Baseball Star Ichiro Announces Retirement

Baseball star Ichiro announces retirement

Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki of the US Major Leagues' Seattle Mariners has announced his retirement.

The 45-year-old outfielder held a news conference after the second of the two-game Opening Series against the Oakland Athletics finished in Tokyo on Thursday.

Baseball Legend Ichiro Announces Retirement

Baseball legend Ichiro announces retirement

Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki of the Major Leagues' Seattle Mariners has announced his retirement.

The 45-year-old held a news conference after a game against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday in Tokyo.

Baseball Star Ichiro Suzuki Intends To Retire

Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki intends to retire

NHK has learned that Japanese Major Leaguer Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners has told team officials he intends to retire.

The 45-year-old veteran is scheduled to hold a news conference after his team's match against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday in Tokyo.

Possible Cap On Pitches In High School Baseball

Possible cap on pitches in high school baseball

Discussions are under way in Japan on whether to limit the number on pitches per pitcher in high school baseball games to try to prevent injuries.

An organizer in Niigata Prefecture on the Japan Sea coast announced in December that it plans to introduce a cap of 100 pitches, starting this coming season.

Paris Rules Out Baseball, Karate In 2024 Olympics

Paris rules out baseball, karate in 2024 Olympics

Baseball, softball and karate will likely be dropped from the 2024 Paris Olympics but breakdancing is expected to make its Olympic debut.

Host cities are allowed to pick additional sports and the organizing committee for the Paris Games announced its candidates on Thursday.

Becky Announces Marriage To Baseball Coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

Becky announces marriage to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

On February 13, Becky (34) announced that she has gotten married to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki (35). 

Becky uploaded a photo of a bird onto Instagram and announced, "It's a personal matter, but I recently married minor league Yomiuri Giants coach Yasuyuki Kataoka-san." She continued, "Without forgetting my grateful feelings, I will move forward slowly and steadily. Please continue to support me.

Baseball/ Before Mlb Career, Tsutsugo Aims To Improve Baseball At Home

BASEBALL/ Before MLB career, Tsutsugo aims to improve baseball at home

Before he pursues a career in Major League Baseball, Japanese slugger Yoshitomo Tsutsugo is on a mission to fix the sport in his native country, including the abolishment of what he says is corporal punishment and grueling practices.

Tsutsugo said after the 2018 season that he wants to play for an MLB team in the future. He will be eligible for international free agency in 2021 after 11 seasons with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars.

Becky Is Dating Baseball Coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

Becky is dating baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

On June 26, some sports papers reported that talento Becky (34) and Kataoka Yasuyuki (35), coach for the Yomiuri Giants, are dating. Announcer Ogura Tomoaki confirmed the reports on 'Tokudane!' saying that he confirmed the news with coach Kataoka himself. 

At the beginning of the program, Ogura, who is good friends with Kataoka, commented, "I was surprised when I opened the newspaper this morning!" He then continued, "I felt like a father who didn't know anything about his son's love life."

Popular Baseball Comic To Conclude

Popular baseball comic to conclude

A popular comic series about a high school baseball team will complete its run later this month after being published on and off in a weekly magazine for more than 4 decades.

The publisher, Akita Shoten, says the "Dokaben" series, first published in 1972, will conclude in the June 28th issue of the weekly Shonen Champion magazine.

Iniesta Attends Baseball Game In Tokyo

Iniesta attends baseball game in Tokyo

Spanish soccer midfielder Andres Iniesta has attended a baseball game in Tokyo played by a team under the firm that owns his new soccer club in Japan, Vissel Kobe.

Iniesta visited Tokyo Dome on Thursday with Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of online retailer Rakuten. Mikitani is the chairman of both the first-division J-League soccer club and pro baseball's Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Baseball: Cubs Consulting To Bring Kawasaki Back

Baseball: Cubs consulting to bring Kawasaki back

A day subsequent to discharging him, the Chicago Cubs are in talks with Japanese infielder Munenori Kawasaki in the expectations of re-marking him to an agreement, Cubs leader of baseball operations Theo Epstein said Wednesday.

Epstein addressed correspondents before the preseason diversion against the Oakland Athletics at Sloan Park and said there is a shortstop spot for the 35-year-old in Triple-An Iowa, and he is quick to perceive what choice Kawasaki comes to in the following few days.