Us Soldier And Girlfriend Found Dead In Okinawa

US soldier and girlfriend found dead in Okinawa

A US military serviceman and his Japanese girlfriend have died at a condominium in Okinawa.

Police suspect the man killed himself after fatally stabbing his girlfriend with a knife.

F35a Jet Part Apparently Found

F35A jet part apparently found

Japan's Self-Defense Force says it has found what could be debris from a missing F35A fighter jet that's feared to have crashed into the sea.

Officials say the pilot was flying with three other planes of the same model on a training mission. They say there were no reports of problems before contact was lost.

Researchers: Japan's Oldest Rocks Found

Researchers: Japan's oldest rocks found

A group of Japanese researchers say they have unearthed the oldest rocks ever found in the country. They say the 2.5-billion-year-old rocks are a window on the formation of Japan's islands.

The team, led by Yasutaka Hayasaka, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Science at Hiroshima University, announced its findings on Monday.

Ministry Panel: No Systematic Cover-up Found

Ministry panel: No systematic cover-up found

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry has concluded that there was no systematic cover-up of the ministry's flawed statistics, although the office in charge made false explanations.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to examine problems linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Ministry Panel: No Cover-up Found In Data Scandal

Ministry panel: No cover-up found in data scandal

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry says there was no systematic cover-up in the ministry's flawed statistics scandal.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to probe illegalities linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Sunken Japanese Battleship Found Off Solomons

Sunken Japanese battleship found off Solomons

A US research team has discovered a battleship that belonged to the now-defunct Imperial Japanese Navy lying in waters about 1,000 meters deep off the Solomon Islands. The ship sank in a battle in the South Pacific during World War Two.

NHK has obtained video footage of the ship, named the Hiei. The discovery has led to a new theory about why it sank.

More Failures Found In Fatal Child Abuse Case

More failures found in fatal child abuse case

Officials at a child welfare center near Tokyo say they do not know when a 10-year-old girl who was temporarily in their care returned to her parents' home where she was fatally abused.

Mia Kurihara was found dead at her home in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, in late January. Her parents have been arrested on suspicion of inflicting injuries.
The prefecture's child welfare center has been criticized for its handling of the case.

Two Men Found In Wooden Boat Off Aomori

Two men found in wooden boat off Aomori

Japan Coast Guard officials have found two men on a wooden boat drifting in the Sea of Japan off Aomori Prefecture in northeastern Japan. The men are believed to have come from North Korea.

A local fishing cooperative informed the Coast Guard of the boat's presence on Sunday morning. It was drifting about 1.5 kilometers off the town of Fukaura.

Four Men Found In Shimane To Return To N.korea

Four men found in Shimane to return to N.Korea

Police in Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, on Sunday transferred to immigration officials four men found in a wooden boat that drifted ashore. The men are expected to go through procedures to return to North Korea.

The boat was spotted on January 8th on the shore of the town of Okinoshima on an island in the Sea of Japan. Police took into protective custody the four crewmembers who appear to be in their teens through 30s.

Safes Found At Ghosn's Apartment In Rio

Safes found at Ghosn's apartment in Rio

Nissan Motor officials found safes in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro provided to its ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn. They suspect that the safes may contain assets that Ghosn allegedly purchased illegally.

Court filing shows that Nissan officials found 3 locked safes on November 30th as part of an in-house probe into the alleged financial misconduct by Ghosn. They are seeking permission from a court in Brazil to open them.

Murder Suspected As 6 Found Dead In Miyazaki

Murder suspected as 6 found dead in Miyazaki

Six people were found dead on Monday at a home in Takachiho Town in Miyazaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Police suspect murder as wounds were visible on some of the bodies. Most of the victims are believed to be family members. One was a small girl.

Microplastics Found In 26 Japanese Rivers

Microplastics found in 26 Japanese rivers

Researchers say they found microplastics in most of the 29 rivers they tested across Japan. They are calling for measures to reduce plastic waste in inland areas.

The researchers from Tokyo University of Science and Ehime University checked water samples from 29 rivers. They were looking to see whether the waterways contain plastic particles 5 millimeters long or smaller. Tiny pieces of plastic are potentially harmful to ecosystems.

7th Body Found In Fukushima Fire

7th body found in Fukushima fire

Another body has been found in a house destroyed by fire in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, bringing the death toll to 7.

Police say they are trying to identify the bodies.