Mitsubishi Heavy Logs Operating Loss For Fy2019

Mitsubishi Heavy logs operating loss for FY2019

For fiscal 2019 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has posted its first operating loss in two decades. This is mainly due to a delay in the development of the first Japanese-made passenger jet.

The company reported a loss of 29.5 billion yen, or over 274 million dollars, from business activities for the fiscal year that ended in March. This came after the firm took a loss of about 2.42 billion dollars related to the Mitsubishi Spacejet project.

Toyota And Hino Will Develop A Heavy-duty Fuel-cell Truck

Toyota and Hino will develop a heavy-duty fuel-cell truck

Toyota will develop a heavy-duty fuel-cell truck with its subsidiary Hino Motor as it sees hydrogen technology as a zero-emissions alternative to battery power for large commercial vehicles. The automakers noted that heavy duty trucks "account for about 60 percent of the total CO2 emissions from commercial vehicles operating in Toyota and Hino's home market of Japan."

In a statement, Toyota said the truck, based on Hino's Profia model, would be equipped with two fuel cell stacks developed for the next model of its Mirai fuel cell sedan, along with high-pressure hydrogen tank and lithium ion battery pack. It would have a cruising range of around 370 miles (600 kilometers). The automaker says "steps are being taken, through comprehensive weight reduction, to ensure a sufficient load capacity," which is obviously important for the kind of work these trucks are expected to perform.

Heavy Rain Could Cause Decontamination Waste Leak

Heavy rain could cause decontamination waste leak

Japan's Environment Ministry says waste produced by decontamination work following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident could leak at 12 locations in case of torrential rain.

The ministry checked all the sites where the waste is kept after 91 bags were swept into rivers in Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures last year due to downpours caused by Typhoon Hagibis.

Heavy Snowfall Likely In Western Japan

Heavy snowfall likely in western Japan

Weather officials are forecasting heavy snow in western Japan, and warn that traffic may be disrupted.

Japan has been having a mild winter, but a cold air mass is bringing snow to some areas of western Japan.

Honda And Isuzu Announce Hydrogen Partnership For Heavy-duty Trucks

Honda and Isuzu announce hydrogen partnership for heavy-duty trucks

TOKYO — Japan's Honda and Isuzu on Wednesday said they would jointly research the use of hydrogen fuel cells to power heavy-duty trucks, looking to expand fuel cell use by applying the zero-emission technology to larger vehicles. As part of a two-year deal, Isuzu will test Honda's fuel cell powertrain, which was designed for passenger cars, in Isuzu's commercial trucks, the companies said, which could pave the way for using the technology in a wider range of vehicles. Automakers are looking to develop more electric vehicles (EVs) to comply with tightening global emissions regulations. Many see battery-powered EVs as a solution for passenger cars in urban settings, but a growing number see hydrogen fuel cells as an effective way to power trucks, buses and other big vehicles. "Although we have done extensive R&D into passenger FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), we have not been able to study how best to apply the technology to commercial vehicles," a Honda spokesman told reporters at a briefing. "This partnership will allow us to do that." Fuel cell vehicles generate their own electricity using hydrogen stored in onboard tanks. This enables them to travel longer distances and refuel more quickly than battery EVs, while using less costly energy storage systems. "We think that FCV technology is well suited for heavier trucks which travel longer distances, and this partnership will enable us to examine this further," an Isuzu spokeswoman said, adding that the truck maker was also developing various lower-carbon powertrains including battery-electric technology for shorter-distance vehicles. With its Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, Honda is one of a handful of automakers which have developed and marketed fuel cell-powered passenger cars. Light- and medium-sized truck specialist Isuzu has for years has focused on diesel engine technology and has yet to market fully electric vehicles. But a price tag starting around $70,000 for the Clarity and scant hydrogen fueling infrastructure globally, Honda has seen limited take-up of that model and other FCVs since they began marketing them around 2015. In 2018 Honda sold just 654 Clarity FCVs, which are available only in Japan and the United States through leasing programs, compared with Honda's total annual global sales of 5.23 million cars. The partnership is the latest in a growing trend among vehicle makers joining forces to better compete in an industry upended by the rise of electric vehicles, self-driving cars and other new technologies. Honda and Isuzu are reviving their vehicle partnership following an agreement in the early 1990s under which Isuzu manufactured sport utility vehicles for Honda in the North American market.

Japan Strains Under Heavy Holiday Traffic

Japan strains under heavy holiday traffic

Trains, airplanes and highways in Japan were packed on Sunday evening, and will likely remain crowded on Monday as year-end travelers head for their hometowns and holiday destinations.

Japan Railway group companies say Shinkansen bullet trains heading out of major cities were almost fully booked on Sunday and Monday.

Chiba Recovers After Heavy Rainfall

Chiba recovers after heavy rainfall

Flooding and mudslides from torrential rainfall have caused major damage in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. Of the ten people confirmed dead in the rains in Japan, nine are in the prefecture. Rescue and reconstruction efforts are underway.

On Friday, heavy rain from a low-pressure system hit the prefecture. In some areas, more rain fell within a 12-hour period than the average for the whole of October.

At Least 4 Dead As Heavy Rain Hits Eastern Japan

At least 4 dead as heavy rain hits eastern Japan

Torrential rainfall from a low-pressure system has caused flooding and mudslides in eastern and northeastern Japan. Four people have been confirmed dead. At least two others are missing.

Officials of Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture say several rivers running through the city have burst their banks. The officials are calling on citizens to move to upper floors or higher places.

Heavy Rain Pounds Eastern Japan

Heavy rain pounds eastern Japan

Torrential rainfall from a low-pressure system is pounding the northeastern part of Japan.

Weather officials are warning of flooding and mudslides as hundreds of thousands of people are under evacuation orders and advisories.

Heavy Rain Spreading To Northeast Japan

Heavy rain spreading to northeast Japan

Weather officials in Japan are urging people in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, and other parts of eastern to northeastern Japan to stay on the alert for mudslides and flooding rivers.

The officials say torrential rain is expected to spread from the Kanto to the Tohoku region. They say caution is needed as the risk of flooding is rising in areas hit by Typhoon Hagibis, earlier this month.

Heavy Rain Hits Eastern Japan

Heavy rain hits eastern japan

Torrential rain is pounding eastern Japan.

Weather officials are warning of floods and mudslides as tens of thousands of people face evacuation orders and advisories.

Heavy Rain Hitting Eastern, Northeastern Japan

Heavy rain hitting eastern, northeastern Japan

Weather officials in Japan say torrential rain is hitting Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in parts of eastern to northeastern Japan through early Saturday.

The officials are urging people in possibly affected areas to stay alert for mudslides and flooding, particularly in areas hit hard by past typhoons.

Heavy Rains Expected In Eastern And Northern Japan

Heavy rains expected in eastern and northern Japan

Weather officials in Japan are forecasting localized torrential rainfalls in eastern and northern Japan and are warning of flooding in areas hard-hit by Typhoon Hagibis about two weeks ago.

The Meteorological Agency says warm and humid air is flowing into a low-pressure system south of Japan's main island, and that rain clouds formed over eastern Japan on Friday.