Suga: Japan To Strengthen Ties With Us At Summit

Suga: Japan to strengthen ties with US at summitJapan's top government spokesman says the country aims to strengthen ties with the United States in a bilateral summit in April.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga made the remark to reporters on Thursday, one day after the White House announced President Barack Obama's 4-nation tour of Asia.
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American Eyes On Abe's Yasukuni Shrine Visit

American eyes on Abe's Yasukuni Shrine visitAfter Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s December visit to Yasukuni Shrine, Washington expressed its “disappointment,” and criticism of Abe swept through the U.S. media. American reactions to the visit have been overwhelmingly negative: some people are baffled, some are exasperated and some are downright angry.
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Us Navy To Deploy New Ships In Japan

US Navy to deploy new ships in JapanThe US Navy will send 3 newer and more capable ships to Japan as part of its reinforcement plan for Asia.
The US Navy announced on Wednesday that 2 mine countermeasure ships, USS Pioneer and USS Chief, will be stationed at its Sasebo base in Nagasaki Prefecture in May. The ships will replace USS Avenger and USS Defender that have both served there.
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