Fujifilm X-t4 Could Be Announced On February 26

Fujifilm X-T4 Could Be Announced On February 26

According to the ever-increasing rumors, it seems that Fujifilm could be close to announcing a new flagship camera in the form of the Fujifilm X-T4. Now based on a report from Fuji Rumors, they have heard from a source that come 26th of February, 2020, the company is expected to officially unveil the device.

For those unfamiliar, the X-T4 will be the latest in the X-T series of flagship mirrorless cameras. Its predecessor, the X-T3, was launched back in 2018, meaning that it is about that time when it is due for a refresh. There were initial rumors that suggested that the X-T4 might only launch in the later part of 2020, but it looks like the camera could be coming a lot earlier than expected.

Fujifilm X100v Expected To Launch In February 2020

Fujifilm X100V Expected To Launch In February 2020

While there is no doubt an appeal for cameras with interchangeable lenses, as it allows photographers to take a wider variety of photos, not everyone is so eager to invest in such an ecosystem or want to lug around several lenses. Some photographers just want to snap photos and move on.

This is where compact cameras come in handy, and Fujifilm’s X100 series is probably one of the more popular options out there today. The lineup as spawned four different models to date and we have heard that a fifth model, the X100V, is in the works, and a report from Fuji Rumors is claiming that the camera could be launching in February 2020.

Razer Phone 2 To Get Android Pie Update February 27

Razer Phone 2 To Get Android Pie Update February 27

If you’re the owner of the Razer Phone 2 and are wondering where the Android 9.0 Pie update for your phone is, not to worry because it looks like it should be released in the next week or so. This is according to Razer who announced that the Android Pie update will be issued to the Razer Phone 2 starting on the 27th of February.

However there is a catch and that is that the update is currently only targeting owners of the unlocked version of the phone. This means that if you bought your phone from a carrier and it is still locked to their network, you might have to wait a bit. For example AT&T is only expected to release their update for the phone on the 4th of April, while other carriers will begin pushing out their updates on the 14th of March.

Xperia Xz3 And Xz2 Family Get February 2019 Security Patches (52.0.a.3.202)

Xperia XZ3 and XZ2 family get February 2019 security patches (52.0.A.3.202)

Sony Mobile is rolling out a new firmware update for its latest flagship devices including the Xperia XZ3, and Xperia XZ2 range (XZ2, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium). The update adds the February 2019 Android security patches and moves the build number from 52.0.A.3.163 to version 52.0.A.3.202. There's no sign of any other changes, but if you've updated, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Miyamoto Hiroji's Debut Song To Be Released On February 12

Miyamoto Hiroji's debut song to be released on February 12

Miyamoto Hiroji's (Elephant Kashimashi) solo debut song "Fuyu no Hana" will be released digitally on February 12. 

"Fuyu no Hana"  was picked up as the theme song for Fuji TV's drama 'Gosaigyo', which premiered on January 22. Produced by Kobayashi Takeshi, it was written after correspondence between Miyamoto and the drama's staff. 

'major' Canon Announcement Rumored For February

'Major' Canon Announcement Rumored For February

Last year when Canon announced their EOS R camera, it represented a major change in the company’s strategy for mirrorless cameras. However yet it still seemed to lack a certain something that Nikon had when they announced their Nikon Z series. However there is a chance that could change next month.

A report from Canon Watch has revealed that Canon apparently has plans for an announcement that will be taking place mid-February. This has been teased to be a “major” announcement, although exactly what it will be about remains to be seen, but hopefully it’ll be a new camera announcement.