Elderly Residents Succumb To Tokyo's Extreme Heat

Elderly residents succumb to Tokyo's extreme heat

A stifling heat wave has apparently claimed the lives of five elderly residents of Tokyo in a single day.

Tokyo police and public health officials say the five, in their 60s to 90s, died of suspected heatstroke on Wednesday.

Tokyo's Lack Of Sunshine Ties Record

Tokyo's lack of sunshine ties record

Japan's Meteorological Agency says central Tokyo hasn't seen so little sun in more than three decades.

Agency officials say the skies over the Pacific coast in northern and eastern Japan have been mostly rainy or cloudy since late last month.

Tokyo's New National Stadium Shown To Media

Tokyo's New National Stadium shown to media

Tokyo's New National Stadium, the main venue for next year's Olympics and Paralympics, has been shown to media ahead of its planned completion this year.

The stadium is about 90 percent finished. It's scheduled to be completed at the end of November.

Tokyo's Popular Panda Xiang Xiang Turns Two

Tokyo's popular panda Xiang Xiang turns two

Many visitors celebrated the second birthday of Xiang Xiang, a popular giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, on Wednesday.

People formed long lines in front of the panda facility to see the female cub. Some had to wait as long as three hours.

Robberies Target Tokyo's Elderly

Robberies target Tokyo's elderly

A spate of robberies have occurred in Tokyo in recent months, all using a similar method. The thieves targeted the homes of elderly residents who received a phone call asking how much cash they kept at home.

On February 28, 80-year-old Kuniko Kato was found dead at her condominium in Tokyo's Koto Ward.

Anime News: Kadokawa Opens Ej Anime Theater In Tokyo's Shinjuku

ANIME NEWS: Kadokawa opens EJ Anime Theater in Tokyo's Shinjuku

Kadokawa Corp. has opened a cinema specializing in anime in Tokyo's Shinjuku district that is described as Japan's only movie-showing facility equipped with a cafe and gallery space.

The EJ Anime Theater, which opened on Dec. 22, was remodeled from the Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku, which reopened on July 28 as an anime theater.

Nintendo Wants Tokyo's 'mario Kart' Tours To End

Nintendo Wants Tokyo's ‘Mario Kart' Tours To End

If you search for things to do in Tokyo, Japan, you may find many lists that mention suiting up as Mario, Peach or Luigi and driving go-karts on the busy streets of the city as one of the things worth experiencing. Nintendo doesn’t seem to happy about the use of its intellectual property by rent-a-kart services and has been trying to put an end to these tours.

Autumn Foliage Shines At Night In Tokyo's Rikugien Gardens

Autumn foliage shines at night in Tokyo's Rikugien Gardens

Autumn foliage is now at its most brilliant in Rikugien Gardens in central Tokyo with huge crowds turning out, especially at night, as the leaves are illuminated after sunset.

Bathed in blue lights, which represent water, the colorful leaves illuminated against the dark sky create a dream-like world.

Nissan Hits Tokyo's Streets With Fully-autonomous Infiniti Q50

Nissan Hits Tokyo's Streets With Fully-Autonomous Infiniti Q50

Nissan has demonstrated a fully-autonomous Infiniti Q50 on the streets of Tokyo, showing off the technology it hopes to introduce in 2020.

The technology forms the next-generation ProPILOT system and incorporates 12 sonars, 12 cameras, nine millimetre-wave radars, six laser scanners and a high-definition map to analyze complex scenarios in real time. What is particularly impressive about the Q50 prototype is that all of the sensors and cameras are relatively subtle and don’t stick out like a sore-thumb, unlike Apple’s alternative.

American Ramen Fanatic Publishes Book Of Tokyo's Top Noodle Joints

American ramen fanatic publishes book of Tokyo's top noodle jointsAn American expat has reached a milestone in his quest for the perfect ramen dish by publishing a guidebook featuring reviews of his top 50 noodle shops in Tokyo.
Brian MacDuckston, a 37-year-old English teacher from San Francisco, first came to Japan in June 2006 and has since devoured the popular Japanese dish in more than 1,000 ramen joints across the nation.