Heavy Rain Warning Lifted For Fukushima

Heavy rain warning lifted for Fukushima

Japan's Meteorological Agency has lifted a heavy rain emergency warning for Fukushima Prefecture.

Warnings for two other prefectures remain in place.

Heavy Rain Warning Lifted In Yamanashi

Heavy rain warning lifted in Yamanashi

Japan's Meteorological Agency has lifted a heavy rain emergency warning for Yamanashi Prefecture.

Warnings for 10 other prefectures remain in place.

Heavy Rain Pushes Jma To Issue Emergency Warning

Heavy rain pushes JMA to issue emergency warning

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued the highest-level heavy rain emergency warnings to Tokyo and 11 other prefectures.

Earlier, the officials issued warnings for Tokyo and six prefectures, namely, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma, Yamanashi and Nagano. Later they added five more prefectures, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Niigata, Fukishima and Miyagi..

Heavy Rain Emergency Warning Expanded

Heavy rain emergency warning expanded

Officials at Japan's Meteorological Agency have extended an heavy rain emergency warning to the prefectures of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Niigata, Fukushima and Miyagi at 7:50 p.m.

It is the highest level on the agency's five-tier warning scale.

Highest Heavy Rain Warnings Issued

Highest heavy rain warnings issued

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued the highest-level heavy rain emergency warnings at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday for Tokyo and 6 other prefectures in central and eastern Japan.

The designated areas are: Shizuoka Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture.

Heavy Rain Emergency Warning Issued

Heavy rain emergency warning issued

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued heavy rain emergency warnings for many parts of central and eastern Japan.

The warnings were at the highest level in the agency's five-stage scale.

Mitag Brings Heavy Rain To Western Japan

Mitag brings heavy rain to western Japan

Tropical storm Mitag is bringing heavy localized rains mainly to western Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says Mitag is currently near the Korean Peninsula. Warm and humid air flowing toward the storm is making atmospheric conditions unstable.

Mitag To Bring Heavy Rains To Kyushu, Shikoku

Mitag to bring heavy rains to Kyushu, Shikoku

Severe tropical storm Mitag is moving northward over the East China Sea and is expected to approach the Korean Peninsula.

Humid air from the storm will cause heavy localized rains accompanied by lightning in the northern Kyushu and Shikoku regions through Thursday.

Typhoon Mitag Brings Heavy Rains And Gusts

Typhoon Mitag brings heavy rains and gusts

A large and strong typhoon is bringing heavy rains and powerful winds to parts of southwestern Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Mitag was over waters about 290 kilometers north of the Okinawan island of Yonaguni at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. It was moving north at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Typhoon Faxai Caused Heavy Damage To Agriculture

Typhoon Faxai caused heavy damage to agriculture

Typhoon Faxai has so far caused more than 290 million dollars in damage to agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, mainly in eastern Japan. The amount is expected to rise.

Farm ministry officials say the total covers damage reported as of Thursday morning in Chiba, Ibaraki and six other prefectures, mainly in eastern Japan.

Heavy Rain Slows Typhoon Recovery Work

Heavy rain slows typhoon recovery work

It's been a week since Typhoon Faxai hit Chiba prefecture near Tokyo. Recovery work has been slowed by another bout of heavy rain.

Some areas in Chiba had downpours of 50 millimeters per hour on Monday morning. Many houses still have roof damage.

Typhoon Lingling May Bring Heavy Rainfall To Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rainfall to Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rains to wide areas of western Japan. Weather officials are advising people to be on the alert for possible disasters.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said on early Saturday morning that the typhoon was close to the Korean Peninsula after travelling west of Japan's Kyushu region.

Heavy Rains Pound Western Japan

Heavy rains pound western Japan

One man is dead and two others are without vital signs as weather officials warn residents to evacuate immediately. They've issued their highest emergency warning for three prefectures in Kyushu. Saga, Fukuoka and Nagasaki are being drenched with heavy rain.

Evacuation orders and advisories have been issued to about 1.6 million people across the country.