Japan Sdf Destroyer Leaves For Middle East Mission

Japan SDF destroyer leaves for Middle East mission

A destroyer of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force has left for the Middle East to take on an intelligence-gathering mission to ensure the safe navigation of Japan-related vessels in the region's waters.

The Kirisame left Sasebo Base in Nagasaki Prefecture on Sunday after a ceremony that was scaled back due to the coronavirus. The ship has a crew of around 200.

Kuriyama Chiaki Leaves Agency After 30 Years

Kuriyama Chiaki leaves agency after 30 years

On March 23, actress Kuriyama Chiaki (35) opened her official Twitter account and announced that she has left her agency that she belonged to for 30 years. According to persons concerned, the actress left the agency on March 10 and will be launching her own office. 

Kuriyama tweeted, "At this time, I, Kuriyama Chiaki, have left Space Craft Entertainment and will be going independent. I am only grateful to the agency that has guided me for 30 years."

Sdf Vessel Leaves For Middle East

SDF vessel leaves for Middle East

A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer has left for the Middle East to conduct survey and research activities. It is the first time an MSDF ship has gone on an international mission that will last longer than a year.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saw off the destroyer Takanami at Yokosuka Naval Base south of Tokyo in a ceremony on Sunday morning.

Japan-chartered Plane Leaves Wuhan

Japan-chartered plane leaves Wuhan

A Japanese charter flight with about 210 evacuees on board has left Wuhan, the Chinese city at the center of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 left Wuhan on Wednesday morning after a delay of about two hours.

Chartered Plane Leaves For Wuhan

Chartered plane leaves for Wuhan

The first chartered plane to bring Japanese nationals back from the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province has left Tokyo's Haneda airport.

The airport in Wuhan, the epicenter of China's new coronavirus outbreak, has been virtually closed, and public transportation systems have been halted. Japanese citizens in the city are having difficulty returning home on their own.

Media: Ghosn Leaves Japan For Lebanon

Media: Ghosn leaves Japan for Lebanon

European and US media report that former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn, who is out on bail in Japan, has arrived in Lebanon.

Ghosn has been charged with understating his executive compensation in Nissan securities reports and aggravated breach of trust over suspected misappropriation of Nissan funds.

Abe Leaves For Japan-china-s.korea Summit

Abe leaves for Japan-China-S.Korea summit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is on his way to China on Monday, to attend a three-way summit with Chinese and South Korean leaders.

Abe is scheduled to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping after his arrival in Beijing. The two leaders are expected to discuss future Japan-China relations and Xi's visit to Japan as a state guest next spring.

Yoshino Leaves For Sweden To Attend Nobel Ceremony

Yoshino leaves for Sweden to attend Nobel ceremony

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino, one of the three winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has left for Sweden to attend an award ceremony next week.

Yoshino, who was awarded the prestigious prize for the development of lithium-ion batteries, and his wife Kumiko spoke to reporters at Narita airport before their departure on Thursday.

Pope Francis Leaves For Japan

Pope Francis leaves for Japan

Pope Francis is headed for Japan after completing his visit to Thailand.

The pope boarded a special plane at an airport in Bangkok on Saturday morning. He is expected to arrive at Tokyo's Haneda airport in the evening.

Hayabusa2 Leaves Asteroid For Earth

Hayabusa2 leaves asteroid for Earth

Japan's space agency says its probe is on its way back to Earth after leaving the asteroid, Ryugu.

Hayabusa2 was launched in 2014 and reached the asteroid about 300 million kilometers from Earth in June last year. It succeeded in an unprecedented mission of touching down twice and collecting rock samples from beneath the surface.

Typhoon Leaves 77 Dead, 9 Still Missing

Typhoon leaves 77 dead, 9 still missing

People in areas hit by Typhoon Hagibis are struggling to recover from flooding. NHK has learned the death toll has risen to 77. Rescuers are searching for nine people who are still missing.

People in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, have begun the daunting task of cleaning up. Volunteers have been dispatched to help the elderly clear out mud from their homes.