Check Out The Teaser For Hyde's New Song 'believing In Myself'

Check out the teaser for HYDE's new song 'BELIEVING IN MYSELF'

The teaser for HYDE's new song "BELIEVING IN MYSELF" has been uploaded onto YouTube.

HYDE will release "BELIEVING IN MYSELF" as his new single on March 18 and was written as the image song for 'Tokyo Marathon 2020.' The PV incorporates scenes of HYDE roaming the streets of Tokyo and live performances.

Check Out The Teaser For Glay's New Song 'into The Wild'

Check out the teaser for GLAY's new song 'Into the Wild'

GLAY have unleashed the teaser for their new song "Into the Wild." 

This will be included in GLAY's upcoming best-of album "REVIEW II -BEST OF GLAY-" to hit stores on March 11. It holds the message, "While being tied up by various things, break free by believing in yourself and move forward." The teaser features an emotional dance scene that portrays "breaking free."

Check Out The Toyota Supra Reimagined As A 4×4 Vehicle

Check Out The Toyota Supra Reimagined As A 4×4 Vehicle

Image credit – Rain Prisk

One of Toyota’s more iconic sports cars, aside from the Celica, is the Supra. Many were no doubt pleased as punch when back in 2019, Toyota announced that they would be reviving the Supra almost two decades after production had ended, but what if the Supra were to be relaunched not as a sports car, but as a 4×4 vehicle?

Check Out The Pv For Hinatazaka46's Song 'seishun No Uma'

Check out the PV for Hinatazaka46's song 'Seishun no Uma'

The PV for Hinatazaka46's song "Seishun no Uma" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Seishun no Uma" is the coupling track to Hinatazaka46's fourth single "Sonna Koto Naiyo" to drop on February 19. It's the theme song to the group's starring drama 'DASADA', which started on January 15. The music video consists of scenes that were shot with a real white horse. 

Check Out The Jacket Covers And Track List For Nishikido Ryo's First Album

Check out the jacket covers and track list for Nishikido Ryo's first album

Nishikido Ryo has revealed the jacket covers and track list for his first solo album "NOMAD" to drop on December 11. 

All 11 songs on the album were written, composed, and produced by Nishikido himself.  The album will be available for purchase in three different types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. Limited Edition A DVD will contain the PVs and making-of footage for "Nomad" and "Point of Departure," while Limited Edition B DVD will contain a documentary from his ongoing tour. Additionally, the Regular Edition will come with a bonus track called "Potential." 

Police Check Imperial Procession Route For Sunday

Police check Imperial procession route for Sunday

Police officers and volunteers have patrolled a central Tokyo street before Sunday's Imperial procession marking Emperor Naruhito's accession to the throne.

About 50 people made safety checks on the Aoyama-dori street on Thursday. They made sure no suspicious objects were placed. Police dogs capable of detecting explosives sniffed trees and plants along the road.

Gas Stations To Check Id Of Container Customers

Gas stations to check ID of container customers

Japan's fire authority will require gas stations in the country to identify purchasers of gasoline in containers from next year. The move is in response to the deadly arson attack on Kyoto Animation studio in July.

The suspect in the case allegedly bought 40 liters of gasoline in containers at a gas station before launching his attack.

Ministry To Check Shinkansen Depots For Flood Risk

Ministry to check Shinkansen depots for flood risk

Japan's transport ministry said it will check Shinkansen bullet train depots across the country for flood risk.

The move comes after East Japan Railway Company's depot in Nagano City was flooded last weekend when Typhoon Hagibis caused the Chikuma River to overflow.

Check Out This Awesome Lexus Manga Art With Exploding Cities And Dragons Galore

Check out this awesome Lexus manga art with exploding cities and dragons galore

Lexus just did something a bit different, and it has to do with manga art. The headliner piece is the Lexus LC 500 with the masked warrior crouching on top of it, seen above. We think it's objectively awesome, as the car autonomously races away from an exploding city.

The LC 500 was drawn by Bulgarian artist Daniel Atanasov. He says it's "heavily influenced by Japanese culture. The main character is wearing an oni mask, which in Japan are worn at festivals to protect from evil spirits. He is holding a nodachi sword (a type of Samurai sword), and the pose of the character has been influenced by martial arts." Atanasov says the LC 500 is self-driving, controlled by the character on top of the car.

Check Out The Documentary Movie For Flumpool's Comeback Live

Check out the documentary movie for flumpool's comeback live

A documentary movie featuring flumpool's comeback live, which was held on January 13 at Tennoji Park in Osaka, has been revealed. 

The band had been on hiatus since December of 2017 due to vocalist Yamamura Ryuta's throat condition. They stood in front of fans and performed for the first time in over a year on January 13. The footage shows clips from the live as well as the rehearsal.