Krosa To Bring Heavy Rain To Northern Japan

Krosa to bring heavy rain to northern Japan

Tropical storm Krosa is expected to bring heavy rain to northern Japan through Saturday. Officials are warning of landslides, strong winds, high waves and swollen rivers.

The Meteorological Agency says Krosa was 400 kilometers northwest of the city of Sado in Niigata Prefecture at noon on Friday.

Next-gen Acura Tlx Spied Testing In Heavy Camouflage

Next-gen Acura TLX spied testing in heavy camouflage

We're sure you all remember that stunning Acura Type S Concept from yesterday. Acura said it's meant to influence the next-gen TLX's design, and lo and behold, here is the next-gen TLX. Of course, Acura has no intentions of letting us see the production car anytime soon, so we're treated to a heavily cladded prototype in the photos here. Looking at it in profile, the camouflaged car looks a whole lot like the Type S Concept we saw yesterday. The short rear overhang is similar, but the front of the production car looks like it hangs out over the front wheels a little further – it still shares the concept's overall long-hood/short-deck proportions, though. The roof tapers down into the decklid at a shallow angle, similar to the concept car. We're sad to see the same quad exhaust isn't protruding from the rear bumper of this tester. Instead, it gets a dual exhaust with wide, rectangular outlets on both sides. We think the car we're looking at here is likely a regular TLX, and not the spicy Type S variant most likely seen last year. There's one interior photo our shooter was able to snag, showing a similar infotainment screen as that used in the new RDX, something we fully expect for the production car. That touchpad system is far superior to Acura infotainment systems of the past, but it still isn't perfect. An analog tachometer is visible off to the left, indicating that the regular TLX trims probably won't introduce a fully digital instrument cluster. Not that we'd expect that; even the new RDX maintains analog gauges in its top spec. However the TLX story plays out, it won't hurt if the production car looks just like the well-received Type S Concept. It's unclear how long we'll have to wait to see the car in full, but we'll keep you posted.

Japan Braces For Heavy Rains As Krosa Nears

Japan braces for heavy rains as Krosa nears

Weather officials in Japan are warning of heavy rains as severe tropical storm Krosa approaches the western part of the country. They say it could make landfall by Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency expects winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, with gusts reaching 160 kilometers per hour in the southern part of the Kyushu region through Wednesday. The officials also expect waves of up to 10 meters off the Shikoku region.

Krosa Approaches Japan With Heavy Rains

Krosa approaches Japan with heavy rains

Severe tropical storm Krosa is moving northwest over waters south of Japan. It could make landfall somewhere in the country by Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency warns that western and eastern Japan could see heavy rains even before the storm nears land.

Heavy Rain, Strong Winds Hit Western Japan

Heavy rain, strong winds hit western Japan

People in Kyushu and Shikoku in western Japan are coping with heavy rain and strong winds as a tropical storm passes through the region and heads north.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says typhoon Francisco touched down near Miyazaki City around 5 a.m. It's since been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Mitsubishi Heavy Profit Rises 3 Percent

Mitsubishi Heavy profit rises 3 percent

The impact of trade friction between the US and China continues to be a concern for Japanese companies reporting their latest earnings figures.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said its net profit for the April-to-June quarter rose 3 percent from a year earlier, while sales increased slightly to 919 billion yen, or 8.7 billion dollars.

Tropical Storm Nari May Bring Heavy Rain

Tropical Storm Nari may bring heavy rain

Japanese weather officials say a tropical storm may bring heavy rain to Pacific coastal areas of Japan from Saturday through Sunday. They are warning people to be on the alert for possible landslides and floods.

The Meteorological Agency says Tropical Storm Nari was over waters south of Japan as of Friday morning and is moving north-northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.

Heavy Rain Hitting Northern Kyushu

Heavy rain hitting northern Kyushu

Unstable atmospheric conditions caused by moist air flowing into a tropical storm are dumping heavy rain in some parts of western Japan, especially the northern Kyushu region.

Weather officials are calling on residents to be on the alert for landslides and flooding.

Heavy Rain To Hit Wide Areas In Japan

Heavy rain to hit wide areas in Japan

Tropical Storm Danas has brought torrential downpours mainly to western Japan. Forecasts show that heavy rain could hit wide areas of the country through Saturday.

The Meteorological Agency says Danas is moving north over the East China Sea at 20 kilometers per hour, as of 3 a.m. Friday morning. It is packing winds of 83 kilometers per hour.

Landslides After Heavy Rain In Kyushu

Landslides after heavy rain in Kyushu

One person is dead and at least five people have been injured after mudslides and flooding in Kyushu, southwestern Japan. Police say one person is also missing.

Some areas have seen 1,000 millimeters of rainfall since Friday. That's double what's usually expected for the entire month of July.

Landslides After Heavy Rain In Southwestern Japan

Landslides after heavy rain in southwestern Japan

Heavy rain in southwestern Japan has triggered mudslides and flooding, leaving one person dead and at least five injured. Police say one person is also missing.

Authorities have issued evacuation orders for about 800,000 people in Kagoshima Prefecture.