Tokyo's New Virus Cases Top 100 For 2nd Day

Tokyo's new virus cases top 100 for 2nd day

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says newly confirmed cases of the coronavirus topped 100 on Friday. The capital's daily total has hit triple digits for the second day in a row.

'pedestrian Paradise' Reopens In Tokyo's Ginza

'Pedestrian paradise' reopens in Tokyo's Ginza

For the first time in nearly three months, a street in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district has been reopened to pedestrian traffic only.

On Saturday morning, police officers set up fences along the street in central Ginza to block vehicle traffic.

First Weekend Of Tokyo's Emergency Shutdown

First weekend of Tokyo's emergency shutdown

Tokyo has seen another increase in the number of new coronavirus infections. One-hundred sixty-six cases were confirmed on Sunday alone, bringing the total in the capital to more than 2,000.

Residents of Tokyo spent their first weekend at home since a month-long state of emergency was declared.

Abe Welcomes Tokyo's Decision On Business Closures

Abe welcomes Tokyo's decision on business closures

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says it's good that the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments have agreed on the types of businesses that will be requested to close temporarily under the state of emergency to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Abe told reporters on Friday that it is important to do everything possible under the law to contain the spread of infections.

Less People Around Tokyo's Ikebukuro Station

Less people around Tokyo's Ikebukuro station

Saturday morning around Tokyo's Ikebukuro station was quieter than usual as people appeared to be following a request to stay home. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government continues to urge against nonessential weekend outings as a way of containing the coronavirus.

Department stores stand shuttered behind posters advising of temporary closures. The district's major electronics stores have also shortened their opening hours.

Less People Around Tokyo's Shibuya Station

Less people around Tokyo's Shibuya station

A request by Tokyo's governor that people stay home this weekend amid the coronavirus outbreak had shown some results on Saturday morning. Observers reported seeing fewer people than usual around the major rail hub of Shibuya.

A few people were sitting on the benches near the Hachiko dog statue, a popular meeting spot.

New Station Opens On Tokyo's Yamanote Line

New station opens on Tokyo's Yamanote Line

Hundreds of people turned out on Saturday for the opening of the first new train station on Tokyo's Yamanote line in about half a century.

Takanawa Gateway Station between Shinagawa and Tamachi is the 30th station on the loop line, which is operated by East Japan Railway Company, or JR East.

Tokyo's Yamanote Train Line Resumes Service

Tokyo's Yamanote train line resumes service

Tokyo's central loop railway line has resumed service after a portion of it was closed on Saturday due to construction of a new station.

Services were suspended from the first train running between Osaki and Ueno until around 4 p.m., and trains are running on the newly re-routed tracks.

Portion Of Tokyo's Yamanote Line Out Of Service

Portion of Tokyo's Yamanote Line out of service

A portion of Tokyo's central loop rail line is not in service on Saturday due to construction work for a new station.

East Japan Railway, which operates the Yamanote Line, says services between Osaki and Ueno stations are suspended from the first train run to around 4 p.m. This section includes Tokyo Station. The construction affects one-third of services on the line.