Victims In Ethiopia Attack Include Japanese Woman

Victims in Ethiopia attack include Japanese woman

Japanese Embassy officials in Ethiopia say DNA tests have identified one of the five victims in an armed attack in the country in March as a Japanese woman in her 40s.

The five people were killed when gunmen stormed a vehicle on March 19 in the state of Oromia, around 500 kilometers west of the capital, Addis Ababa.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's New Album To Include Collaboration Song With Momoiro Clover Z

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new album to include collaboration song with Momoiro Clover Z

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new album "MUSiC" (March 13 release) will include their collaboration song with Momoiro Clover Z, "COLOR feat. Momoiro Clover Z."

Momoclo is a senpai group to Ebichu under Stardust Promotion's idol section 'Stardust Planet.' While they have worked together in Stardust Promotion's idol projects, this will be their first time working together alone. "COLOR feat. Momoiro Clover Z" is produced by Tamura Ayumi, who has worked on many of Ebichu's songs.

On participating in the album, Momoclo commented, "Ebichu-chan, congratulations on your 10th anniversary! While we debuted around the same time, we've went down separate paths, but we are able to collaborate for the first time and look forward to singing together at a live one day!"

Hyde's New Single To Include A Self Cover Of 'honey'

HYDE's new single to include a self cover of 'HONEY'

HYDE will release his new single "MAD QUALIA" on March 20. 

This is HYDE's second single of the year following "ZIPANG" released on February 6. It will include the title track, which was written as the image song for Capcom's action game 'Devil May Cry 5' and a self cover of L'Arc~en~Ciel's "HONEY."

Spyair's New Single To Include All 'gintama' Tie-up Songs

SPYAIR's new single to include all 'Gintama' tie-up songs

SPYAIR's new single "I Wanna Be..." will drop in stores on July 25. 

The title track is the opening theme for anime 'Gintama', which airs on TV Tokyo beginning July 8. The single will be released in a Regular Edition and a Complete Production Edition. The Complete Production Edition will include all of the 'Gintama' tie-up songs, such as "Sakura Mitsutsuki," "Genjou Destruction," and "Scramble." Meanwhile, the Regular Edition will contain a rap battle song called "Hold It, Buster ~Battle of Rap~" by IKE (Vo) and UZ (G, Programming).

Kana-boon's Mini Album To Include 5 New Songs For The Summer

KANA-BOON's mini album to include 5 new songs for the summer

KANA-BOON's mini album to be released on May 30 will be titled "Aster." 

The mini album will consist of five brand new songs for the summer. One of the tracks, "Senkou Hanabi," is the second campaign song for Suntory Beer 'The Premium Malts' 2018 Friday promotion 'The Premium Music,' and it will stream on the campaign website for three days beginning April 27. 

Android P Features May Include Enhanced Call Blocking

Android P Features May Include Enhanced Call Blocking

Google hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to introduce its next major iteration of Android but a new report suggests that the first Android P Developer Preview download could be available by mid-March. The activity in AOSP has revealed information about some expected Android P features and it’s now believed that the upcoming iteration of Android could bring enhanced call blocking functionality. It may enable users to natively block calls from private, unknown, and payphone numbers.

AOSP has previously dropped hints about some other Android P features such as native call recording, native support for iris scanners and the ability to block idle apps from accessing the camera and microphone of the device. New sets of commits have been discovered in the AOSP gerrit from a Sony engineer who have been behind many carrier-related changes in Android recently. These changes include the ability to hide the signal strength from settings and to define the LTE signal bars.

Kat-tun's New Single To Include Members' Solo Songs

KAT-TUN's new single to include members' solo songs

KAT-TUN's new single "Ask Yourself" will drop on April 18. 

This will be the group's first single after they announced that they will be resuming their activities. It's currently being used as the theme song for Kamenashi Kazuya's starring drama 'FINAL CUT.' The first press edition will include Kamenashi's solo song "Wonderful World," which serves as the theme song for NTV's 'Going! Sports & News,' Ueda Tatsuya's solo song "Ore Melody," and Nakamaru Yuichi's solo song "The way."

Isuzu Truck Concepts Include Honeycombed 'toaster On Wheels'

Isuzu truck concepts include honeycombed 'toaster on wheels'

Isuzu took to its hometown auto show to highlight its work in developing next-generation transport trucks, showing eight vehicles and four powertrain systems at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. The most notable of the bunch are a pair of concepts: the FD-SI, a light-duty delivery truck designed around principles found in the insect kingdom, and the Elf EV, an all-electric version of its light-duty workhorse featuring a large-capacity battery with rapid-charging capability. From a design perspective, the FD-SI will get all the attention — much of it probably of the bemused sort. In truth, it looks like a futuristic toaster on wheels, a rolling box structure fitted with honeycomb patterns on the side panels and a glass cab windshield that seems borrowed from a heavy-duty construction crane. It turns out the honeycomb motif is no mere design whim; Isuzu says its designers focused on the "group intelligence" of insects and tried to apply that principle to the delivery vehicle. So the honeycomb exterior is replicated in the cargo space as hexagonal tube-shaped boxes, which the automaker says is a good compromise between strength and storage space. Inside the cab, the driver controls and seat have all been centralized, with the steering wheel retractable, to encourage smoother operability and more comfortable living space for the driver. "We want to support the drivers, the front-line people of "Transport," with unconventional ideas," Isuzu says.

The Elf EV, on the other hand, is a zero-emissions, low-vibration delivery truck powered by a lithium-ion battery that'll take the vehicle at least 100 km, or 62 miles, on a single normal or fast-charge. It sports a 4x2, rear-wheel drive transmission with independent suspension in the front and leaf suspension in the rear. Here's a quick list of Isuzu's other Tokyo offerings:

  • A 6x6 all-wheel-drive truck, featuring single wheels on all axles, built for rough terrain such as areas hit by major natural disasters.
  • 80th anniversary editions of the Giga heavy-duty truck, geared with a remote monitoring system to transmit vehicle data for remote analysis to ensure safe driving; the Forward medium-duty truck, which boasts 10 percent higher fuel economy than its 2015 version; and the internal-combustion version of the Elf light-duty truck, which is sold in the U.S. as the N-Series.
  • The Erga heavy-duty transit bus, which boasts improved exhaust-gas after-treatment and fuel economy, plus new LED headlights for better night visibility and longer life.
  • And a passenger SUV off-roader called the MU-X that is sold in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and South Africa.

Toyota New Gazoo Lineup To Include Dedicated Sports Car, U.s. To Get Them As Trds

Toyota’s New Gazoo Lineup To Include Dedicated Sports Car, U.S. To Get Them As TRDs

Toyota’s recently announced Gazoo Racing (GR) model series is set to include a dedicated sports car platform, apart from beefed-up versions of the regular models.

So far, the GR series is a Japan-only affair but Toyota will soon expand its availability to other regions as well, including Europe but not North America. The company’s executives decided that Gazoo-tuned models destined for North America will be offered under the already established TRD (Toyota Racing Development) brand, AutoNews reports.

Jr East's Luxury Sleeper Visits To Incorporate Ainu Culture Shows

JR East's excess sleeper visits to highlight Ainu culture appears

SAPPORO- - Passengers on East Japan Railway Co's. awesome sleeper Train Suite Shiki-Shima will experience some high culture to facilitate, with standard Ainu culture presentations highlighted on the calendar proclaimed by JR East.

Travelers will be managed to conventional shows passing in transit of life of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido and far northern regions. The fervor on JR East's excess package visits for spring, summer and fall will consolidate the striking crane move and live music.