Rugby Star Chooses Medical Career Over Olympics

Rugby star chooses medical career over Olympics

Japanese rugby player Fukuoka Kenki says he will follow through with his decision to become a medical doctor. In return, he has given up on playing for the Japanese Rugby Sevens squad in next year's Tokyo Olympic Games.

In last year's Rugby World Cup, the 27-year-old speedster stood out for scoring four tries, that contributed to Japan's historic run to the quarterfinals.

'star Wars Episode I: Racer' Coming To Ps4 And Switch In May

'Star Wars Episode I: Racer' coming to PS4 and Switch in May

For the first time ever, the popular pod-racing video game "Star Wars Episode 1: Racer," will be available to Playstation fans on the PS4. A revamped version of the game is set to be released on the Sony console, as well as the Nintendo Switch, on May 12. 

Star Wars previously brought the game back to life for PC, and now it is further expanding its universe not only to the versatile Switch gaming system but to the PS4, as well. The new version will be framed around the original but will have updated features for a better gameplay. 

Injured Badminton Star Momota Returns To Japan

Injured badminton star Momota returns to Japan

Japanese badminton star Kento Momota has returned home two days after suffering injuries in a car crash in Malaysia.

The world's number one player in men's singles was injured early on Monday when a vehicle he was riding crashed into a truck on a highway en route to the airport. The accident occurred hours after Momota clinched the Malaysia Masters title.

Japanese Badminton Star Injured In Car Crash

Japanese badminton star injured in car crash

Japanese world number one badminton player Kento Momota has been injured in a vehicle crash near Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur.

Fire department officials say the accident occurred at around 5:00 a.m. on Monday, local time.

Oguri Shun To Star In 2022 Taiga Drama

Oguri Shun to star in 2022 Taiga drama

The 61st NHK Taiga Drama that's scheduled to air in 2022 has been confirmed to be 'Kamakura-dono no 13-nin.' It will star actor Oguri Shun, and the script will be written by Mitani Koki. 

This announcement was made on January 8 during a press conference at NHK Broadcasting Center. Following 'Shinsengumi!' and 'Sanada Maru,' this will be Mitani's third time writing the script for a Taiga drama. Oguri will take on the lead role of 'Hojo Yoshitoki,' the younger brother of Hojo Masako, who was married to Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate. The drama is said to be a survival entertainment focusing on the 13 people who supported Yoritomo's rule. 

Kabuki Adaptation Of Star Wars Staged

Kabuki adaptation of Star Wars staged

A kabuki adaptation of US epic franchise "Star Wars" has been staged in Tokyo, starring one of the prominent actors in the time-honored Japanese performing art.

The one-off performance came on Thursday before the Star Wars saga draws to a close with the release of its final episode set for December 20. The first movie of the global blockbuster hit the screen in 1977.

Tanaka Named To Mlb All-star Roster

Tanaka named to MLB All-Star roster

New York Yankees starter Masahiro Tanaka has been added to the roster for the All-Star game.

Major League Baseball announced on Saturday that he will take the place of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman who is suffering from shoulder discomfort.

Star Panda Meets Media Before 2nd Birthday

Star panda meets media before 2nd birthday

A popular giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has been shown to the media before she turns two on Wednesday.

Xiang Xiang was the first baby panda to be born at the zoo in five years. She now lives separately from her mother. On Monday, reporters watched her climbing a tree and eating bamboo shoots.

Baseball Star Ichiro Announces Retirement

Baseball star Ichiro announces retirement

Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki of the US Major Leagues' Seattle Mariners has announced his retirement.

The 45-year-old outfielder held a news conference after the second of the two-game Opening Series against the Oakland Athletics finished in Tokyo on Thursday.

Baseball Star Ichiro Suzuki Intends To Retire

Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki intends to retire

NHK has learned that Japanese Major Leaguer Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners has told team officials he intends to retire.

The 45-year-old veteran is scheduled to hold a news conference after his team's match against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday in Tokyo.