Ferris Wheel In Yokohama Lit Up With 'stay Home'

Ferris wheel in Yokohama lit up with 'Stay home'

A landmark Ferris wheel in the Japanese city of Yokohama is being lit up with a message calling on people to stay home to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The world-class Ferris wheel with a diameter of 110 meters is usually a popular attraction at an amusement park near Tokyo. But it is currently out of service due to the park's closure.

44 New Coronavirus Cases On Ship In Yokohama

44 new coronavirus cases on ship in Yokohama

Japan's health ministry says another 44 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed on the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

The people include one crew member. Twenty-nine of them are Japanese.

66 New Infection Cases Found On Yokohama Ship

66 new infection cases found on Yokohama ship

Sixty-six more people on board a quarantined cruise ship at Yokohama Port have been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. That brings the total number of cases on the vessel to 136.

People with confirmed infections will be hospitalized, as were cases discovered earlier.

About 60 More Infected On Yokohama Ship

About 60 more infected on Yokohama ship

Japan's Health Ministry says around 60 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified on a cruise ship in Yokohama. That nearly doubles the total number of cases discovered on the vessel to around 130.

Express Train Collides With Truck In Yokohama

Express train collides with truck in Yokohama

A passenger train and a truck collided at a rail crossing in Yokohama, near Tokyo, on Thursday, killing one person and injuring many others.

The collision occurred around 11:40 a.m. at a crossing near Kanagawa Shinmachi station on the Keikyu Line.

Truck Collides With Train In Yokohama

Truck collides with train in Yokohama

Police say 32 people are injured after a truck collided with an express passenger train at a railroad crossing in Yokohama, south of Tokyo.

The incident happened at around 11:40 a.m. on Thursday morning. Footage taken shortly after the collision shows heavy black smoke rising from the wreckage. Aerial shots appear to show the remains of a truck beside a train car that's leaning off the rails.

Train Collides With Truck In Yokohama

Train collides with truck in Yokohama

A train has collided with a truck at a railway crossing in Yokohama, near Tokyo. Authorities say at least 30 people may have been injured.

The collision happened around 11:40 a.m. on Thursday at a crossing on the Keikyu line in Yokohama's Kanagawa Ward.

Ticad Conference Adopts Yokohama Declaration

TICAD conference adopts Yokohama Declaration

A major three-day conference on Africa's economic and social development has come to a close here in Japan, with leaders and representatives adopting the "Yokohama Declaration."

At the closing ceremony, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "Dynamic Africa is now a partner to Japan and we can grow together. I was able to confirm that feeling through this conference which I have now chaired three times."

Leaders Gathering In Yokohama For Africa Summit

Leaders gathering in Yokohama for Africa summit

Leaders from over 50 African countries, and officials from a range of international organizations are descending on the Japanese port city of Yokohama, for a three-day summit.

The Tokyo International Conference on African Development, TICAD, will begin soon with an opening address from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Ticad Preparations Underway In Yokohama

TICAD preparations underway in Yokohama

Final preparations are underway in the Japanese city of Yokohama which will next week host a three-day conference on economic cooperation between Japan and African countries.

The Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD, has been held on a regular basis since 1993. Japan has been leading the conference which is co-hosted by the United Nations and other organizations.

Derailed Yokohama Subway Resumes Full Service

Derailed Yokohama subway resumes full service

A subway line in Yokohama City near Tokyo resumed full operation on Monday, after four days of partial suspension due to a derailment.

The accident occurred on Thursday morning in the city's Izumi ward. A train on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line derailed after running over equipment mistakenly left on the rails by workers doing overnight maintenance work.

15 Min. For Lunch At Most Yokohama Jr. Highs

15 min. for lunch at most Yokohama jr. highs

A survey shows that more than 90 percent of public junior high schools in Yokohama City, near Tokyo, allotted only 15 minutes for student lunches in the last fiscal year.

The city's board of education surveyed all 148 public junior high schools in response to concerns raised by parents.

Gaza Artists Give Talk At Yokohama Exhibition

Gaza artists give talk at Yokohama exhibition

Three artists from the Gaza Strip visited a Yokohama art gallery on Tuesday to talk about their work and the difficulties of life in the enclave.

Mohammad Al-Hawaziri said he thought it would be impossible to get out of Gaza and visit Japan. He said he is grateful to many people for taking an interest in his home.