Pope Francis Gives Speech At Sophia University

Pope Francis gives speech at Sophia University

Pope Francis called on university students in Tokyo to value integrity in his last speech during his visit to Japan.

The pope gave a lecture to more than 700 students who gathered at Sophia University in Tokyo on Tuesday. The university was founded by Jesuit priests. Pope Francis is a member of the order.

Japanese University Discovers Over 140 Nazca Lines

Japanese university discovers over 140 Nazca lines

A Japanese university team researching Nazca Lines in Peru has discovered an additional 143 geoglyphs.

The Yamagata University research group led by Professor Masato Sakai announced the findings on Friday.

An Okinawa University Ranks In Global Top-ten

An Okinawa university ranks in global top-ten

The British science journal Nature has ranked a university in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa in the top ten of institutions with the highest output of top-quality research in the natural sciences.

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University was ranked tenth globally and number one in Japan.

Govt. Raps University With Missing Intl. Students

Govt. raps university with missing intl. students

The Japanese government is taking action against a university for losing track of more than a thousand foreign students.

The government launched an inquiry into Tokyo University of Social Welfare after it came to light that many foreign students, including Vietnamese and Nepalese, were unaccounted for at a campus in Kita Ward, Tokyo. The school has four campuses across Japan.

College And University Entrance Exams Underway

College and university entrance exams underway

More than half a million high-school students and graduates across Japan are putting their knowledge to the test at unified college and university entrance exams.

The number of applicants sitting for this year's exams, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, is down slightly by 5,841, to 576,830.

Tokyo Medical University Stripped Of Accreditation

Tokyo Medical University stripped of accreditation

Tokyo Medical University has been stripped of its accreditation, following recent revelations that the university rigged entrance examinations against female and older applicants.

A private organization, called the Japan Accreditation Council for Medical Education, made the decision at its board meeting on Thursday.

Medical University Admits Exam-tampering

Medical university admits exam-tampering

Tokyo Medical University has admitted to tampering with entrance exam scores to raise the bar for women and for men who failed such exams several times.

Tokyo prosecutors indicted Masahiko Usui, former chairman of the university's board of regents, and the university's former president last month on bribery charges.

University To Sack Ex-football Team Coaches

University to sack ex-football team coaches

A Japanese university will dismiss its American football team's former head coach and his assistant over a dangerous foul that drew widespread criticism.

Tokyo-based Nihon University made the decision at a meeting of its directors on Monday. The team submitted a report on the issue to the Kantoh Collegiate Football Association earlier this month.

University Of Tokyo Keen To Thwart Erroneous Data

University of Tokyo keen to thwart erroneous data

A University of Tokyo institute will make base data available to the public online to prevent misconduct in research papers.

Last year, fabrications and other problems were found with graphs and images cited in 5 papers written by researchers at the university's then Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

University Top Suspected Of Bribery Involvement

University top suspected of bribery involvement

NHK has learned that a top executive of a medical university may have been involved in an unfolding bribery scandal that led to the arrest of a senior Education Ministry bureaucrat.

On Wednesday, Tokyo prosecutors arrested Futoshi Sano, 58 years old, on suspicion of illicitly having his son enrolled at Tokyo Medical University in return for giving it favorable treatment in May last year. Sano was head of the ministry's Science and Technology Policy Bureau, but was dismissed from the post after the arrest.