Overseas Acquisitions Become Daily Issue For Japanese Firms

Overseas acquisitions become daily issue for Japanese firms

The Yomiuri Shimbun In mid-July, staff members from major Japanese insurance company Dai-ichi Life Holdings Inc. and midsized U.S. life insurer Protective Life Corp. sat around a table and exchanged views about risk management related to corporate acquisitions at the headquarters of the Japanese company in Tokyo.

One person asked: "You use consulting firms when acquiring companies. What kind of roles do they play?"

Lisa's In And Around Tokyo: Haneda--learn About Airport Teamwork On Free Daily Tour

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: HANEDA--Learn about airport teamwork on free daily tour

The bodies of healthy people are a work of wonder. The miraculous coordination of all our organs enables us to go about our daily lives, without our having to think about how each piece of the fabric that makes us up, works.

I arrived at the ANA maintenance facility drenched in sweat after a good 15-minute walk from Shin-Seibijo Station on the Tokyo Monorail. All Nippon Airways offers several free tours a day. Upon arrival, I was ushered into an air-conditioned classroom and sat through an engaging half-hour presentation that consisted of lectures, videos and interactive quizzes.

Pickled Chinese Cabbage, A Daily Treat To Keep You Going All Winter

Pickled Chinese cabbage, a daily treat to keep you going all winterCooking expert Yoshiharu Doi advocates a simple style of eating: a bowl of rice, miso soup with a heap of ingredients, plus pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbage.
“At home, when we serve rice balls, miso soup and pickled vegetables to our guests, they eat lots of them, commenting how tasty they are,” he says happily.

Mazda Dominates The First Annual New York Daily News Auto Awards

Mazda Dominates the First Annual New York Daily News Auto AwardsMazda North American Operations (MNAO) today announced that five of its vehicles received top honors in the New York Daily News Auto Awards, winning more awards than any other car manufacturer for 2016. Award-winning vehicles were selected by a panel of nine distinguished automotive journalists that were given a single over-arching directive: “Within each category, rank the vehicle in the order that you would recommend them to your family, members, friends and co-workers.”

Damaged Daily Items Displayed To Symbolize Ferocity Of 2011 Disaster

Damaged daily items displayed to symbolize ferocity of 2011 disasterPublic museums are displaying damaged household items and other “relics” from the 2011 Tohoku disaster as reminders of the preciousness and fragility of everyday life.
The Rias Ark Museum of Art in Kesennuma and the Fukushima Museum in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, opened the special exhibitions ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that devastated coastal areas on March 11, 2011.

Yokohama Pianist Who Drew Daily Audience Of Pows Finds British Kin 70 Years Later

Yokohama pianist who drew daily audience of POWs finds British kin 70 years laterIn the gloom of the closing days of World War II, teenager Yoko Koshida took great comfort in losing herself in the piano, practicing hard at her home in this port city.
One day in the summer of 1945, she noticed that she had drawn a literally captive audience. They were Allied prisoners of war sitting on the roof of a nearby internment camp, listening to the melodic strains of Beethoven or Chopin wafting from her home.