18 - Year - Old Female Realizes Dream By Becoming Jockey

18-year-old female realizes dream by becoming jockeyAfter three years of rigorous training, Nanako Fujita realized her childhood dream at age 18 by becoming a jockey this year.
Fujita is one of the six applicants who passed the Japan Racing Association's fiscal 2016 test to obtain a jockey license and became its first female rider in 16 years.
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Marine Life Still Hitchhiking On Tsunami Debris 5 Years Later

Marine life still hitchhiking on tsunami debris 5 years laterAs debris from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster in northeast Japan wended its way over the Pacific Ocean's currents, concerns about potential radioactive contaminants following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster briefly gripped residents of Hawaii and North America's west coast.
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Kennedy Reciprocates For Gift Of Dolls

Kennedy reciprocates for gift of dollsThe US Ambassador to Japan has sent a doll to a Japanese woman in return for dolls she gave to the ambassador's father, John F. Kennedy, 50 years ago.
In the early 1960s, Tsuyako Matsumoto sent traditional hina dolls to the then-US president. Matsumoto, now 93, lives in Kitami City in Hokkaido, northern Japan.
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Gov Aims To Set Long - Term Emissions Cut Goal

Gov aims to set long-term emissions cut goalThe Japanese government will include a long-term goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 in its draft strategy to tackle global warming.
Parties to the UN climate conference held in December in Paris reached an accord agreeing to bring emissions to virtually zero in the latter half of this century. Each country is responsible for working toward the goal.
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Shibuya, A Town Of Constant Change, Had Ropeway In The Early 1950s

Shibuya, a town of constant change, had ropeway in the early 1950sA ropeway exclusively for children opened in the Shibuya district of central Tokyo in 1951.
The cable car, named “Hibari-go,” could accommodate 12 kids and made round trips between what was then the Toyoko department store and the Tamaden building (current west building of the Tokyu department store chain’s Toyoko outlet). The distance between the two spots was 75 meters.
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