Anti-terror Facilities Must Pass Early Inspection

Anti-terror facilities must pass early inspection

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided that it will order nuclear power plants to suspend operations if their new mandatory anti-terror facilities are not completed and have not passed inspections one week before the deadline.

The decision could lead to reactors in Japan that are currently online facing orders to shut down.

Muslim Prayer Facilities Debut In Expressway Service Areas

Muslim prayer facilities debut in expressway service areas

Prayer facilities have been set up in expressway service areas along popular routes to cater to Muslim visitors ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

In a first in Japan, prayer areas opened March 26 at the Hamanako service area and on the outbound side of the Ashigara service area along the Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture. On March 27, a prayer facility was set up in the Suwako service area's outbound side on the Chuo Expressway in Nagano Prefecture.

Urgent Flu Caution Issued For Elderly Facilities

Urgent flu caution issued for elderly facilities

Japan's health ministry has issued an urgent nationwide caution to facilities for the elderly calling for through measures to prevent influenza.

A succession of senior residents in such facilities have died this month due to mass influenza infections. Four residents at a special care home for the elderly in Akita Prefecture, northeastern Japan, and seven residents at a nursing home in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, have died of influenza.

Laser Facilitates Production Of Sic Wafers

Laser Facilitates Production of SiC WafersDisco Corp developed a new process that uses a laser device to cut out wafers from a SiC (silicon carbide) ingot.
The new process, "Kabra," enables to reduce processing time at the time of producing SiC wafers by about 75% and increase the number of wafers to be produced by about 50%, compared with conventional methods. It is currently being tested by some of Disco's customers.

Panasonic : Integrated Elderly Healthcare Facilities: Better Service, Better Business

Panasonic : Integrated Elderly Healthcare Facilities: Better Service, Better BusinessAccording to the UN World Population Prospects, 2015 Revision, key markets in Asia are in the midst of a growing gap between the number of retirees and those able to take care of them between now and 2050. Hong Kong is projected to see a 217% increase in population of those aged over 60 with a 78% decrease of 15-59 year olds, and Singapore is projected to experience a 272% increase in those aged over 60 with a 77% decrease of 15-59 year olds.

Ntt Facilities Tests Installation Of Solar Panels On Slopes

NTT Facilities Tests Installation of Solar Panels on SlopesNTT Facilities Inc announced March 19, 2015, that it has introduced a solar power generation system designed for tests on sloping land.
The system was set up in Natsuaki District, Nagasaka-chou, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, in cooperation with Adtek Fuji Co Ltd (Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture) for a project entrusted by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Toyota To Begin Trial Leasing Of Physical Rehabilitation Aid Robots To Medical Facilities In Japan

Toyota to Begin Trial Leasing of Physical Rehabilitation Aid Robots to Medical Facilities in JapanToyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will begin trial leasing of newly developed clinical research versions of its “Walk Training Assist” and “Balance Training Assist” robots to 20 medical facilities in Japan this autumn. The clinical research versions are improved versions of those announced in 2011 as part of the Toyota Partner Robot series. The improved robots are aimed to help in the rehabilitation of patients who find it difficult to walk or maintain balance due to illness or injury.

Consumer Co-op Realizes Mega Solar Systems On Logistics Facilities

Consumer Co-op Realizes Mega Solar Systems on Logistics FacilitiesOsaka Izumi Co-operative Society based in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, boasts the largest-class size among consumer co-ops across Japan, with 453,257 member households (as of the end of March 2013) and supply value of ¥69 billion (approx US$671 million) in fiscal 2012. Its activity area is south Osaka, extending from Higashi-Osaka City to Misakicho.