Miyamoto Karin To Graduate From Juice=juice And Hello! Project

Miyamoto Karin to graduate from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project

Miyamoto Karin has announced her graduation from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project.

Miyamoto made the announcement on YouTube's 'Hello! Project Station.' After graduation, she plans to continue singing and dancing as a soloist while doing DIY projects and interior design. In order to prepare for her solo work, she decided to graduate from both Juice=Juice and Hello! Project. "By challenging myself to new things, I hope to expand my imagination and sensitivity in order to create my own worldview and utilize that in my performances," she commented. 

Miyamoto's last live activities as a member of Juice=Juice will be 'Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 Spring', which will be held from April 25 to May 31. Details on her graduation concert will be revealed at a later date. 

Source: natalie