2018 Honda Ridgeline And Airstream Basecamp X | A Match Made In Michigan

2018 Honda Ridgeline and Airstream Basecamp X | A match made in Michigan

For my wife's birthday in late October, I had planned to surprise her with a trip to Florida. But when Airstream said there was a Basecamp X trailer available for Autoblog to test out in Michigan, Cat said she'd rather spend a long weekend in the fall colors of Northern Michigan than in the potential eye of a hurricane. So I raised my hand, bought a 2-5/16-inch trailer ball and mount for Autoblog's long-term 2018 Honda Ridgeline loaner, got the flu, and threw the car seat, some bedding, pots and pans and DayQuil in the truck for a weekend of camping in the rain and cold with the fam.

Scrambling on a Friday morning to make sure we had far too much stuff than we'd need, and ensuring we have our large son Wollie's haul from the office Halloween party at hand for sustenance, we loaded into the Ridgeline, and hit the highway to Grand Rapids. After a couple hours, we arrived at Woodland Travel Center, where the friendly folks there gave us a tour of the slick, shiny Airstream Basecamp X trailer, which is essentially the same as the standard Basecamp, but with a lift kit and some other goodies that make it ready for more rugged terrain.

Honda Made Gold Nsx, Civic Type R, Lawnmower, Generator For Its 50th Anniversary In Australia

Honda made gold NSX, Civic Type R, lawnmower, generator for its 50th anniversary in Australia

February 4, 2019, marks exactly 50 years since Honda set up shop in Australia. To commemorate entering the golden anniversary, Honda unveiled an entire lineup of gold-colored products, ranging from the Civic Type R to a generator.

All said, Honda covered seven different things in gold to create a visual representation of the many performance power products the company builds. In addition to the Type R, there is an NSX (it's a Honda overseas), a CBR1000RR supersport motorcycle, a CRF450L enduro bike, a CRF50F kids' off-road motorcycle, an HRU19 Buffalo Premium lawnmower, and an EU22i generator. We're not flashy people, but we never knew how badly we wanted a gold lawnmower and generator until now.

Cats Find Their Purr-fect Home In Houses Made Of 'washi' Paper

Cats find their purr-fect home in houses made of 'washi' paper

GOTSU, Shimane Prefecture--Perfect for catnaps or just hanging out, houses and beds for felines, created by craftspersons of traditional Japanese "washi" paper here, are gaining in popularity among pet owners.

Makoto Sasaki, 60, and his wife, Satomi, 52, who operate the Sekishu Kachiji Banshi washi workshop, in the Sakuraecho district of Gotsu, Shimane Prefecture, developed the products.

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Reportedly Made Nintendo $400 Million

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Reportedly Made Nintendo $400 Million

When it comes to mobile games, Nintendo has had mixed success on that front. While many heralded the company finally giving in and releasing games on mobile, the releases so far have been a mixed bag of success where some, such as Miitomo have since shut down, while others such as Super Mario Run haven't done as well as Nintendo would have liked.

However if there is one game that seems to be successful, it would be Fire Emblem Heroes where according to the data from Sensor Tower, it appears that the game has managed to make Nintendo $400 million from in-app purchases to date. This means that since a report from earlier this year that revealed that the game made $300 million, that means an extra $100 million from then till now.

Japanese Police Confiscate Russian-made Handgun

Japanese police confiscate Russian-made handgun

Police in Japan have made their first arrest involving a Russian-made electronic-fired handgun known as the OCA PB-4M.

A 32-year-old man in Sapporo, northern Japan, was arrested and indicted for illegally possessing such a gun. He told police he got it from a Russian friend visiting Japan.

Olympic Medals To Be Made Of Recycled Metals

Olympic medals to be made of recycled metals

Officials at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be giving out thousands of medals to the world's top athletes. Organizers say they hope to make the gold, silver and bronze awards from recycled metals.

About 5,000 will be manufactured from materials extracted from donated electronic devices.