Nearly 100 New Cases Found On Quarantined Ship

Nearly 100 new cases found on quarantined ship

Japan's health ministry says 99 more people on board the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The ministry said on Monday that of the newly found virus carriers, 85 are passengers and 14 are crewmembers.

Suga: Weekly Supply Of 100 Million Masks Likely

Suga: Weekly supply of 100 million masks likely

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Wednesday that supplies of face masks will likely top 100 million per week.

Japan faces an acute shortage of face masks following the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China.

Subaru Will Make The Shift To 100% Electric Cars By Mid 2030s

Subaru Will Make The Shift To 100% Electric Cars By Mid 2030s

A lot of carmakers these days are creating electric cars or hybrids at the very least. This is because as the world starts to run out of fossil fuels, creating cars that don’t require them makes a lot of sense. In fact, Japanese carmaker Subaru has announced that by the mid 2030s, they plan to sell only electric cars.

As it stands, Subaru already sells hybrid and plug-in hybrids, but the company is expected to develop what they are calling a “strong hybrid” vehicle using Toyota’s technology. Speaking during a briefing, Chief Technology Officer Tetsuo Onuki said that despite using Toyota’s technology, they still want to make cars that are distinctively Subaru.

Shinjiro Koizumi On Time 100 Next List

Shinjiro Koizumi on TIME 100 NEXT list

Japan's Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi is on Time magazine's first-ever list of the world's 100 rising stars who are shaping their industries and the future.

The US news weekly released the 2019 TIME 100 NEXT, a new expansion of its flagship 100 list of the world's most influential people.

Sony Has Sold 100 Million Ps4 Consoles To Date

Sony Has Sold 100 Million PS4 Consoles To Date

It goes without saying that Sony’s PS4 console is one of the most popular consoles in the market today, and based on the latest figures, it looks like Sony has pretty much conquered this particular generation of consoles. This is because in the company’s latest earnings, they have revealed that they have sold a whopping 100 million PS4 consoles to date.

It has been reported that sales of the PS4 are actually slowing down, but in all honesty, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. This is because we are nearing the end of the current generation of consoles, where both Microsoft and Sony have actually confirmed that they do have next-gen consoles already in the works.

Watch Honda Mean Mower V2 Hit 100 Mph In 6.29 Seconds, Top Out At 150 Mph

Watch Honda Mean Mower V2 hit 100 mph in 6.29 seconds, top out at 150 mph

There is no stopping Honda and its extreme lawn mower division. Well, maybe it's not a whole division, but it did take a bit of work to accomplish this latest feat. The Honda Mean Mower V2 is now the official Guinness World Record holder for the fastest lawn mower to 100 mph. Honda managed to scoot to the century mark in just 6.29 seconds, which is beyond scary fast for a lawn mower.

Despite technically being able to cut grass, there isn't much about this vehicle that is lawn mower-like. Jess Hawkins (stunt driver and racer) piloted the machine to the record time, and she also managed to hit a top speed of 150.99 mph. It uses the 999cc four-cylinder engine out of the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle and only weighs 309 pounds. At that minimal weight and 200 horsepower, it's obvious why this thing rips. For some perspective, that power to weight ratio is better than the Bugatti Chiron.

Over 100 Hit By Heatstroke In Tokyo Over Weekend

Over 100 hit by heatstroke in Tokyo over weekend

The Tokyo Fire Department says 107 people were taken to hospitals in the Japanese capital over the weekend due to possible heatstroke.

Central Tokyo saw the mercury top 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday as an unseasonal heat wave hit the country.

Ps4 Sales Will Soon Cross 100 Million Units

PS4 Sales Will Soon Cross 100 Million Units

To say that the PlayStation 4 has been a massive hit for Sony would be an understatement. The console has consistently outsold the Xbox One and will soon cross another major milestone. According to the figures officially revealed by Sony, it won’t be long before the PS4 sales cross 100 million units.

Sony did caution last year that the PlayStation 4 sales had fallen for the very first time year-over-year. That has happened once again in 2019 but it’s still a pretty strong showing by Sony’s console. The company sold 17.8 million PS4 units in the fiscal year ending March 31st, slightly down from the 19 million units sold in the previous fiscal year.

Thai Police: Group Defrauded Over 100 Japanese

Thai police: group defrauded over 100 Japanese

Police in Thailand say a group of Japanese men arrested last week for allegedly running a call center scam defrauded more than 100 people in Japan.

Fifteen Japanese men were arrested on March 29 on suspicion of working illegally in the country. They were captured in a raid on a house in the resort city of Pattaya.

Rubella Cases Exceed 100 In Single Week

Rubella cases exceed 100 in single week

Japanese health authorities say 109 cases of rubella, or German measles, were reported in the country in the week up to February 24.

They say it's the first time this year that the weekly total exceeded 100.

Mystery Donor Gives 100 Mil. Yen To Ehime Govt.

Mystery donor gives 100 mil. yen to Ehime govt.

An unknown donor has sent about 100 million yen, or about 910,000 dollars, to the government of Ehime Prefecture in western Japan.

A cardboard box containing bundles of 10,000 yen bills, addressed to Ehime Governor Tokihiro Nakamura, was delivered on January 29.

Harajuku Attacker Had 100 Liters Of Kerosene

Harajuku attacker had 100 liters of kerosene

A man arrested in Tokyo after plowing his car into crowds in the early hours of New Year's Day bought nearly 100 liters of kerosene before the attack.

Kazuhiro Kusakabe, 21, from Neyagawa in Osaka Prefecture, rammed his rental car into pedestrians on Takeshita Street in the Harajuku district. Nine people were injured, including a 19-year-old university student who is in a critical condition.

100 Support Centers For Foreign Workers To Open

100 support centers for foreign workers to open

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has revealed that the government plans to open about 100 support centers for foreign workers across Japan.

This will be part of comprehensive measures the country intends to draw up by the yearend, ahead of the implementation in April of the newly passed law to bring in more foreign workers.