Airport Passcodes Mistakenly Sent To Media

Airport passcodes mistakenly sent to media

Officials at the operator of Fukuoka Airport in western Japan have mistakenly sent the entry passcodes for some doors in the airport building to media outlets.

They say they planned to send the codes by fax to shops and companies in the airport terminal on Monday evening. That was as part of measures to step up security ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Fukuoka City next month.

Counterterrorism Drill Held At Haneda Airport

Counterterrorism drill held at Haneda airport

A counterterrorism drill with an emphasis on providing guidance in foreign languages has been held at Tokyo's Haneda airport in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.

The drill was held on Wednesday at two railway stations that directly service the airport's international passenger terminal. About 250 people, including railway officials and police officers, took part.

Anti-terror Drill Held At Narita Airport

Anti-terror drill held at Narita Airport

Officials at Narita Airport near Tokyo have held a counterterrorism drill as the country prepares for large-scale international events for two consecutive years.

The Rugby World Cup will be held this fall and the Olympics and Paralympics will take place the following summer.

Osprey Makes Emergency Landing At Osaka Airport

Osprey makes emergency landing at Osaka Airport

Japan's Defense Ministry has reported that a US military Osprey aircraft made an emergency landing at Osaka International Airport in western Japan on Monday afternoon.

The tilt-rotor aircraft is stationed at US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture. The ministry said it was flying to Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture from Marine Corp Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Cargo Jets In Minor Collision At Narita Airport

Cargo jets in minor collision at Narita airport

Japan's transport ministry is investigating the minor collision of two cargo jets at Narita airport near Tokyo on Thursday.

The agency says the accident occurred in a parking area at around 8 p.m. between an All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 and a FedEx MD-11. Both planes were bound for Shanghai.

5g To Boost Airport Efficiency

5G to boost airport efficiency

Two Japanese companies are working together to find innovative ways of using 5G mobile communications technology. Japan Airlines and telecom company KDDI are conducting tests to see how 5G can make airport operations more efficient.

An engineer watches a live feed showing airplane parts being repaired at another site. The images come from an ultra-high definition 4K camera attached to a colleague's helmet.

No Flights Affected At New Chitose Airport

No flights affected at New Chitose Airport

Transport authorities say New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido has reopened one of its two runways.

The airport closed both of its runways for safety checks after an earthquake hit the northern prefecture on Thursday.

Workers Begin Repairing Kansai Airport Bridge

Workers begin repairing Kansai Airport bridge

Repair workers have begun attaching girders to the damaged bridge linking Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay and the mainland.

The road-rail bridge was damaged when a tanker drifted into it during a powerful typhoon in the area last September.

Kansai Airport Busy With Lunar New Year Tourists

Kansai Airport busy with Lunar New Year tourists

Large crowds of tourists from mainland China and Taiwan have arrived at Kansai Airport in Osaka, western Japan, for the weeklong Lunar New Year holidays that began on Monday.

One of the visitors said she arrived from Shanghai with two family members and wants to enjoy skiing in Fukui Prefecture and sightseeing in Osaka and Kobe.

Main Hokkaido Airport Crowded With Travelers

Main Hokkaido airport crowded with travelers

New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, northern Japan, is crowded with holidaymakers trying to get home on Sunday evening after snow stranded about 2,000 people there overnight.

105 flights to and from the airport near Sapporo were cancelled on Saturday.

Snow Strands Travelers At Airport

Snow strands travelers at airport

New Year holidaymakers have been stranded in northern Japan after their flights were canceled due to heavy snow.

The runways of New Chitose Airport near Sapporo were closed at times while workers cleared it of snow. More than 20 centimeters fell on Saturday.

Typhoon-hit Kansai Int'l Airport To Be Stormproof

Typhoon-hit Kansai Int'l Airport to be stormproof

The operator of Kansai International Airport has unveiled measures to protect the airport from flooding and a storm surge.

The international gateway in western Japan was temporarily closed in September when it was hit by Typhoon Jebi.