Asanoyama Promoted To Sumo's 2nd Highest Rank

Asanoyama promoted to sumo's 2nd highest rank

Sumo wrestler Asanoyama has been promoted to Ozeki, the sport's second highest rank.

The Japan Sumo Association made the decision on Wednesday. Representatives of the association visited the wrestler and his stable master at their lodging house in Osaka City to tell them about the promotion.

Asanoyama told them that he will love sumo, act justly as a wrestler, and work hard, so as not to disgrace the Ozeki title.

Asanoyama fought in the latest Spring Grand Sumo Tournament as a Sekiwake wrestler. Sekiwake is the third highest rank. He beat Ozeki Takakeisho on Sunday, the last day. He finished the tourney with 11 wins and four losses.