Rubella Infections Starting To Spread Across Japan

Rubella infections starting to spread across Japan

Health officials in Japan say nearly 2,000 people have contracted rubella, or German measles, this year.
The infections are spreading from the Tokyo metropolitan area to other parts of the country.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo announced on Tuesday that 154 new cases were reported in the week up to November 4th, bringing the total to 1,884.

Japan Tour Keen To Spread Wings Without Structural Change

Japan Tour keen to spread wings without structural changeThe Japan Golf Tour Organisation (JGTO) is keen to increase its involvement in co-sanctioned events abroad but remains opposed to any radical changes to Asia’s organisational structure, a senior director told Reuters.

Sonton’s Halal Peanut Spread Aims For Muslim Market

Sonton’s halal peanut spread aims for Muslim marketSonton Holdings Co. is courting the Muslim market with its new halal-certified spreads that don’t contain alcohol and pork-derived ingredients.
Japanese Style Peanut Spread, which hit the market Nov. 17, was granted the certification by Japan Halal Association, a nonprofit organization in Osaka.

Negative Rumors About Foreigners In Flood-hit Ibaraki City Spread Via Social Media

Negative rumors about foreigners in flood-hit Ibaraki city spread via social mediaGroundless rumors have spread on the Internet and across social media that foreigners were robbing the houses of local residents after torrential rains caused a levee breach along the Kinugawa River here. While Ibaraki Prefectural Police say there is no evidence to prove the involvement of foreigners in those cases, social media and other tools have made it easier for anyone to spread information as well as rumors based on prejudice.

Athletes Spread The Word About Deaflympics

Athletes spread the word about DeaflympicsHow many people actually know about the Deaflympics?
According to a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2007, only 2.8 percent of people in Japan knew that such an event for the hearing-impaired even exists. That pales in comparion with the 94 percent figure for the Paralympics, which is held in conjunction with the Olympics.