Nintendo Has Sold 41.67 Million Switch Units Worldwide

Nintendo Has Sold 41.67 Million Switch Units Worldwide

With the Nintendo Wii U, the console was a huge flop and many were worried for the future of Nintendo. However, with the Switch, things turned around somewhat dramatically for the company. In fact, according to the latest figures, it seems that Nintendo has managed to sell 41.67 million units of the Switch worldwide to date.

This is quite impressive when you consider how poorly the Wii U did back in the day. According to Nintendo’s latest earnings, the Switch sold an additional 4.8 million units during the past three months ending in September 30. The company had also revealed that the Switch Lite, which was released on the 20th of September, accounted for 1.95 million units, which seems to indicate that the console is doing pretty well.

A Zero-day Exploit Has Been Found In Android…by Google

A Zero-Day Exploit Has Been Found In Android…By Google

As some of you might know, Google’s Project Zero team is a group of security researchers who try to seek out vulnerabilities and exploits in apps and services in a bid to keep us safe. The team also regularly publishes their findings to make the public aware of what’s going on, and it seems that the team’s latest discovery comes in the form of an Android zero-day exploit.

You would assume that Project Zero would want to give its own colleagues a bit more leeway, but that would be a disservice to everyone, so kudos to them for being neutral. That being said, the exploit in question affects several popular Android handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and S9, the Google Pixel 1 and Pixel 2, and the Huawei P20.

Koizumi: Fight On Climate Change Has To Be 'sexy'

Koizumi: Fight on climate change has to be 'sexy'

Japan's new environment minister has caused a stir by saying that the fight against climate change has to be "cool" and "sexy."

Shinjiro Koizumi made the remarks in a news conference for foreign media in New York. He is visiting the city to attend a United Nations climate summit.