2020 Honda Cr-v Hybrid Vs 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo S E-hybrid

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid vs 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo S E-Hybrid

We do our best around here to provide sound consumer advice, which is why there shall be no stone left unturned and no consumer unrepresented in our efforts to be fully inclusive of the car-buying public. Let's say for instance you're interested in buying an SUV, but would really prefer it to be a hybrid. Fair enough, there's a decent number of those. Good ones, too.

Now, let's say it really needs to be a shade of reddish orange, or perhaps, orangey-red. Either way, it's gotta be right there in the magma spectrum. OK, this has gotten trickier. Also, you have anywhere between $28,000 and $200,000 to spend, the result of being both the millionaire inventor of some internet widget thing but also really pragmatic with an eye for good value. 

2021 Acura Tlx Type S To Get Turbo V6; Debuts May 28

2021 Acura TLX Type S to get turbo V6; debuts May 28

The 2021 Acura TLX will revive the sporty Type S model after a 10-year moratorium, and this time around, it's getting a turbocharged V6, further setting it apart from other sedans in the Honda corporate family. 

Acura says the new TLX will draw heavily upon the styling shown on two of its recent concepts: the Precision, which was shown in 2016, and the Type S, which was shown last year. The evolution of the styling is obvious even from Acura's darkened teaser image, which depicts a slightly more curvaceous take on 2019's Type S while retaining most of the same key design elements, including the quad-outlet exhaust and pronounced underbody diffuser.

Mazda Considering A 'hyper' Mazda3 With The 250-hp 2.5-liter Turbo Four

Mazda considering a 'hyper' Mazda3 with the 250-hp 2.5-liter turbo four

Mazda boss Akira Marumoto said last year there'd be no Mazdaspeed version of the new Mazda3 because the hot hatch segment wasn't a priority for the carmaker. Then Mazda engineer Dave Coleman told Road & Track that without "an engine on the shelf that would fit properly," an MPS variant made no sense. The first reader comment on our Coleman post read, "Engine — you have it; cue up the 2.5T." Mazda might have been listening. Program manager Kota Beppu told Autocar he'd like a "hyper" Mazda3, the outlet figuring the 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo would make the most sense for power.

Autocar wrote "the project had not been officially signed off, [but] insiders suggest that is a formality." When Car and Driver queried Mazda and its sources about the report, the magazine realized "the company is seriously considering a high-performance hot hatch." What's more, "Drew Cary, senior manager for brand communications, said, 'We encourage people to ask for it, though. Our planners and executives are watching and listening to fans.'"

1983 Datsun 280zx Turbo | Ebay Find Of The Day

1983 Datsun 280ZX Turbo | eBay Find of the Day

By 1983, Datsun's Z car had gone through several major transformations. The engine displacement had grown, and it gained an optional rear seat as it moved on from its roots as a true sports car and into a personal luxury coupe. It also got an optional turbocharger for its straight-six engine, which bumped horsepower from 145 to 180.

The well-kept 1983 280ZX Turbo seen up above is currently for sale on eBay. It's in good shape, too -- the seller says its red paint is original, and the T-Tops (which seal properly, according to the seller) provide perfect period style. This car's silver interior looks to be in pretty good condition, it has a proper five-speed manual transmission, and it shows a reasonable 104,000 miles on the odometer.