Japan's Govt. Considering Help For Kyoto Animation

Japan's govt. considering help for Kyoto Animation

The Japanese government is considering helping the animation studio in Kyoto that suffered a deadly arson attack to recover. The government responded to a call from a nonpartisan group of lawmakers.

The group promoting animation production says many talented animators were killed in the arson attack on the Kyoto Animation studio on July 18. It is calling on the government to urgently take all possible measures to rescue the studio and its surviving staff from their plight.

Tropical Storm Nari Nears Japan's Main Island

Tropical storm Nari nears Japan's main island

Weather officials in Japan say a tropical storm is approaching the Pacific coast of the main island of Honshu, and may bring heavy rain from Saturday through Sunday.

They urge people to be on alert for possible landslides, floods, swollen rivers, strong winds, high waves and lightning.

Tropical Storm Nari Heads For Japan's Mainland

Tropical Storm Nari heads for Japan's mainland

Japanese weather officials say a tropical storm is approaching the Pacific coast of Japan's main island of Honshu.

It may bring heavy rain from Saturday through Sunday. They are warning people to be on the alert for possible landslides and other hazards.

Voting Underway In Japan's Upper House Election

Voting underway in Japan's Upper House election

It's voting day here in Japan and people across the country are casting their ballots in the Upper House election.

In most parts of the country, polling stations will be open until 8 PM. Officials will start tallying the votes as soon as polls close.

Japan's Princess Mako Meets Bolivia's President

Japan's Princess Mako meets Bolivia's president

Japan's Princess Mako has paid a courtesy call to Bolivian President Evo Morales. She is visiting the country to mark the 120th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants.

The daughter of Crown Prince and Princess Akishino arrived in La Paz, Bolivia's administrative capital, on Monday. She earlier visited Peru as part of a regional tour.

Japan's Hayabusa2 Successful In Collecting Samples From Asteroid

Japan's Hayabusa2 Successful In Collecting Samples From Asteroid

Japan has claimed a world first with its Hayabusa 2 probe which made a “perfect” touchdown today on a distant asteroid. Not only that, but the Hayabusa2 probe also collected samples from beneath the surface of the asteroid. This unprecedented mission may help provide more insight about the origins of the solar system.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency project manager Yuichi Tsuda said at a news conference that “We’ve collected a part of the solar system’s history,” as subsurface material has never been gathered before from a celestial body that was further away from the moon. Japan has been able to do it successfully in a world first.

Japan's Population Down For 10th Straight Year

Japan's population down for 10th straight year

The population of Japanese nationals has fallen for the 10th straight year, while the ratio of foreign residents topped 2 percent for the first time.

The internal affairs ministry says the number of Japanese living in the country was over 124.7 million as of January 1 this year. The number has been dropping since it peaked in 2009.

History Of Japan's Hansen's Disease Policy

History of Japan's Hansen's disease policy

The Japanese government promoted the forced isolation of leprosy patients under a 1953 leprosy prevention law. Leprosy is also known as Hansen's disease.

Soon after, it became known that the disease was not particularly contagious and effective treatments had been established. But the government continued with the forced segregation until 1996, when the law was finally repealed.

Japan's Lawmakers Earned Average $245,000 In 2018

Japan's lawmakers earned average $245,000 in 2018

Members of Japan's parliament had an average income of nearly 245,000 dollars in 2018, an increase from the previous year.

Both houses of the Diet released the annual incomes of 698 lawmakers on Monday. Data on some members, including those who won Lower House by-elections in April, were excluded.

Tropical Storm Moving Along Japan's Pacific Coast

Tropical storm moving along Japan's Pacific coast

Tropical Storm Sepat is expected to move along the southern coast of Japan's main island through Friday morning, as heavy rain pelts the country's central area.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reports that as of 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sepat was southwest of Wakayama Prefecture, central Japan.

Japan's Top Govt. Spokesperson Denies Report

Japan's top govt. spokesperson denies report

The Japanese government's top spokesperson denied a media report that US President Donald Trump privately mentioned pulling his country out of a security pact with Japan.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the report is not true. He also said the White House confirmed that it conflicts with the stance of the United States.