City Officials Work In Ninja Costumes

City officials work in ninja costumesCivil servants in a western Japanese city are wearing ninja costumes to help boost tourism there.
Koka City in Shiga Prefecture is famous for its ninja or secret agents in feudal Japan.
Nearby, the city of Iga in Mie Prefecture is also known for its ninja tradition.
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Nra To Allow Part Of Frozen Soil Wall At Fukushima Plant

NRA to allow part of frozen soil wall at Fukushima plantThe nation’s nuclear watchdog decided that Tokyo Electric Power Co. can start freezing soil in a limited area around crippled reactor buildings at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to prevent radioactive water accumulating in the buildings from leaking into the ground.
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Tsunami Memorial Center Opens In Sendai

Tsunami memorial center opens in SendaiThe Japanese city of Sendai is to open a museum that preserves memories of the city as it stood before the earthquake and tsunami hit the area nearly 5 years ago.
The center will open on Saturday at a subway station in the north-eastern city. City officials and residents held an opening ceremony on Friday.
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Global Economic Growth Fears Roil Japan's Financial Markets

Global economic growth fears roil Japan's financial marketsJapan's stock, bond and currency markets were in turmoil Tuesday as fears of a global recession saw investors dump equities and buy up safe-haven assets, pushing the country's key bond yield into negative territory for the first time and sending the yen climbing against a basket of other currencies.
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