Max To Release A New Album In Early Summer

MAX to release a new album in early summer

MAX will release a new album, titled "NEW EDITION II ~MAXIMUM HITS~,"  in early summer. 

This announcement was made on February 11 during the group's concert 'MAX LIVE CONTACT 2019 ~HIT THE SPOT~' at Shinagawa Intercity Hall. After the main show, video clips of their hit songs including "TORA TORA TORA," "Give me A Shake," and "GET MY LOVE!" played on the screen, then the album's announcement appeared in big letters. MAX then took the stage again for an encore and performed "Dracula," which is one of the songs that will be included in their upcoming album.

Dr. Mario Coming For Ios And Android This Summer

Dr. Mario Coming For iOS And Android This Summer

Nintendo confirmed this week that it’s going to bring the Dr. Mario franchise to mobile devices this summer. The game is being developed for iOS and Android devices in partnership with Japan-based Line Corporation. The action puzzle game is going to be called Dr. Mario World and will see a global release so it would be available outside of Japan as well.

Not a lot of details have been confirmed by Nintendo at this point in time but it does mention that the game will arrive in the summer. The company has confirmed that Dr. Mario World will be available as a free download but will offer in-app purchases.

Mario Kart Tour Been Delayed To The Summer

Mario Kart Tour Been Delayed To The Summer

Last year Nintendo announced that they would be bringing the Mario Kart franchise to mobile in the form of Mario Kart Tour. It is unclear as to how the game will be played, but the popularity of the Mario Kart franchise has many interested. The game was initially pegged for a launch before the end of March 2019, but that is now no longer the case.

In an announcement on Twitter, Nintendo has confirmed that the game’s release will now be delayed till the summer. Presumably this is because the game might need a bit more polish ahead of its launch. While this is a bummer, at the same time we can appreciate the extra work that Nintendo is putting into it.

Mizuki Nana Announce 2019 Summer Tour

Mizuki Nana announce 2019 summer tour

Mizuki Nana has announced that she will be holding a nationwide tour this summer. 

Mizuki made the announcement on January 20 during her orchestra live 'NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE 2019 -OPUS III-' at Saitama Super Arena. She called out to her fans, "I'm happy that I can start it in the month of 7 ("nana" in Japanese)! Let's run through this summer together!"

Sony Developing 3d Camera Sensors For Mass Production In Summer 2019

Sony developing 3D camera sensors for mass production in Summer 2019

Sony's imaging division has developed new 3D camera sensors, and is currently in talks with a number of potential customers including Apple and Samsung. These new cameras use ToF (time of flight) technology which uses laser pulses and measures the time taken for these pulses to bounce back. This is more accurate compared to the current ‘structured light' approach that have limitations on accuracy and distance.

Hirosaki Summer Festival Gets Underway

Hirosaki summer festival gets underway

One of northern Japan's major summer festivals has begun in the city of Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture.

The Hirosaki Neputa Festival is designated as a "national important intangible folk cultural property". It is believed to have originated from an event started centuries ago to ward off sleepiness and laziness during the busy farming season.

7 People Burned By Firework At Summer Festival

7 people burned by firework at summer festival

7 people suffered slight burns at a summer festival in northern Japan on Saturday night when a firework exploded as it fell to the ground.

Officials of Ninohe City in Iwate Prefecture reported the incident to the local fire department at around 8:20 PM on Saturday. 7 people were slightly burned, and one was taken to hospital.

9nine To Digitally Release New Song 'kokudou Summer Love'

9nine to digitally release new song 'Kokudou Summer Love'

9nine will digitally release a new song titled "Kokudou Summer Love" on July 27.

This announcement was made on July 18 during a special program on SHOWROOM. On the song, the members commented, "It's THE 'SUMMER' Song," "I really love the rhythm," and "It's a song that refreshes your summer."

Goto Maki To Make A Guest Appearance In Hello! Project's Summer Concert

Goto Maki to make a guest appearance in Hello! Project's summer concert

It's been revealed that Goto Maki will be making a guest appearance in Hello! Project's summer concert tour 'Hello! Project 2018 SUMMER.' 

The tour features performances by Hello! Project groups and their trainees. To commemorate 20 years since the establishment of Hello! Project, it was already announced that 25 original members would be making an appearance at the tour. At this time, it was revealed that Goto will be participating in the daytime show 'ONE FOR ALL' on August 25 at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall.