Toyota Teases New Ft-ac Off-road Concept

Toyota teases new FT-AC off-road concept

Ahead of this year's L.A. Auto Show, Toyota has released a teaser image and a name for its latest concept. It's called the FT-AC, which stands for "Future Toyota Adventure Concept." That name alone implies something rugged and off-road-ready, and what we can tell from the image confirms it.

We can see that the truck has big, chunky plastic fender flares and thick roof rails. At the top of the windshield are auxiliary off-road lights that complement the big LED fog lights in the bumper. The bits of sheetmetal we can see also look angled with simple lines to emphasize toughness.

Honda Cb4 Interceptor: A Futuristic Café Racer Concept

Honda CB4 Interceptor: A futuristic café racer concept

What will a café racer bike of the future look like? Here's Honda's thoughts on the matter, showcased by its new CB4 Interceptor bike concept at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

The black – or 'Total Black' as Honda puts it – concept bike is the work of Honda's research and development department in Rome, and It continues in similar vein as the 'Neo Sports Café' styled CB4 Concept displayed at EICMA 2015, but according to Honda the Interceptor takes a direction towards what it calls Sport Endurance. Under all this buzzword bombardment lies the newly introduced CB1000R; the CB4 Concept two years ago foreshadowed the new CB1000R, but was based on the CB650F instead.

Suzuki Design Chief Discusses Tokyo E-survivor Suv Concept

Suzuki design chief discusses Tokyo e-Survivor SUV concept

Underdog Suzuki is one of the more mysterious Japanese brands. Rarely talked about, or indeed self-promoted, it quietly sold nearly 3 million vehicles worldwide in 2016 (alongside sister brand Maruti), and Suzuki has made some intriguingly original cars in recent years. Take the cute-but-tough Ignis city car SUV or the boxy-but-compact Hustler minivan, plus quite a few more.

Autoblog took the chance to catch up with the automaker's relatively new head of design, Akira Kamio, at the recent 2017 Tokyo Motor Show to discuss Suzuki latest e-Survivor SUV Concept, plus his personal inspirations.

Nissan Imx Concept Could Influence Next Qashqai And Rogue Sport

Nissan IMx Concept Could Influence Next Qashqai And Rogue Sport

Presented in Tokyo last week, the new Nissan IMx won't be put into production, but it will reportedly help influence the design of the brand's next-gen compact SUV.

That's what Nissan VP of Global Design, Alfonso Albaisa, told AutoExpress, suggesting that the show car could play a big role in designing the next-generation Qashqai, otherwise known as the Rogue Sport in North America.

Yamaha Mwc-4 Concept Briges The Gap Between Car And Bike

Yamaha MWC-4 Concept Briges The Gap Between Car And Bike

Yamaha makes motorcycles. It may make cars at some point, if recent concepts lead anywhere in the near future. But this one bridges the gap between the two.

With four wheels, the MWC-4 may appear closer to a car (missing some parts), but is closer in concept and execution to a motorcycle (with some extra components added).

Suzuki E-survivor Concept Looks Like A Jeep-inspired Mars Rover

Suzuki E-Survivor Concept Looks Like A Jeep-Inspired Mars Rover

In between developing of an entirely new Jimny and upgrading some models, Suzuki took their time to create a fresh study called e-Survivor.

Displayed in front of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show audience, the e-Survivor is an open-top two-seater off-roader that looks basically like a Mars rover inspired by Jeep, but that's a completely different story.

Mazda’s Sexy Kai Concept Steals The Show [50 Pics]

Mazda’s Sexy Kai Concept Steals The Show [50 Pics]

So the Mazda Kai Concept is essentially a preview of the 2019 Mazda3 hatchback and the first thing that hits you like a sledgehammer is the design; a striking shape with clean lines and very dynamic proportions make the Kai concept one of the most impressive displays in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept itself features a 50mm longer wheelbase than the current Mazda3 which should translate into more room inside and better handling. The final production car will ride on Mazda’s upcoming Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture, which is designed to offer “more comfortable and less tiring driving” and aims for “the ultimate connection between driver and car”.

Nissan Got Its "tesla" On In Tokyo With Stylish Imx Concept

Nissan Got Its

Nissan is looking to usher in a new era of intelligent mobility, and the IMx Concept recently unveiled in Tokyo is a big sign of things to come.

For starters, autonomous systems and electrification are big factors nowadays, even when it comes to vehicle design. This is why Nissan built the IMx Concept while acknowledging there should be obvious differences between the exterior and the interior.

Mazda Vision Concept Looks Like A Proper Four-door Supercar [63 Pics]

Mazda Vision Concept Looks Like A Proper Four-Door Supercar [63 Pics]

Following the striking Kai concept, Mazda’s Vision Coupe kept everyone impressed with its dynamic design, representing the next chapter in the company’s KODO design language.

The bodywork conforms to the golden ratio of a classic coupe design, with the cabin positioned toward the rear of the car while the flowing, clean lines make the Vision Coupe look like it’s moving forward when stationary.

Viziv Performance Concept Is Subaru's Idea Of A Wrx Tease

VIZIV Performance Concept Is Subaru's Idea Of A WRX Tease

We all know by now that Subaru just "loves" teasing us with spectacular concepts, only to tone things down by 100 when it's time to put something into production.

Even though they've done it on more than one occasion, we still can't help but hope that whenever something as aggressive as this concept comes along, it will somehow make it into showrooms with only a few changes here and there.