Anti-racism March Held In Tokyo

Anti-racism march held in Tokyo

An anti-racism march was held in central Tokyo on Sunday as part of the protest movement sparked by the death of George Floyd in US police custody last month.

The protesters included Japanese and non-Japanese people, who responded to calls on social media.

Japan's Ruling Party Eyes Anti-cyberbullying Steps

Japan's ruling party eyes anti-cyberbullying steps

Members of Japan's ruling party have compiled draft measures to make it easier to identify people who have posted anonymous bullying messages online.

The move followed the death of Kimura Hana, a professional wrestler and reality TV star who is believed to have killed herself after being cyberbullied.

Minister: Anti-virus Efforts May Be Insufficient

Minister: Anti-virus efforts may be insufficient

A Japanese government minister has expressed concern that efforts against the coronavirus may be insufficient.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi was speaking at a meeting of a government panel of experts on Wednesday. Nishimura is in charge of anti-coronavirus measures.

Diet Resumes With Anti-infection Measures

Diet resumes with anti-infection measures

Japanese lawmakers resumed Diet deliberations on Friday after a two-day suspension due to the declaration of a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak.

At an Upper House plenary session, lawmakers wearing facemasks disinfected their hands before entering the chamber. They avoided sitting next to each other.

Japan To Stock Up On Anti-flu Medicine Avigan

Japan to stock up on anti-flu medicine Avigan

The Japanese government plans to stock up on enough of the anti-flu drug Avigan for two-million people. The drug is now being clinically tested as a treatment for the coronavirus.

The plan is part of a draft emergency economic package, which is expected to be finalized this week.

Experts To Present Views On Anti-virus Measures

Experts to present views on anti-virus measures

A Japanese government panel of experts will present its latest views on the country's measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

The outline of the panel's views has been revealed in advance of a briefing that will take place on Thursday evening.

Panel To Decide Whether To Keep Anti-virus Steps

Panel to decide whether to keep anti-virus steps

A Japanese government panel of experts plans to decide in about ten days whether to continue the current measures on fighting the new coronavirus.

Members of a panel of experts met on Monday to review the measures currently in place nationwide based on analysis on their effectiveness. The measures call for cancellations of large-scale events and the temporary closures of schools.

Japan Launches Emergency Anti-coronavirus Package

Japan launches emergency anti-coronavirus package

The Japanese government has launched a 136-million-dollar package to fight the coronavirus outbreak. It includes funds for the development of a vaccine and treatment for the illness caused by the virus.

The emergency plan was approved on Thursday at a task force meeting attended by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his full Cabinet.

Japan Stepping Up Anti-virus Measures

Japan stepping up anti-virus measures

Japan's transport minister says he is stepping up measures against a possible outbreak of the latest coronavirus. Kazuyoshi Akaba pledged an all-out effort for the expected spike in visitors from China during the Lunar New Year holiday.

The government is urging airlines and cruise ships to distribute a "health card" to all those arriving from China. The card directs people to quarantine officers if they have come from Wuhan and have symptoms, or are taking medicine for pain.

Anti-flood Measures Sought For Shinkansen

Anti-flood measures sought for shinkansen

The government has decided to ask Japan Railway to draw up plans to relocate bullet trains to safer areas if flooding is expected.

That's after Typhoon Hagibis hit central Japan in October and flooded a Shinkansen bullet train depot, leaving damaged trains that had to be scrapped.

Anti-drone Measures To Be Tightened Near Airports

Anti-drone measures to be tightened near airports

Japan's transport minister has indicated that the restrictions on using drones near airports will be tightened to ensure the safety of aviation.

Kazuyoshi Akaba was speaking to reporters on Friday, following reports that a drone had been spotted the previous night over Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan. The runways were temporarily closed and 27 flights were affected.

Restored Castle Not Covered By Anti-fire Measures

Restored castle not covered by anti-fire measures

Japanese culture officials say burnt buildings at Shurijo Castle were not covered by fire-protection measures that are required by law for important cultural assets because they were reconstructed decades ago.

The ruins of the castle, a national historic site in Okinawa Prefecture, were designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2000. But the restored buildings are not included.

Two Reactors To Be Halted For Anti-terror Measures

Two reactors to be halted for anti-terror measures

The operator of a nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan says it will suspend operations of two reactors next year as it will not be able to meet the deadline for the construction of mandatory anti-terrorism facilities.

Kyushu Electric Power Company revealed the plan for its Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture at a news conference on Thursday.