2020 Honda Cr-v Hybrid Second Drive | Fuel Economy, Real-world Mpg, Interior Space

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Second Drive | Fuel economy, real-world mpg, interior space

The marriage seems so right you wonder what took so long. Honda's hybrid powertrain is excellent and the CR-V is its best-selling model, yet the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid is only just arriving in dealers now. That's four years after this current CR-V generation was introduced, three years after the hybrid powertrain debuted in the Accord, two years after it was applied to the Insight (which is basically a Civic Hybrid) and five years since the first-generation Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was introduced.

The current RAV4 Hybrid is now Toyota's best-selling hybrid, and it would be shocking if this new CR-V Hybrid doesn't do the same trick for Honda. The powertrain is available on every trim level, effectively an option commanding a $1,225 premium over a comparable all-wheel-drive CR-V. That's impressively reasonable given its fuel economy advantage, added performance, agreeable drivability and lack of practical drawbacks.

Second Cruise Ship Outbreak In Japan

Second cruise ship outbreak in Japan

Officials in southwestern Japan are dealing with a coronavirus outbreak on a cruise ship that was undergoing repairs in Nagasaki.

So far 127 of the 623 crew members on the Costa Atlantica have been tested. Of those, 48 have tested positive...including a man in his 40s who is being treated with a ventilator.

Yasuda Misako Gives Birth To Second Child

Yasuda Misako gives birth to second child

On March 10, talento Yasuda Misako (37) updated her Instagram account and announced that she had given birth to her second child on February 23. In addition, she revealed that she left her agency last year as her contract had expired. 

Toyota Rav4 Passes Swedish Moose Test On Second Try After Software Tuning

Toyota RAV4 passes Swedish moose test on second try after software tuning

Last year, Swedish publication Teknikens Värld gave the Toyota RAV4 a failing grade after it showed video of it performing poorly on the so-called moose test. That's a test that puts a vehicle under maximum load through an abrupt S-shaped course correction to simulate how it would react if a moose or some other object suddenly appeared on the road before it, forcing the driver to take evasive action. Video of the magazine's test of two identically equipped, all-wheel drive RAV4s, including the one pictured below, showed the crossovers bouncing and skidding, the rear ends fishtailing badly and inner wheels briefly lifting off the pavement.

Now the publication is back with a followup test after having communicated with Toyota, and the results are much improved.

The magazine says Toyota arranged for a new test with its editors at a race track near Seville, Spain, along with a RAV4 it custom-prepped for the test. Instead of using actual passengers in the rear seats, as Teknikens Värld usually does, Toyota secured weights into the rear seats and attached a pair of lightweight aluminum outriggers to the rear doors to ensure the car wouldn't roll over.

Those changes make the test a little easier, the magazine says, but it still gave the fifth-generation RAV4 passing marks after Toyota engineers said they simply tuned the software controlling the Vehicle Stability Control system to make the electronic stability control stronger and more assertive. The RAV4 passed the Moose Test at 65 kilometers per hour (40 mph), 68 km/h (42 mph), 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and 72 km/h (45 mph). In the previous test, the RAV4 could handle no better than 68 km/h.

But there's a hitch: According to the magazine, the fix Toyota made to the RAV4 isn't yet included in production versions of the crossover unless European customers specifically request it from dealers. Toyota told it the modifications would be made available during the second quarter of 2020 for Europe-bound models.

What this means, if anything, for U.S. versions of the wildly popular crossover is unclear; Toyota hadn't respond to Autoblog's request for comment, but we'll update this post if we hear back. Toyota had previously said the RAV4, which was redesigned for 2019 as a slightly higher-riding vehicle with a lower center of gravity, had previously passed the moose test under its own supervision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the 2020 model four out of five stars for rollover crash risk and an overall five-star rating.

Second Plane Returns To Japan

Second plane returns to Japan

A number of countries are working to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan. In Tokyo, a plane carrying 210 Japanese nationals from the virus-hit city has just touched down at Haneda Airport. It's the second such flight in two days.

The government-chartered flight also delivered supplies such as masks and disinfectant to the Chinese city before making the return trip.

Second Plane To Return To Japan Thur. Morning

Second plane to return to Japan Thur. morning

A second plane to evacuate Japanese nationals from Wuhan, the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak, is expected to arrive at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Thursday morning.

The government-chartered plane left for the Chinese city on Wednesday night. It was carrying eight medical staff and government officials, as well as relief supplies such as masks and disinfectants.

Second-round Paralympic Ticket Sales Begin

Second-round Paralympic ticket sales begin

People living in Japan have another chance to buy tickets for this summer's Tokyo Paralympic Games.

The event's organizing committee began accepting applications on its website on Wednesday. People can apply for up to 18 tickets for each of their first and second choices. Results will be determined by lottery.

Second Round Tokyo Olympic Ticket Winners Notified

Second round Tokyo Olympic ticket winners notified

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics released the results of the second round of a ticket lottery for residents in Japan on Wednesday. The Games begin in July next year.

The tickets will be sold from next spring through the official website and box offices to be set up in Tokyo. The organizers say this is the last large-scale lottery.

Ishikawa Rika Is Pregnant With Her Second Baby

Ishikawa Rika is pregnant with her second baby

Professional baseball player Nogami Ryoma's wife, talento Ishikawa Rika (34), has announced that she is pregnant with their second baby. 

In a blog entry, she wrote, "Recently, I've really been going at my pace, so I'm sorry I haven't been able to update my blog. This is the only place where I can deliver my current situation to my fans." She continued, "What I mean by current situation is... I'm currently pregnant with my second baby! I am due next January.