Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

This is according to reports in which some Toyota Prius owners are still claiming that their electrical systems are overheating. Speaking to the LA Times, a customer by the name of Jordan Felo experienced this problem when his inverter overheated and fried itself when he pressed on the car’s accelerator pedal.

This was despite the fact that Felo had previously taken his car to a Toyota dealer several weeks ago in which an updated piece of software was installed that was meant to fix the overheating problem. Unfortunately, it appears that it did not and now it would cost Felo $3,000 to replace the unit.

Despite Nintendo's Legal Victory, Japan's Faux Mario Kart Continues To Operate

Despite Nintendo's Legal Victory, Japan's Faux Mario Kart Continues To Operate

For those who have visited Tokyo or Osaka, you might be familiar with or have at least seen people dressed in costumes from the Mario franchise driving around the streets in go karts. You could almost be fooled into thinking that this was some kind of official Mario Kart service provided by Nintendo, but it isn’t.

In fact the service has been in operation for a long time now, but it was only last month that the Japan courts ruled in favor of Nintendo. The victory meant that Nintendo had won their claim against the company, MariCar, which would have forced the company to stop their operations, pay damages to Nintendo, and stop using any character likeness from Nintendo franchises. However as it turns out, the company is continuing to operate.

Kansai Airport Flooded Despite Measures

Kansai Airport flooded despite measures

The operator of the Kansai International Airport has failed to prevent flooding due to a storm surge once again, despite measures it took because of similar damage in the past.

The hub airport in western Japan is located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. It has 2 runways, each with a terminal building.

Aston Martin Seeks 'big Brother' Despite First Profit In Years, Ipo Talk

Aston Martin seeks 'big brother' despite first profit in years, IPO talk

Aston Martin just reported that it earned $121 million (or £87 million) in 2017, its first profit in eight years, and it's preparing for a possible initial public offering, eyeing a valuation as high as $6.95 billion (£5 billion). It has a strategy to begin converting its fleet to hybrid and electric powertrains. Nevertheless, the low-volume British luxury marque says it needs a helping hand to survive the wave of autonomous driving technology sweeping the automotive industry.

CEO Andy Palmer tells Bloomberg it's looking for a "big brother" partner to help it with the billions of dollars in capital requirements posed by the dawn of driverless cars.

Nissan Z Sports Car Is Far From Dead, Despite The Fact That There Are No Official Plans Yet To Replace The Ageing 370z

Nissan Z sports car is far from dead, despite the fact that there are no official plans yet to replace the ageing 370ZIt appears that Nissan's Z sports car is far from dead, despite the fact that there are no official plans yet to replace the ageing 370Z.Nissan’s chief planning officer Philippe Klein told Automotive News that the reports of the Z’s death are greatly exaggerated.When asked though if Nissan is developing a successor to the 370Z, which has been on the market since 2009, he avoided to give a clear answer. “We’re working on it and it’s very present, but I have no indication to give you,” Klein said.

2018 Lexus Nx 300h Facelift Enjoys Price Cut Despite New Tech

2018 Lexus NX 300h Facelift Enjoys Price Cut Despite New Tech

Prices for the facelifted 2018 Lexus NX have just been uncovered by Cars Direct and surprisingly, prices for the most premium model have decreased.

Those looking to get the keys to a 2018 NX 300h will need to part with at least $39,330, a decent drop from the $40,715 starting price of the 2017 model. What’s more, buyers of the 2018 car will enjoy a host of mechanical and technological improvements over the outgoing model.

Master Council Head Calls Toyosu Advertise Site "safe" In Spite Of Serious Contamination

Expert panel head calls Toyosu showcase site Tokyo's new Toyosu showcase office is "sheltered," in spite of benzene focuses up to 100 circumstances the administration set security restrict found in the groundwater at the site, the leader of an outsider master advisory group proclaimed amid a March 19 meeting.
Tatemasa Hirata, a natural researcher and director of the board of trustees set up by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to inspect the grieved Toyosu office, expressed, "Over the ground and subterranean are diverse things. The piece of the market over the ground is safe."

Japan Still Frets Over Trump Despite Assurances From Pentagon Chief

Japan still frets over Trump despite assurances from Pentagon chiefAs the first member of the Cabinet of U.S. President Donald Trump to visit Japan, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reassured Tokyo that the bilateral alliance is firm in the face of North Korean threats and Chinese maritime assertiveness.
But Tokyo still may not feel at ease as many uncertainties exist about Trump's "America First" agenda and his confrontational rhetoric toward even close allies.