Toyota Supra Gets Modified For The First Time By Trd

Toyota Supra gets modified for the first time by TRD

The 2020 Supra is still young in this world (though it feels 5 years old at this point), but a TRD Performance Line Concept version of the Supra happened to be revealed in Japan this past weekend. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it is the first time TRD has gotten its hands dirty with the MkV Supra. TRD showed us a teaser for this car not too long ago with a big wing, though the actual car was not wearing that in its reveal at the 2019 Osaka Automesse.

All the modifications are aero-focused for this concept. We're sad to say TRD didn't touch the inline-six engine — perhaps a power bump was too much to hope for this early in the game. Regardless, all the enhanced aero parts are made of carbon fiber and were developed in the wind tunnel to produce tangible gains in downforce and stability. Included on the concept is a front spoiler, side skirt, door garnish, trunk spoiler and rear spats.

Real Wages Up In 2018 For 1st Time In 2 Years

Real wages up in 2018 for 1st time in 2 years

Average monthly wages in Japan adjusted for inflation rose in 2018 for the first time in two years. But critics say the results are skewed.

The release of the preliminary figures by the labor ministry on Friday follows the recent revelation that improper methods were used to conduct the survey.

Nmb48 To Tour The Kinki Region For The First Time In 7 Years

NMB48 to tour the Kinki Region for the first time in 7 years

NMB48 will hold a Kinki tour called 'NMB48 Kinki Juuban Shoubu 2019' from March to April. 

It's been about seven years since the group last toured the Kinki Region. They are scheduled to hold seven shows in Osaka, one in Wakayama, and two in Hyogo. The members will be performing with their new teams as the team shuffle will be effective as of March. 

Turn Back Time With Back Number's Pv For 'happy Birthday'

Turn back time with back number's PV for 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'

back number have revealed the short PV for their new song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" is the theme song for TBS' drama 'Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi' and will be released as the band's new single on February 27. Banba Shuichi, who directed the PV commented, "Your birthday starts when the date changes and ends when the date changes. It's a PV that shows one's desire of turning back time.

Russia: Release Of Boat Crew Could Take Time

Russia: Release of boat crew could take time

Russian authorities are suggesting it could be some time before they release the crew of a Japanese fishing boat seized last week.

Russian officials seized the boat, Number 68 Nishino-maru, on Wednesday in the Sea of Japan, citing alleged illegal fishing.

Hanazawa Kana To Hold A Concert In Shanghai For The First Time

Hanazawa Kana to hold a concert in Shanghai for the first time

Hanazawa Kana will hold a concert called 'KANA HANAZAWA Concert 2019 in SHANGHAI' on April 14 at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena in China. 

Animes in which Hanazawa has participated as a voice actress has become popular in China. She even made a guest appearance in Beijing TV's special program '2019 BTV Universal Toshikoshi Yuki to Koori no Saiten' last year. The one-man live in Shanghai was determined in response to the demand of the local people. 

Ios And Android Loyalty Rates Are At An All Time High

iOS And Android Loyalty Rates Are At An All Time High

Due to the way smartphone platforms have been designed, it locks users in by tying their purchases to their accounts. This means that switching from iOS to Android and vice versa isn’t quite as simple or straightforward as switching shampoo brands. This is also why it’s not surprising to see that users are remaining loyal to their choice of platform.

In fact according to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it appears that loyalty rates to both iOS and Android are at an all time high. According to their data, Android loyalty is at around 92% and has marginally beat out Apple who is sitting at around 91%. CIRP also points at how this increased loyalty could also indicate longer upgrade cycles which could explain why devices like the iPhone aren’t selling as well anymore as more customers are holding onto their phones longer.