Us Military 'remains Ready' In Asia Despite Virus

US military 'remains ready' in Asia despite virus

A top official at the US Embassy in Tokyo says the US military "remains ready and capable to deal with any kind of aggressive acts," even though coronavirus cases have been found on a US aircraft carrier and bases in Japan.

Charge d'Affaires ad interim Joseph Young gave a video interview to NHK on Friday. He said the US forces have taken "proactive measures to minimize the risk of infection and spread," and the US is ready to respond to any actor that might want to take advantage while the East Asian region is focused on the coronavirus.

Govt. Still Cautious Despite Drop In New Cases

Govt. still cautious despite drop in new cases

Japan's government says it's still cautious about the country's coronavirus outbreak, despite a recent drop in new infections in the capital.

Tuesday marks three weeks since the government declared a state of emergency.

Nissan Rogue Launch Will Happen In 2020 Despite Coronavirus, Struggles

Nissan Rogue launch will happen in 2020 despite coronavirus, struggles

Nissan is committed to introducing its replacement for the aging Rogue crossover in 2020 despite potential complications due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company confirmed early Monday. 

"At this time, our new model launch programs for the U.S. are on track. The all-new Nissan Rogue will be in U.S. showrooms this fall," Nissan said in a statement obtained by Automotive News. 

Tokyo 2020 Preparations Proceed Despite Worries

Tokyo 2020 preparations proceed despite worries

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games are under pressure to come up with clear guidelines on how to deal with the new coronavirus infection.

The Olympic flame will start making its way across Japan in late March. The organizers say it's not possible to push that date back.

Renault, Nissan Say Alliance Will Not Split Despite Rumors

Renault, Nissan say alliance will not split despite rumors

TOKYO/PARIS — Shares in Renault recovered some lost ground on Tuesday after the French carmaker and its Japanese partner Nissan rejected media reports that their alliance was in danger of being dissolved. Some have openly questioned whether the alliance can survive without disgraced former CEO Carlos Ghosn to keep the two partners happy.  Renault shares fell to a six-year low on Monday after rumors circulated that its alliance with Nissan was in jeopardy. Nissan shares tumbled to their lowest in 8½ years on Tuesday in Tokyo. At the opening of trading in Paris on Tuesday, Renault shares rose 1.3 percent, before falling back slightly to trade up 0.49 percent by 08:23 GMT. The alliance, which also includes Japan's Mitsubishi Motors, is "solid, robust, everything but dead," the chairman of Renault, Jean-Philippe Senard, told Belgian newspaper L'Echo. A split between the two automotive giants would force both to find new partners in a fast-consolidating industry that is growing increasingly difficult to navigate for independent companies. It will be especially difficult for Renault and Nissan, whose dirty laundry Ghosn intends to air for public consideration.   French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire also weighed in, saying reports some executives wanted to break up the alliance were "malicious." Speaking to France's CNews TV, he also said he expected Renault to name a new chief executive within days to replace Thierry Bollore, a Ghosn-era appointee who was ousted in October. Luca de Meo, who stepped down as the head of Volkswagen's Seat brand last week, is seen as a frontrunner for the job, although a stringent non-compete clause in his contract firm may prove a hurdle, sources have told Reuters. Nissan, in response to "speculative international media reports," said it was "in no way considering dissolving the alliance." "The alliance is the source of Nissan's competitiveness," the Japanese automaker said in a statement. "Through the alliance, to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, Nissan will look to continue delivering win-win results for all member companies." Concerns emerged about the future of the Renault-Nissan partnership after the November 2018 arrest in Japan of Ghosn, the man who did more than anyone else to hold together the disparate alliance of often-contrasting carmaking cultures. Those worries were given new momentum after Ghosn last month fled Japan where he was awaiting trial on charges of financial misconduct -- which he denies --, flew to Lebanon, and told the media the alliance was riven with mistrust. A Financial Times report on Monday that Nissan executives were making contingency plans for a split with Renault appeared to accelerate a sell-off in the French manufacturer's shares.

Spider-man 3 Is Still Happening Despite Sony And Disney Fallout

Spider-Man 3 Is Still Happening Despite Sony And Disney Fallout

As some of you might have heard, discussions between Sony and Disney over the Spider-Man franchise have fallen apart, resulting in Spider-Man more likely than not to leave the MCU. We’re sure many are wondering how the franchise will be moving forwards, but as it turns out, it will soldier on just fine.

According to a report from Deadline, it has been revealed that the script for the third Spider-Man movie is already in the works where actor Tom Holland is expected to reprise his role. However, the report goes on to add that director Jon Watts, who directed the first two movies, might not return. Apparently, this is due to his contract in which he was only contracted for the first two movies, and that now both Sony and Marvel are trying to court him for future movies.

Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

This is according to reports in which some Toyota Prius owners are still claiming that their electrical systems are overheating. Speaking to the LA Times, a customer by the name of Jordan Felo experienced this problem when his inverter overheated and fried itself when he pressed on the car’s accelerator pedal.

This was despite the fact that Felo had previously taken his car to a Toyota dealer several weeks ago in which an updated piece of software was installed that was meant to fix the overheating problem. Unfortunately, it appears that it did not and now it would cost Felo $3,000 to replace the unit.