Experts Urge Young People To Avoid Spreading Virus

Experts urge young people to avoid spreading virus

Health experts in Japan continue to refine the advice they offer in response to the coronavirus outbreak. They're now urging people, especially younger generations, to be on the alert even if they don't show major symptoms.

Japan Community Healthcare Organization President Shigeru Omi said, " We have come to believe that people with mild symptoms play an important role in spreading the virus without knowing it. In particular, young people are unlikely to become seriously ill, making it very difficult to see the danger they may pose to others. As a result, they infect many middle aged and elderly people, putting them at risk."

Officials Urge Caution For Hokkaido Snowstorm

Officials urge caution for Hokkaido snowstorm

Weather officials warn that a heavy snowstorm could disrupt transport systems in Hokkaido and other parts of northern Japan from Thursday to Saturday.

The officials say a developing low-pressure system and a cold air mass will likely bring blizzards to Hokkaido, mainly on the Sea of Japan side.

Us General Will Urge S.korea To Stay In Gsomia

US General will urge S.Korea to stay in GSOMIA

The top US military officer has expressed plans to urge South Korea to stay in an intelligence sharing pact with Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, met in Tokyo on Tuesday morning.

Japan To Urge Us Forces To Ensure Aircraft Safety

Japan to urge US forces to ensure aircraft safety

Japan's Defense Ministry is set to urge the US forces in Japan to fully ensure safety in aircraft operations following revelations of pilots' misconduct during flights.

State Minister of Defense Tomohiro Yamamoto met Yamaguchi Prefecture Governor Tsugumasa Muraoka and other local officials at the ministry on Thursday.

Weather Officials Urge Great Caution For Hagibis

Weather officials urge great caution for Hagibis

Weather officials in Japan are warning that Typhoon Hagibis is likely to make landfall in the Tokai region or the Kanto region, including Tokyo, on Saturday.

Meteorological Agency official Yasushi Kajihara told reporters on Friday that it may issue an emergency warning, as Hagibis is likely to bring strong winds and high waves, as well as record heavy rainfall over wide areas.

Mayor To Urge Removal Of 'comfort Women' Statue

Mayor to urge removal of 'comfort women' statue

The mayor of Nagoya in central Japan says he will urge the Governor of Aichi Prefecture to remove a statue of a girl symbolizing those referred to as wartime comfort women from a display at an international arts festival in the prefecture.

The Aichi Triennale Arts Festival features a section under the theme of "deprivation of freedom of expression." Among the displays is the controversial statue of a girl.

Weather Officials Urge Prompt Evacuation In Kyushu

Weather officials urge prompt evacuation in Kyushu

The Japan Meteorological Agency is urging residents in the southwest of the country to brace for more heavy rains and possible natural disasters in the coming days.

At a news conference on Tuesday, agency forecaster Ryuta Kurora said torrential rains are expected from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. The rains are mainly expected to hit the southwestern main island of Kyushu.

Abductees' Kin Urge Govt. Not To Back Down

Abductees' kin urge govt. not to back down

Relatives of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea have urged the government not to soften its stance and to keep working to bring all the victims back.

The family members met reporters at Narita Airport on Sunday upon their return from New York.

Health Officials Urge Careful Use Of New Flu Drug

Health officials urge careful use of new flu drug

Japanese health officials are urging those using a new influenza drug to carefully consider both its advantages and shortcomings.

The influenza medication "baloxavir marboxil," whose commercial name is "xofluza," went on sale in Japan last March. A single oral dose is said to be effective.

Japan To Urge S.korea To Take Appropriate Action

Japan to urge S.Korea to take appropriate action

Japan plans to urge South Korea to respond appropriately to the ruling by its Supreme Court on wartime compensation. But it may ask for international arbitration if bilateral negotiations do not bear fruit.

The South Korean court ordered a Japanese firm on Tuesday to compensate 4 Korean men who say they were forced to work at steel mills during World War Two.

Japan Report To Urge Anti-missile Capabilities

Japan report to urge anti-missile capabilities

Japan's latest draft defense white paper says North Korea remains a serious threat. It says Japan will step up its capabilities to counter ballistic missile attacks.

The draft of the annual report says it was significant that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un clearly committed to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula in his June 12th summit with the United States.

Families To Urge Govt. To Bring Back Abductees

Families to urge govt. to bring back abductees

The families of Japanese nationals abducted to North Korea plan to urge the government to work to bring back the abductees, following the US-North Korea summit.

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he raised the issue of the abductees during his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump said North Korea will work on the issue.

Pacific Island Nations Urge N.korea To Take Action

Pacific island nations urge N.Korea to take action

Pacific island leaders have referred to North Korean issues for the first time in a joint declaration issued at the end of a meeting in Japan.

Leaders from Japan as well as 18 Pacific island nations and territories ended a 2-day summit in the city of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, on Saturday.

Citizens, Students Against Security Laws Urge Others To Vote In Election

Citizens, students against security laws urge others to vote in electionCitizens' groups opposing the controversial security-related laws took to the streets in front of the Diet building in Tokyo on June 5 calling for better voter turnout in the upcoming House of Councillors election as the ruling coalition looks to secure a two-thirds majority in the upper chamber to implement constitutional amendment.