Bullet Train Services Back To Normal

Bullet train services back to normal

Tropical storm Krosa has disrupted transport services during the peak summer holiday period in Japan.

Airlines canceled over 800 domestic flights on Thursday. Another 48 flights were axed on Friday morning and flights to and from Tohoku and Hokkaido face disruptions depending on the course of the storm.

Storm Causes Bullet Train Cancellations

Storm causes bullet train cancellations

The severe tropical storm is disrupting Shinkansen bullet train services, mostly in western Japan.

Sanyo Shinkansen services between Shin-Osaka in Osaka and Kokura in Fukuoka Prefecture were canceled for the entire day on Thursday. Services between Kokura and Hakata are reduced to about one train per hour.

Incoming Storm Sees West Japan Train Suspensions

Incoming storm sees west Japan train suspensions

A Japanese railway operator says it will suspend services on most sections of its Shinkansen bullet train line in western Japan throughout Thursday due to an approaching severe tropical storm.

West Japan Railway, or JR West, says it will cancel Sanyo Shinkansen services between Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka Prefecture and Kokura Station in Fukuoka Prefecture for the whole day.

Next-generation Bullet Train Rolled Out To Media

Next-generation bullet train rolled out to media

Japan's next-generation Shinkansen bullet train was rolled out to the media in a demonstration test run on Thursday.

East Japan Railway Company aims to put the train into service in the fiscal year starting in April 2030. The Hokkaido Shinkansen line will then be extended to Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido. The company plans to operate the train at a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour.

Memorial Held For 2005 Train Accident Victims

Memorial held for 2005 train accident victims

A memorial service has been held for victims of a train derailment accident in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, that occurred 14 years ago.

Thursday marked the 14th anniversary of the deadly crash on the JR Fukuchiyama Line that killed 107 people and injured 562 others.

Website Linked To Luxury Train Hacked

Website linked to luxury train hacked

A railway operator in southern Japan says thousands of entries of customer data have been leaked from a website linked to a luxury train service, and some of the stolen credit card information has been the target of fraud.

Kyushu Railway Company says the website for Seven Star Gallery, which sells wines and food served on the Seven Stars Kyushu luxury train, was hacked.

People Train For Disaster 3 Years After Big Quake

People train for disaster 3 years after big quake

People in Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture, have renewed their preparedness for natural disasters one day before the third anniversary of the deadly quake that hit the region.

About 80 people, including Buddhist monks from nearby temples, gathered at a public hall in the city on Saturday. They first observed a moment of silence to mourn the victims.

Bullet Train Ticketing Machines Down

Bullet train ticketing machines down

The machine ticketing system for the Shinkansen bullet trains is partially down.

Customers have not been able to buy tickets since this morning, although they can still get them in person at ticket offices.

Wetland Train Service Opens In Hokkaido

Wetland train service opens in Hokkaido

A railway operator in northern Japan has launched an annual steam locomotive service in the eastern part of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Hokkaido Railway Company operates the steam locomotive, commonly referred to as the Winter Wetlands line, that makes one roundtrip journey every day between Kushiro and Shibecha Stations.

Tourist Train Ametuchi Heads To Iwami Region On March 20-21

Tourist train Ametuchi heads to Iwami region on March 20-21

YONAGO, Tottori Prefecture--The Ametuchi train will run a special service between Izumoshi and Masuda stations on March 20-21 that will take travelers to the Iwami region in western Shimane Prefecture for the first time.

The two-car sightseeing train that accommodates up to 59 passengers started operations in July last year, running between Tottori and Izumoshi stations on the Sanin Line of West Japan Railway Co. (JR West).

Bullet Train Inspection To Take Until Around 10 Pm

Bullet train inspection to take until around 10 PM

The operator of the Kyushu bullet train service says safety inspections following the earthquake will likely continue until around 10 PM.

Kyushu Railway Company suspended Shinkansen bullet train operations between Hakata and Kumamoto stations after the quake hit around 6:10 PM.

Xmas Tourist Train Chugs Through Hokkaido

Xmas tourist train chugs through Hokkaido

A train loaded with tourists made its way through the snowscapes of Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture on Christmas Eve.

The jaunt was part of an attempt to boost interest in the northern region, which has seen a dip in visitor numbers since a strong earthquake struck in September.

Drill Held On Moving Shinkansen Train

Drill held on moving Shinkansen train

Shinkansen bullet train operator West Japan Railway conducted a trouble-shooting drill on a moving train on Monday.

The company drew criticism last December, when a Shinkansen train wasn't brought to a halt despite the conductor and maintenance workers detecting an unusual noise and a burning smell.

Man Hit By Train Trying To Retrieve Gift

Man hit by train trying to retrieve gift

A man was killed by a train at a Tokyo station on Wednesday evening, apparently trying to retrieve a toy from the tracks.

56-year-old Chen Lei from China was struck by an incoming train at Okachimachi Station.