Heavy Rain Continues To Hit Southern Kyushu

Heavy rain continues to hit southern Kyushu

Intermittent torrential rain continues to hit the southern part of Japan's Kyushu Island. The precipitation has reached record levels in some places.

The Meteorological Agency says more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in Satsumasendai City in Kagoshima Prefecture over a 24-hour period. The amount exceeds the average monthly rainfall for July, and is a regional record for the month.

Heavy Rain Continues In Many Parts Of Japan

Heavy rain continues in many parts of Japan

Weather officials in Japan are calling for caution as continuing heavy rain could prompt landslides, flooding in low-lying areas as well as gusty winds across the country.

The Meteorological Agency says the lingering seasonal front is bringing active rain clouds to eastern and western parts of Japan. Warm, damp air is blowing into the rain front, creating unstable atmospheric conditions.

2020 Toyota Sienna Review And Buying Guide | The Wait Continues ...

2020 Toyota Sienna Review and Buying Guide | The wait continues ...

We sure hope Toyota is cooking something special up for its next-generation minivan, because it's certainly been a long wait. While most cars and minivans go six years between generation, the 2020 Toyota Sienna represents year nine since it was completely redesigned. Sure, there was a significant overhaul a few years ago and constant updating (including some for this year), but the competition has been completely redone, and it makes a difference. The Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica are more refined, more advanced technologically and have better safety ratings. Even the Kia Sedona, which is no spring chicken itself, is fresher in certain respects.

Now, despite being long in the tooth, the 2020 Sienna still provides plenty of distinctive elements that keep it relevant. Its second-row seat slides further than most, providing exceptional comfort for adults and teenagers. Its unique all-wheel drive option. Its SE trim level that is arguably the most engaging minivan to drive. In other words, don't write it off completely, but make sure to shop around.

What's new with Sienna for 2020?

The SE and SE Premium trim levels can now be equipped with the Nightshade Edition package ($700), pictured above. Following an industry trend, it replaces all the exterior bright work with black trim. It's undeniably the coolest-looking Sienna.

Search For Missing Vessel Crew Continues

Search for missing vessel crew continues

The search will continue for missing crewmembers of a cargo vessel that sank off eastern Japan, after tapping sounds were heard from inside on Monday.

The Senshomaru, with a crew of five, collided with another freighter before dawn on Sunday in waters off Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo.

Unseasonable Heat Continues In Japan

Unseasonable heat continues in Japan

Record-high temperatures for the month of May continued in many parts of Japan on Monday.

The Meteorological Agency says the daytime high was 35.8 degrees Celsius in Obihiro City in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido -- 17 degrees higher than the seasonal average.

Intense Heat Continues Across Japan

Intense heat continues across Japan

Unseasonably hot weather continues in many parts of Japan on Monday.

Weather officials say a warm air mass is staying over the country after bringing record temperatures for the month of May to the northern prefecture of Hokkaido on Sunday.

Hot Weather Continues In Japan

Hot weather continues in Japan

Unseasonably hot weather continued across Japan on Friday, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius in some areas before noon.

Weather officials are urging people to take precautions against heatstroke.

Heavy Rain Continues, Mudslides Feared

Heavy rain continues, mudslides feared

Fifty-six millimeters of fresh rain fell between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sunday in Yakushima Town in southern Japan.

The area received more than 400 millimeters of rain in a 12-hour interval on Saturday. This was as much rain as the town in Kagoshima Prefecture would normally have in all of May.

2020 Gt-r Nismo Continues Nissan's Quest For Ultimate Track Refinement

2020 GT-R Nismo continues Nissan's quest for ultimate track refinement

Nissan didn't give fans a new GT-R or a new Z at the 2019 New York Auto Show. Instead, Nissan celebrated the 50th anniversaries of the models with special-edition packages and with the unveiling of the upgraded 2020 GT-R Nismo. The changes aren't massive, but Nissan claims the adjustments come together to make a noticeable difference.

The GT-R has gone through change after change after change after change. After more than a decade of continuous improvements, the gained knowledge has resulted in the GT3-inspired 2020 Nismo. The goal for the 2020 GT-R Nismo was to better blend road comfort and usability with the ultimate performance needed for the track.

Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

Toyota Prius Electrical System Continues To Overheat Despite Recall

This is according to reports in which some Toyota Prius owners are still claiming that their electrical systems are overheating. Speaking to the LA Times, a customer by the name of Jordan Felo experienced this problem when his inverter overheated and fried itself when he pressed on the car’s accelerator pedal.

This was despite the fact that Felo had previously taken his car to a Toyota dealer several weeks ago in which an updated piece of software was installed that was meant to fix the overheating problem. Unfortunately, it appears that it did not and now it would cost Felo $3,000 to replace the unit.

Landfill Work Continues In Henoko

Landfill work continues in Henoko

Japan's Defense Ministry is ramping up construction on a controversial US military facility in Okinawa. Work is now underway on a new part of the planned site.

Workers have been pouring sand and dirt into the sea to reclaim land off the coast of Nago City.

Hayabusa2 Continues Descent To Asteroid

Hayabusa2 continues descent to asteroid

Japan's Hayabusa2 space probe has been slowly descending to the asteroid Ryugu in its final maneuver to land on the asteroid to bring its rock samples back to Earth.

The descent began at around 1:15 PM, Japan time, or 04:15 UTC on Thursday from an altitude of 20,000 meters.

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Continues To Dominate The Competition

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Continues To Dominate The Competition

For the longest time ever, Sony’s PS4 has more or less dominated the console space, at least until the Nintendo Switch came along and changed the landscape. Granted the Switch has yet to catch up to Sony in terms of total units sold, but so far it appears that on a monthly basis, Nintendo may very well have outsold the competition.

This is according to early NPD figures as seen by Direct-Feed Games where according to the figures, the Nintendo Switch managed to sell 284,000 units for the month of January 2019. This is versus other consoles like the PS4 which managed 195,000 units, while the Xbox One only sold 101,000 units.

Suga: Japan Continues Working With Us On N.korea

Suga: Japan continues working with US on N.Korea

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says Japan will step up efforts to coordinate policies with the United States on the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea ahead of the second US-North Korea summit.

Suga told reporters on Wednesday that Japan sees the issue as a top priority. He said his country has been and will be working closely with the US.