Subaru Posts 15.7% Rise In Fill-year Operating Profit

Subaru posts 15.7% rise in fill-year operating profit

TOKYO — Subaru on Monday posted a 15.7% rise in annual operating profit in the fiscal year that ended in March as it recovered from a raft of product recalls last year, but warned that sales of its cars would take a hit from the coronavirus outbreak.

Profit rose to 210.3 billion yen ($1.96 billion) for the year just ended, from 181.7 billion yen a year earlier under international financial reporting standards. It exceeded a consensus estimate of 204.7 billion yen profit drawn from 17 analysts polled by Refinitiv.

One Year Since Japan's Emperor Ascended Throne

One year since Japan's Emperor ascended throne

Friday marks one year since Japan's Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne. He has taken part in a number of ceremonies related to his accession over the past 12 months.

The Emperor proclaimed his accession in an enthronement ceremony in October during which he pledged to fulfill his responsibility as the symbol of the State while turning his thoughts to the people and standing by them .

Japan Govt. To Consider Sept. Start Of School Year

Japan govt. to consider Sept. start of school year

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says the government will weigh various options when considering whether to change the start of the school year from April to September.

Abe commented on calls for the change at a Lower House Budget Committee meeting on Wednesday. Some governors and opposition parties want the start of the academic year to be pushed back to September as school closures have been prolonged amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan's Population Falls For 9th Straight Year

Japan's population falls for 9th straight year

Japan's population has decreased for the 9th year in a row, with society continuing to gray.

The Internal Affairs Ministry estimates the total population, including foreign residents, at about 126.1 million as of October 1, 2019.

Students Gather In Schoolyard To Mark New Year

Students gather in schoolyard to mark new year

Elementary school students in Tokyo's Suginami Ward have gathered in their schoolyard to mark the start of a new school year amid the coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday morning, Momoi Daini Elementary School held its opening ceremony in its schoolyard instead of its gymnasium to avoid crowding.

'burnout Paradise Remastered' Launches On Nintendo Switch This Year

'Burnout Paradise Remastered' launches on Nintendo Switch this year

One of the best racing games of the previous generation of game consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC), "Burnout Paradise" got a visual remaster and re-release a couple of years ago for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This year, it gets added to one more system, the Nintendo Switch, so you can enjoy the fast paced vehicular destruction anywhere.

Besides offering high-speed fun on the go, "Burnout Paradise Remastered" coming to the Switch is significant because this is the first time it will have been available for a Nintendo console. With the original release, Nintendo's only home console, the Wii, didn't have the digital horsepower to handle the high-definition graphics of the then-new Burnout game. So publisher EA and developer Criterion Games didn't create a version for the system. The remaster skipped the Nintendo Wii U, too, which considering the system's sales, wasn't a terrible idea. So this marks the first time for Nintendo loyalists to play the game.

Abe, Bach Agree To 1-year Olympic Postponement

Abe, Bach agree to 1-year Olympic postponement

After weeks of speculation, Japan's Prime Minister says the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed because of the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Shinzo Abe says: "We agreed that we will hold the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics no later than the summer of 2021. We are committed to holding the Games in a complete form when we can prove that human beings have overcome illness caused by the new coronavirus."

Honda Clarity Electric Discontinued After 2019 Model Year

Honda Clarity Electric discontinued after 2019 model year

The electric vehicle segment just got a little bit smaller, though we doubt many buyers will notice. The Honda Clarity Electric is being discontinued for the 2020 model, though its plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell siblings will survive. 

Honda showed a surprising amount of foresight when it made the Clarity available with a choice of electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen power. While this not-inexpensive move allowed the company to cover all of the green-car bases, the Electric was let down by a 25.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that delivered up to 89 miles of range. This figure put it ahead of the now-discontinued Smart ForTwo Electric Drive but behind most other electric cars on the market, typically by a massive degree. Furthermore, motorists happy with less than 90 miles of range had to live in California or in Oregon, the two states the car was offered in, and they could exclusively lease it; it was never sold directly to private buyers.

86-year-old Ole Miss Fan Sinks 94-foot Putt To Win Brand-new Nissan Altima

86-year-old Ole Miss fan sinks 94-foot putt to win brand-new Nissan Altima

God bless those silly promo/giveaway events they stage during breaks at sports events, amirite? Here's Exhibit A.

At an Ole Miss men's basketball game against their hated rival Alabama on Saturday, Mary Ann Wakefield was picked to participate in the "Putt For a Car" challenge, a promotional event for Mississippi dealerships Cannon Motors with a grand prize of a brand-new 2020 Nissan Altima. And so the 86-year-old Rebels fan, after being shown where the cup was located, walked up to a golf ball, positioned her putter, took a look at the cup, and, cool as a cucumber, proceeded to drain a hole in one down the full length of the hardwood court, 94 feet.

Miyavi To Release 2 Albums This Year

MIYAVI to release 2 albums this year

It's been revealed that MIYAVI will release two albums (currently untitled) this year. 

On January 29, MIYAVI wrapped up his eighth world tour at Blue Note HAWAII in Honolulu, Hawaii. During this concert, he announced that he would be releasing his first albums after transferring to LDH JAPAN.

He commented, "I've started working on the albums with the same flow and momentum of my latest album 'NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO.' Every time I release an album, I immediately want to start working on another one right away, but as soon as I start working on it, I feel the pain of labor. I have great respect for all mothers in the world. I am working on this album concurrently with my tours, acting, and fashion, but both my production teams in Los Angeles and Tokyo are working hard to push it forward. I'm finally done with the first half, now going into the second half. There are many songs that are filled with my personal feelings. I will do my best that it will reach a lot of people." Details on one of the two albums will be revealed on February 14.