Nintendo's President Apologizes For Joy - Con Drift Issues

Nintendo's President Apologizes For Joy-Con Drift Issues

During Nintendo’s financial Q&A, the company’s president has since come forward to officially apologize for the issues that gamers were experiencing as a result of the drifting. In a statement made by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa (translated by Kotaku), he apologized for it but stopped short of going into details as to how the company may (or may not) be addressing it.

“Regarding the Joy-Con, we apologize for any trouble caused to our customers. We are continuing to aim to improve our products, but as the Joy-Con is the subject of a class-action lawsuit in the United States and this is still a pending issue, we would it like to refrain from responding about any specific actions.”

In case you didn’t know, there is a class-action lawsuit filed in the US against Nintendo over the issue. We’re not sure what the final outcome could be, but hopefully this is a start of something that Switch owners can look forward to in terms of possibly getting their controllers fixed for free.

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