Gov't Boosts Typhoon Services In Foreign Languages

Gov't boosts typhoon services in foreign languages

Japan's government is boosting information services in foreign languages about the approaching typhoon Hagibis and possible disruptions to transportation.

The move comes as Japan is attracting record numbers of tourists from overseas.

Abe: Govt To Pay Those Affected By Flawed Data

Abe: Govt to pay those affected by flawed data

Debate over a series of improper labor statistics by the labor ministry continued in Japan's Lower House Budget Committee on Tuesday.

The President of the Democratic Party For the People, Yuichiro Tamaki, urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to ensure that people who failed to receive full unemployment and other benefits due to the faulty jobs data are paid properly.

30% Of Outsiders Living In Japan Guarantee Separation: Gov't Survey

30% of nonnatives living in Japan assert segregation: gov't survey

Some 29.8 percent of remote inhabitants of Japan have encountered segregation in the previous five years, as indicated by Justice Ministry review comes about discharged on March 31.

The review was directed in November and December a year ago on 18,500 mid-to-long haul remote inhabitants matured 18 or over, incorporating ethnic Koreans with exceptional perpetual occupant status. Reactions were gotten from 4,252 individuals.

Japan Govt. Releases Some Information On Tpp Talks

Japan govt. releases some information on TPP talksThe Japanese government has posted on its website information on the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations.
The move follows calls from opposition parties and industry groups for the information to be disclosed. The Democratic Party and the Japan Innovation Party had jointly submitted a bill obliging the government to report progress in the TPP negotiations to the Diet.

Fukushima Plant Chief Rapped Gov't For Not Sharing Sense Of Crisis

Fukushima plant chief rapped gov't for not sharing sense of crisisThe late chief of the disaster-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant criticized politicians in his testimony, saying they completely failed to grasp the dire situation that workers faced at the height of the crisis, and that they only brought about further confusion, according to documents disclosed by the government Thursday.

Japan Govt Panel Seeks Early Start Of English Education

Japan Govt Panel Seeks Early Start of English EducationA Japanese government panel broadly approved a draft set of education reform proposals on Wednesday that call for an early start for English education at elementary schools. 

Japan made English lessons compulsory at elementary schools for fifth and sixth grade students starting in fiscal 2011.