Alpine A110s: A Hotter Version Of The Mid-engine Sports Car We All Want

Alpine A110S: a hotter version of the mid-engine sports car we all want

We're still salty about not getting the wondrous Alpine A110 mid-engine sports car in America. Count us extra jealous today, though, because Alpine just revealed a hotted-up A110S variant with more performance and new styling.

The 1.8-liter four-cylinder gets a 40-horsepower boost to 288. Torque remains the same at 236 pound-feet. Acceleration to 62 mph happens in just 4.4 seconds, which is one tenth of a second quicker than before. The extra power comes from increased boost pressure, and peak power is reached 400 rpm higher in the rev range at 6,400 rpm. Power is still sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Want An Official Pokemon-themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Want An Official Pokemon-Themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Sure, you can have a Pokemon-themed wedding anywhere you want, but if you want your union to be blessed by The Pokemon Company, you’ll have to take a trip to Japan. ESCRIT is a Japanese company which does wedding ceremonies and it has partnered up with The Pokemon Company to plan officially licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.

There’s going to be a difference in a wedding that’s planned by Pokemon fans and the work done by this company with the blessings of the company that owns the rights to these cute monsters. Anything and everything has to be approved by the licensing department of the company.

Now There's Another Luxury Minivan We Want From Toyota

Now there's another luxury minivan we want from Toyota

Remember that ultra-luxe Lexus LM minivan from a month ago? Well, we certainly haven't forgotten, and Toyota just released another new van to fawn over. It's not as luxurious as the LM, but it's also going to be far cheaper for the folks who end up buying it. Let us introduce you to the all-new Toyota Granvia.

The Granvia is based-off the Toyota HiAce, which is actually more of a commercial van than anything. However, Toyota takes a significantly different tack with the consumer-friendly Granvia. Just look at the interior. There's no partition like the LM, but the chairs are still stunning compared to any minivan on this side of the world — and yes, the rear chairs are powered, too. Upwards of eight people can sit comfortably in the massive van. We're really digging the amount of comfort and luxury provided by the interior, even if it's several magnitudes of luxury below the Lexus LM.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Svp Concept Is The Offroad Mitsu We Want

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport SVP Concept is the offroad Mitsu we want

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport SVP Concept just debuted at the Commercial Vehicle Show in the U.K. For those unaware of the Shogun Sport's origins, it's a Mitsubishi Triton-based SUV with truck-like off-road capability. This concept raises the bar for what's possible with this big SUV when the terrain gets rough.

Mitsubishi and some aftermarket suppliers have given the truck some impressive modifications. For one, it has a 40 mm wider track and new offroad suspension. Walkinshaw Performance Limited and Koni both helped with new components and the suspension tuning. BF Goodrich all-terrain tires wrap new Predator 18-inch off-road wheels with a red outer rim design. Then to give the sides of the Shogun Sport more clearance while rock crawling, Mitsubishi fitted raised side steps finished in black.

L200 Absolute Concept Is The Off-road Truck We Want From Mitsubishi

L200 Absolute Concept is the off-road truck we want from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi took the wraps off a concept off-road truck called the L200 Absolute at the Bangkok International Motor Show, and we completely approve. The truck isn't just a normal L200 with an appearance package. No, Mitsubishi went in and modified the suspension, added a ton of body cladding and even some carbon fiber.

We don't think about Mitsubishi as much ever since the Evo was discontinued here, but this truck provides a bit of hope that one day the Japanese brand could be cool again in America. To begin, Mitsubishi widened the truck's track to make room for the beefy Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires wrapping the black off-road wheels. Then the suspension was modified to give the truck a two-inch lift — it was also given a new shock and spring setup for off-road use, providing more suspension travel. Sadly, Mitsubishi does not say more about it, but we're happy that this truck will be much more capable when the trails get rough.

Android Users In Europe Will Soon Be Asked Which Browser The Want To Use

Android Users In Europe Will Soon Be Asked Which Browser The Want To Use

The company has since made some changes where in an announcement on its blog, Google has revealed that for Android users living in Europe, they will now be given a choice and asked which browser they want to use and even which search applications they might prefer, even if it does not necessarily mean using Chrome or Google search.

Android has always allowed users to choose their own preferred apps for launching certain actions, but we suppose that might not have always been clear. These changes will make it so that users are aware that if they do want to change their browser from Chrome to Firefox or Opera or Edge, they can go ahead and do so.

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Oddly enough that doesn’t seem to be what Nintendo wants. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Nintendo is apparently asking for developers of its mobile games to try and make it so that gamers won’t need to spend excessive amounts of money on its game.

This was revealed by an agent for CyberAgent, the developer behind the mobile Dragalia Lost title. “Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game. If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more.” Nintendo later confirmed this to be true in statement that reads, “We discuss various things, not just limited to payments, to deliver high-quality fun to consumers.”