Anti-terror Facilities Must Pass Early Inspection

Anti-terror facilities must pass early inspection

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided that it will order nuclear power plants to suspend operations if their new mandatory anti-terror facilities are not completed and have not passed inspections one week before the deadline.

The decision could lead to reactors in Japan that are currently online facing orders to shut down.

Utility Plans Anti-terror Facility Within Deadline

Utility plans anti-terror facility within deadline

The operator of Genkai nuclear power plant in western Japan says it plans to complete a required anti-terror facility within the deadline set by the country's nuclear regulator.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has been pushing nuclear plant operators to meet each specific deadline for equipping anti-terror facilities, otherwise their reactors will face suspension.

Ldp Creates 'anti-gaffe Manual' For Party Members

LDP creates 'anti-gaffe manual' for party members

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has created a manual instructing its members how to avoid gaffes after several ministers were forced to resign over verbal blunders.

The party is aiming to tighten discipline ahead of the Upper House election this summer.

Anti-terror Drill Held At Narita Airport

Anti-terror drill held at Narita Airport

Officials at Narita Airport near Tokyo have held a counterterrorism drill as the country prepares for large-scale international events for two consecutive years.

The Rugby World Cup will be held this fall and the Olympics and Paralympics will take place the following summer.

Nuclear Plants' Anti-terror Measures Delayed

Nuclear plants' anti-terror measures delayed

Nuclear plant operators in Japan say it will be difficult to install anti-terrorism facilities at their plants within the timeframe set by the government.

They informed the Nuclear Regulation Authority of the expected delays at a meeting on Wednesday.

Japanese Police To Introduce Anti-drone Guns

Japanese police to introduce anti-drone guns

Japan's National Police Agency has decided to deploy a new type of equipment called a "drone jamming gun" to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

The device uses radio waves to block the control signal of an illegal drone. Other countries, including the United States, have already introduced the technology.

Anti-stalking Orders Hit Record High In 2018

Anti-stalking orders hit record high in 2018

Japan's public safety authorities issued over 1,000 orders against acts of stalking last year, a record high.

The National Police Agency says there were 21,556 consultations and reports of stalking in 2018. That is 1,523 fewer than in 2017, but above the 20,000 mark for the sixth straight year.

Tokyo To Okay Anti-discrimination Ordinance

Tokyo to okay anti-discrimination ordinance

Tokyo is set to approve an ordinance to eliminate hate speeches and discrimination against sexual minorities in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

A committee of the Tokyo metropolitan assembly voted on the draft ordinance late on Wednesday.

Apple Investigated In Japan Over Alleged Anti-competitive Practices

Apple Investigated In Japan Over Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices

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Given the popularity of the iOS platform, it’s easy to see how Apple can hold a tremendous amount of sway over developers. So much so that in a report from the Nikkei Asian Review (via AppleInsider), the company might have landed themselves in a bit of hot water as they are being investigated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) over alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Japan Report To Urge Anti-missile Capabilities

Japan report to urge anti-missile capabilities

Japan's latest draft defense white paper says North Korea remains a serious threat. It says Japan will step up its capabilities to counter ballistic missile attacks.

The draft of the annual report says it was significant that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un clearly committed to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula in his June 12th summit with the United States.

Nagasaki Students Collect Anti-nuclear Signatures

Nagasaki students collect anti-nuclear signatures

A group of high school students in Nagasaki has held a walk through the city to collect signatures calling for the abolishment of nuclear weapons.

Braving the heat and scorching sun on Monday, the 30 students visited the Peace Park and elsewhere in the atomic-bombed city. They walked 7 kilometers in 6 hours and collected about 500 signatures.

Tokyo Assembly Passes Anti-smoking Ordinance

Tokyo Assembly passes anti-smoking ordinance

The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has passed an ordinance that, in principle, bans indoor smoking in restaurants that hire employees, regardless of the size of the establishment.

The regulation strengthens measures against passive smoking and is stricter than a state bill now being deliberated in the Diet.

Abe Orders Anti-sexual Harassment Measures

Abe orders anti-sexual harassment measures

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has asked a minister in charge of women's empowerment to compile measures to prevent sexual harassment and support victims of such misconduct.

Women's Empowerment Minister Seiko Noda on Thursday reported to Abe about her ongoing project to directly hear from such victims, including female reporters at media outlets.