Derailed Yokohama Subway Resumes Full Service

Derailed Yokohama subway resumes full service

A subway line in Yokohama City near Tokyo resumed full operation on Monday, after four days of partial suspension due to a derailment.

The accident occurred on Thursday morning in the city's Izumi ward. A train on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line derailed after running over equipment mistakenly left on the rails by workers doing overnight maintenance work.

15 Min. For Lunch At Most Yokohama Jr. Highs

15 min. for lunch at most Yokohama jr. highs

A survey shows that more than 90 percent of public junior high schools in Yokohama City, near Tokyo, allotted only 15 minutes for student lunches in the last fiscal year.

The city's board of education surveyed all 148 public junior high schools in response to concerns raised by parents.

Gaza Artists Give Talk At Yokohama Exhibition

Gaza artists give talk at Yokohama exhibition

Three artists from the Gaza Strip visited a Yokohama art gallery on Tuesday to talk about their work and the difficulties of life in the enclave.

Mohammad Al-Hawaziri said he thought it would be impossible to get out of Gaza and visit Japan. He said he is grateful to many people for taking an interest in his home.

Nishino Kana To Go On Hiatus After Yokohama Arena Concerts

Nishino Kana to go on hiatus after Yokohama Arena concerts

Nishino Kana has announced that she will be going on hiatus after her 3-day concert 'Kana Nishino Love Collection Live 2019' at Yokohama Arena on February 1-3. 

Last year, the singer celebrated her tenth anniversary, and she will be turning 30 this March 18. On her hiatus, she commented, "I'll almost be in my thirties. It's something I've looked forward to for a long time. I love to travel, and there are a lot more places I would like to see. I also have many things I want to do. After next month's lives, I will take a break from my activities and challenge myself to various things without setting a due date. Nevertheless, I love singing, so I feel like I will continue to sing everyday. I want to enjoy music daily until the day I will sing in front of everybody again. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to those who have always supported me. ☆Thank you☆."

African Reporters Visit Yokohama Ahead Of Ticad

African reporters visit Yokohama ahead of TICAD

Reporters working for African media outlets have visited Yokohama to deepen their understanding of Japan. The city will host the 7th session of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD, next August.

The journalists are from France and 10 African nations, such as Egypt and Ghana.

Aqua Timez' Last Live To Be Held At Yokohama Arena

Aqua Timez' last live to be held at Yokohama Arena

Aqua Timez will hold a one-man live called 'last dance' on November 18 at Yokohama Arena. 

Earlier this month, the band announced that it would be disbanding at the end of the year. 'last dance' will be their last live before their disbandment. Ticket pre-orders will be available via the band's official fanclub 'teamAQUA' starting May 17 at 12:00.

Hotel, Shops Will Share New Cruise Ship Terminal In Yokohama

Hotel, shops will share new cruise ship terminal in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA--The Minato Mirai waterfront district here will become even more bustling in spring 2019 with the opening of a new passenger ship terminal, which aims to attract additional foreign cruise ships.

Ocean liners including luxury Diamond Princess are scheduled to arrive at and depart from the terminal about 80 times annually as their home port in Asia.

Giant Mooncake Served In Yokohama Chinatown

Giant mooncake served in Yokohama Chinatown

People in Yokohama's Chinatown have been treated to a giant mooncake to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A local hotel bakes the huge traditional delicacy each year. Chinese folklore says eating mooncakes in the evening of the harvest festival brings good luck.

Yokohama--once A Jump-off Point For Starting A New Life

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: Yokohama--Once a jump-off point for starting a new lifeIf asked what I know about "Nikkei-jin," I’d confidently say something like, “Nikkei-jin? They’re Japanese who emigrated to Hawaii and Brazil a long time ago. Oh, and their descendants.” I’d then add some commentary: “Some have been very successful, but many have returned to Japan as manual laborers under a special visa agreement,” and that would be the end of my answer.

Nissan Offering Ultra-conservative Evs For Rentals In Yokohama

Nissan offering ultra-minimized EVs for rentals in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA- - Nissan Motor Co., couple with the city government here, has begun a joint auto sharing endeavor utilizing two-situate, ultra-smaller electric vehicles.

The program that commenced March 17 permits clients to lease electric vehicles at 14 areas in focal Yokohama for touring, shopping, short bounces or whatever.

Baby Tiger Of Endangered Species Drowns At Yokohama Zoo

Baby tiger of endangered species drowns at Yokohama zooA baby Sumatran tiger, an endangered species, drown Thursday at a zoo near Tokyo, the zoo operator said Friday.
The three-month-old tiger fell into a water-filled trench at the Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia after being moved to a display area. The baby tiger apparently tripped over electric wires installed to prevent a fall into the trench, the zoo operator said.

Emergency Program For Foreigners In Yokohama

Emergency program for foreigners in YokohamaA new program started by the operator of an underground shopping complex in Yokohama Station aims to help non-Japanese who experience health emergencies.
Under the program, when an emergency call comes from the shopping center, nearby security guards arrive at the site with a multilingual document.