Health Ministry Warns Travelers Of Ebola Risk

Health ministry warns travelers of Ebola risk

Japanese health authorities are warning people who travel to central Africa to stay away from areas where cases of Ebola have been reported.

An outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has killed more than 1,600 people since last August, mostly in North Kivu province. Earlier this month, a woman who traveled to neighboring Uganda was found to have been infected.

Talk With Travelers: Gora Koen Comes Alive At Night With Light, Music Extravaganza

TALK WITH TRAVELERS: Gora Koen comes alive at night with light, music extravaganza

Editor's note: This is part of a series of stories featuring the aesthetic landscapes of Mount Fuji, Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture and Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which have been visited by an increasing number of tourists from overseas. Based on conversations with travelers, the series casts light on sceneries and cultural heritages that gave form to these areas.

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Snow Keeps Travelers Stranded In Hokkaido

Snow keeps travelers stranded in Hokkaido

The continued disruption of air traffic caused by heavy snowfall forced more than 40 travelers to spend a night at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido on Sunday.

The disruption began on Saturday when 105 flights were canceled and about 2,000 people spent the night at the airport near Sapporo in northern Japan.

Main Hokkaido Airport Crowded With Travelers

Main Hokkaido airport crowded with travelers

New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, northern Japan, is crowded with holidaymakers trying to get home on Sunday evening after snow stranded about 2,000 people there overnight.

105 flights to and from the airport near Sapporo were cancelled on Saturday.

Snow Strands Travelers At Airport

Snow strands travelers at airport

New Year holidaymakers have been stranded in northern Japan after their flights were canceled due to heavy snow.

The runways of New Chitose Airport near Sapporo were closed at times while workers cleared it of snow. More than 20 centimeters fell on Saturday.

1,600 Travelers Stranded At Hokkaido Airport

1,600 travelers stranded at Hokkaido airport

About 1,600 people had no choice but to spend another night at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido in northern Japan after series of earthquakes that began on Thursday.

Domestic flights resumed on Friday, one day after the powerful earthquake, but 175 flights were cancelled.
The airport operator says about 1,600 people were stranded at the airport as of Friday night.

Travelers Arrive At Kobe Airport

Travelers arrive at Kobe Airport

Travelers who had been stranded at Kansai International Airport in western Japan have arrived by ferry at neighboring Kobe Airport. Many complained about being forced to spend the night at the airport in Osaka Prefecture due to a powerful typhoon.

About 3,000 people were stuck in Kansai airport on Tuesday after it was flooded by the typhoon. Strong winds from the typhoon also caused a tanker to crash into a nearby bridge that connects the airport and the mainland.

Travelers' Treasures / Boshu-san Hana Katsuo, Boshu-san Saba Hanakezuri (dried Bonito Flakes, Dried Mackerel Flakes)

Travelers' Treasures / Boshu-san Hana Katsuo, Boshu-san Saba Hanakezuri (Dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes)

The quality of ingredients affects the deliciousness of any dish, but when it comes to the delicate Japanese cuisine, high-quality soup stock is more important than anything else. Nagaishoten manufactures dried bonito, which is so essential to soup stock. The company uses old-fashioned methods and is very particular about the freshness and quality of the raw ingredients. Boshu-san Hana Katsuo (Dried bonito flakes) is made from cured, boiled bonito caught in the nearby waters of Katsuura Fishing Port. The freshly caught bonito are so fresh they can be eaten sliced raw and have a beautiful, clear color like cherry blossoms. Not only do the dried bonito flakes produce high-quality, highly fragrant soup stock, but they can also be enjoyed on pasta or pizza. Saba Hanakezuri (Dried mackerel flakes) is made from fresh blue mackerel caught when it tastes best, prior to spawning (March to May). The dried mackerel flakes produce a tasty, rich soup stock. Both products are certified by the "land of fisheries," Chiba prefecture, as a Chiba Brand Marine Product, a brand known all over Japan.


Travelers' Treasures / Gokujyo Nanakaku Shimakokutan (fine-quality Heptagonal Macassar Ebony Chopsticks)

Travelers' Treasures / Gokujyo Nanakaku Shimakokutan (Fine-quality heptagonal macassar ebony chopsticks)

Edo Kibashi chopsticks, prized for their functionality, are chopsticks handmade from choice woods such as ebony, red sandalwood, ironwood, boxwood, or maple. They make the most of the wood's quality. Chopsticks are personal items that people use every day. That is why the greatest appeal of Edo Kibashi chopsticks is that they come in all shapes and sizes in a range of thicknesses, lengths, and weights. In particular, Gokujyo Nanakaku Shimakokutan chopsticks are a standard favorite, easy to hold and easy to eat with. Chopsticks are held with three digits — the thumb, the index and middle fingers. That is why chopsticks with an odd number of sides fit comfortably in the hand. However, because odd-sided chopsticks do not have parallel sides such as even-sided chopsticks do, whittling them requires a high level of skill. These chopsticks are whittled into a heptagonal shape from the wide end up to 1 millimeter from the tip. The tip is further whittled down to achieve ultimate functionality.


Travelers' Treasures / Nishida Kajyuen Kinsei Marushibori Straight Juice (quality Freshly Squeezed Juice From Nishida Orchard)

Travelers' Treasures / Nishida Kajyuen Kinsei Marushibori Straight Juice (Quality freshly squeezed juice from Nishida Orchard)

Nishida Orchard raises 30 different kinds of fruit, giving priority to natural, organic cultivation. This is an advanced orchard that uses biodynamic agriculture methods where fruit is harvested according to the waxing and waning cycles of the moon.

Marushibori Straight Juice is made with shiranui citrus (usually called "dekopon") and Mochizuki Mikan (mandarin orange) only, all from the Nishida Orchard, squeezing the entire fruit, including the skin. A luxurious two kilograms of dekopon is used for a single liter of juice. In addition, the squeezed juice is bottled at low temperatures, unlike ordinary concentrated and reduced fruit juice. That is why the original, rich, fruity flavor of the fruit is preserved. Once the flowers fall off the trees and fruit forms, no pesticides are used for a completely safe and natural product.

Travelers' Treasures / Ko No Kuni Nama Cheese Cake (rare Cheesecake)

Travelers' Treasures / Ko no Kuni Nama Cheese Cake (Rare cheesecake)

Ko no Kuni Nama Cheese Cake is six pieces of no-bake cheesecake made using sake lees. The Ultimate Souvenirs for the Whole World sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency selected this as a top-quality item from among 747 different products.

Sake lees are used from six veteran breweries in Shiga prefecture with over 100 years in the business, and the brewers' original production methods result in six different flavors of cheesecake with their own aromas.

Raise Situates In Autos Least Secure For Travelers Not Clasped Up

Rear situates in autos most hazardous for travelers not clasped up

The Yomiuri Shimbun What's the deadliest seat in a fender bender? The back seat, as indicated by measurements gathered by the National Police Agency. The numbers demonstrate that the casualty rate (see underneath) for back seat travelers was higher than that of inhabitants of different seats in auto collisions that happened crosswise over Japan in 2016.

The agency's investigation found the distinction was brought on by the low rate of seat strap use in back seats. Attaching safety belts ended up noticeably compulsory for back seats in 2008. In any case, low seat strap utilize endures in the midst of an across the board yet off base conviction that back seats are protected. Likewise, there is little danger of misery a managerial punishment, for example, a fine, for not locking in back seats.

Route Themed On Japan's Schindler Targets Jewish Travelers

Route themed on Japan's Schindler targets Jewish travelersThe birthplace of a Japanese diplomat who helped thousands of Jews escape Nazi persecution is planning to establish a regional tourist route to attract more Jewish sightseers.
During World War II, Chiune Sugihara (1900-1986), who was posted in Lithuania, went against Japanese government orders by issuing transit visas to Jewish refugees. It is said he helped 6,000 Jews escape the Holocaust.

New Hotel Set For Kansai Airport As Travelers Fly 24/7

New hotel set for Kansai airport as travelers fly 24/7A new inexpensive hotel for passengers to grab 40 winks or more will open at Kansai International Airport here in March 2017.
The facility will be set up in the commercial complex Aeroplaza, which is located near the Terminal 1 Building, said the airport’s operator, Kansai Airports, on Aug. 9.