health authorities are working quickly to come up with effective measures to contain the spread after they found it hard to track down the infection routes of some cases.

Japan Steps Up Measures To Contain Spread

Japan steps up measures to contain spread

The rash of new cases has the Japanese government scrambling to make sure the virus doesn't spread any further.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, " We're setting up an expert panel consisting of front-line specialists on infectious diseases to strengthen measures."

False Rumors On Chinese Spread In Japan

False rumors on Chinese spread in Japan

As the number of cases of new coronavirus increase in Japan, false accusations against Chinese people and groundless rumors are spreading. The health ministry is calling on people not to be taken in by the misinformation.

The ministry says false posts on Chinese have gone viral on social media since the outbreak. It says officials have been repeatedly contacted through telephone and email by people passing along the rumor that "Chinese are intentionally spreading the virus for the purpose of terrorism."

Virus May Spread Before Symptoms Appear

Virus may spread before symptoms appear

Health authorities in China say 81 people in the country have died from pneumonia after infected with the new coronavirus. More than 2,700 others have been confirmed to be infected.

Experts are warning that those carrying the virus could be spreading it to others during the incubation period before their own symptoms appear. That's making it extremely difficult to contain the outbreak.

Rubella Infections Starting To Spread Across Japan

Rubella infections starting to spread across Japan

Health officials in Japan say nearly 2,000 people have contracted rubella, or German measles, this year.
The infections are spreading from the Tokyo metropolitan area to other parts of the country.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo announced on Tuesday that 154 new cases were reported in the week up to November 4th, bringing the total to 1,884.