Minister Inspects Airport Measures For Asf

Minister inspects airport measures for ASF

Japan's agriculture minister has called for tightening quarantine at airports to prevent African swine fever from entering the country.

Taku Eto visited Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Thursday, and inspected the customs and immigration area of its international flight terminal.

Narita Airport Revises Disaster Continuity Plan

Narita Airport revises disaster continuity plan

The operator of Narita airport outside Tokyo has drawn up a comprehensive business continuity plan for major natural disasters.

Nearly 17,000 people were stranded at the airport in September when a typhoon disrupted transport links with the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Water Supply Restored To Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Water supply restored to Haneda Airport Terminal 2

The water supply at Tokyo's Haneda Airport has been fully restored after a days-long suspension.

The Japan Airport Terminal Company suspended the water supply to the airport's two terminals for domestic flights on Wednesday after salt was detected in a water tank and tap water at a facility for washing aircraft.

Possible Drone Disrupts Kansai Airport Operation

Possible drone disrupts Kansai Airport operation

Sightings of a possible drone have caused runway closures and flight disruptions at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan.

The airport's operator says that shortly after 10 p.m. on Thursday, the pilot of a plane on approach to the airport reported sighting what appeared to be the light of a drone.

Water Supply Stopped At Haneda Airport Terminal

Water supply stopped at Haneda Airport terminal

Water supply at a Haneda Airport terminal in Tokyo has been stopped.

Japan Airport Terminal, the firm operating Haneda's terminal buildings, received complaints at around 9 a.m. on Wednesday that tap water tasted salty at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for domestic flights.

Tokyo, Narita Airport Rail Link Suspended

Tokyo, Narita Airport rail link suspended

Railway services between central Tokyo and Narita Airport are disrupted due to torrential rain in Chiba Prefecture.

The JR Narita Line suspended operations between Chiba and Narita Airport stations shortly after 1:30 p.m. Friday local time, after tracks became submerged.

Osaka Airport Security Problem Disrupts Flights

Osaka airport security problem disrupts flights

Flight operations at Osaka International Airport in western Japan have been disrupted after a knife was found during a security check.

Police were notified on Thursday morning that the knife was found in the bag of a male passenger who had gone through a security gate in the airport's southern inspection area, which is mainly used by All Nippon Airways.

Second Terminal Opens At Chubu Airport

Second terminal opens at Chubu airport

The Chubu international airport in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, has opened a new terminal for low-cost carriers.

Terminal Two began operations on Friday. The airport had been building it since last year to handle an increasing number of foreign tourists.

Travelers Stranded At Narita Airport

Travelers stranded at Narita airport

Nearly 17,000 people have been stranded at Narita airport in Japan as Typhoon Faxai disrupted transport services linking it with the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Rail and bus services to and from the airport were suspended on Monday, forcing people to stay at the airport.

13,000 Stranded Overnight At Narita Airport

13,000 stranded overnight at Narita airport

More than 13,000 people were stranded overnight at Narita airport in Japan, as Typhoon Faxai disrupted transportation services linking the airport and the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Rail and bus services to and from Narita were suspended on Monday, forcing people to stay at the airport.

Airport Passcodes Mistakenly Sent To Media

Airport passcodes mistakenly sent to media

Officials at the operator of Fukuoka Airport in western Japan have mistakenly sent the entry passcodes for some doors in the airport building to media outlets.

They say they planned to send the codes by fax to shops and companies in the airport terminal on Monday evening. That was as part of measures to step up security ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Fukuoka City next month.

Counterterrorism Drill Held At Haneda Airport

Counterterrorism drill held at Haneda airport

A counterterrorism drill with an emphasis on providing guidance in foreign languages has been held at Tokyo's Haneda airport in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.

The drill was held on Wednesday at two railway stations that directly service the airport's international passenger terminal. About 250 people, including railway officials and police officers, took part.

Anti-terror Drill Held At Narita Airport

Anti-terror drill held at Narita Airport

Officials at Narita Airport near Tokyo have held a counterterrorism drill as the country prepares for large-scale international events for two consecutive years.

The Rugby World Cup will be held this fall and the Olympics and Paralympics will take place the following summer.

Osprey Makes Emergency Landing At Osaka Airport

Osprey makes emergency landing at Osaka Airport

Japan's Defense Ministry has reported that a US military Osprey aircraft made an emergency landing at Osaka International Airport in western Japan on Monday afternoon.

The tilt-rotor aircraft is stationed at US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture. The ministry said it was flying to Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture from Marine Corp Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture.