Fuel Removal May Start At No.2 Reactor

Fuel removal may start at No.2 reactor

A government body advising on decommissioning of the disaster-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says removal of molten fuel should start in the facility's No.2 reactor.

Three of the plant's reactors suffered meltdowns in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Fuel debris is believed to lie at the bottom of their containment vessels.

New Haneda Flight Routes To Start March 29

New Haneda flight routes to start March 29

Japan's transport ministry has officially decided to introduce new flight routes to and from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to start March 29 next year.

The launch of the routes that will pass over central Tokyo is aimed at allowing more international flights at Haneda ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Online Applications For More Olympic Tickets Start

Online applications for more Olympic tickets start

Online applications for an additional ticket lottery for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have begun.

The official website for the ticket sales started accepting applications at 2 a.m. on Thursday. Applications can be made only in Japan.

Online Visa Application To Start For Chinese

Online visa application to start for Chinese

The Japanese Foreign Ministry will start accepting visa applications online from Chinese tourists next April.

The ministry says a record 8.38 million Chinese people visited Japan last year, and that 80 percent of the visas the ministry issued were for Chinese visitors.

Japan Leaves Iwc To Start Commercial Whaling

Japan leaves IWC to start commercial whaling

Japan withdrew from the International Whaling Commission, or IWC, on Sunday. The country will resume commercial whaling the next day.

Japan joined the IWC in 1951, supporting its pursuit of sustainable whaling by protecting the number of whales.

Drone Deliveries To Start To Japanese Islet

Drone deliveries to start to Japanese islet

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten and supermarket chain Seiyu are starting a drone delivery service for summer visitors to an island off Yokosuka, near Tokyo.

The two companies on Monday held a ceremony to launch the service which begins operating next month on Sarushima.

Ban On Free Plastic Bags To Start Next April

Ban on free plastic bags to start next April

Japanese Industry minister Hiroshige Seko says the government plans to ban retailers from giving away plastic bags for free from next April.

A meeting of energy and environment ministers from G20 nations kicked off in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan on Saturday. Seko said ocean pollution caused by plastic waste is a global issue that needs to be tackled by both the public and private sectors.

Okinawa Marines Relocation To Guam May Start 2025

Okinawa Marines relocation to Guam may start 2025

The US military may begin moving some of the Marines stationed in Okinawa, southwestern Japan, to Guam in 2025.

The Japanese and US governments have agreed to relocate about 9,000 Marines and their families from Okinawa to Guam, Hawaii and other places outside Japan. This is part of reorganization plans for the US military in Japan. The two governments say the move will start in the first half of the 2020s.

Start Of 'reiwa' Era Marked Around The World

Start of 'Reiwa' era marked around the world

Events to mark the new Reiwa era have taken place in Japan and around the world.

In Tokyo, about 70 senior-ranking wrestlers have celebrated the start of the era by standing in formation to spell out the two kanji characters that make up the name. Among them were Yokozuna grand champions Hakuho and Kakuryu, as well as newly promoted ozeki Takakeisho.

Emperor's Abdication Ceremony About To Start

Emperor's abdication ceremony about to start

Japan is mere hours away from the end of an era. Emperor Akihito will abdicate at the end of Tuesday -- bringing the three-decade-long Heisei Era to a close.

As that happens, people here will witness a new era begin. Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend the throne immediately.

Traffic Congested At Start Of 10-day Holidays

Traffic congested at start of 10-day holidays

A 10-day holiday period has started in Japan. Roads, trains, and airports are congested as people head for their hometowns and other destinations.

The Japan Road Traffic Information Center says that as of 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, several expressway lanes were backed up for up to 21 kilometers.