Hiroshima Plans To Demolish Two A-bombed Buildings

Hiroshima plans to demolish two A-bombed buildings

Two buildings in Hiroshima that survived the 1945 atomic bombing may be demolished due to a lack of maintenance funds.

The former army uniform depot is 2.7 kilometers from Ground Zero. Military uniforms were manufactured and stored there. People injured by the atomic bombing were carried into the buildings, and many of them died.

Pope Makes Call In Hiroshima For Peace

Pope makes call in Hiroshima for peace

Pope Francis, a major advocate for nuclear disarmament, is in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima.

In a speech, the pope said true peace can only be an unarmed peace. He added the use of nuclear weapons is a crime.

Pope Francis In Nagasaki, Hiroshima

Pope Francis in Nagasaki, Hiroshima

Pope Francis, who is an advocate for nuclear disarmament, is in the city of Hiroshima to attend a gathering for peace.

Earlier in the day, the pontiff visited Nagasaki where he called for nuclear weapons to be abolished, saying they're "an affront crying out to heaven."

Oyster Harvesting Season Starts In Hiroshima

Oyster harvesting season starts in Hiroshima

Fishers in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, have begun harvesting cultured oysters.

The harvest season started on Tuesday. Around 6 a.m., growers in Higashihiroshima City began using cranes on their boats to pull up a 10-meter-long rope where they planted oysters.

Japan Pauses To Reflect On Hiroshima Bombing

Japan pauses to reflect on Hiroshima bombing

People in Japan took a moment to pause and remember the victims of an event they can never forget.

On August 6,1945, an American warplane dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Tens of thousands of people died in an instant -- and an estimated 140,000 lost their lives by the end of the year.

Hiroshima Mayor Discloses Gist Of Peace Message

Hiroshima mayor discloses gist of peace message

The mayor of Hiroshima says he plans to use this year's peace declaration to call on the Japanese government to join a UN treaty on banning nuclear weapons.

Mayor Kazumi Matsui on Thursday disclosed the gist of the declaration he is to deliver at the ceremony marking the 74th anniversary of the city's atomic bombing on August 6.

Symposium On Nuclear Arms Abolition In Hiroshima

Symposium on nuclear arms abolition in Hiroshima

More than 500 people have gathered at a symposium in Hiroshima to discuss ways to eliminate nuclear weapons and efforts to achieve peace.

The event was held on Saturday at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park.

At Least 95 Nations To Attend Hiroshima Ceremony

At least 95 nations to attend Hiroshima ceremony

The city of Hiroshima says at least 95 countries and the European Union are expected to send ambassadors and other representatives to an August 6 ceremony to mark the anniversary of the atomic bombing on the city.

City officials announced an outline of the Peace Memorial Ceremony on Wednesday.

Hiroshima Protests Us Subcritical Nuclear Test

Hiroshima protests US subcritical nuclear test

People in Hiroshima are protesting the latest nuclear test by the United States. The US government announced last week that the country carried out a subcritical nuclear test earlier this year.

A US government laboratory said it carried out the experiment in Nevada in February as part of a drive to modernize the country's nuclear weapons.

Hiroshima Officials Protest Latest Us Nuclear Test

Hiroshima officials protest latest US nuclear test

People in Hiroshima are protesting the latest nuclear test by the United States.

The US government announced on Friday that the country carried out a subcritical nuclear test in the state of Nevada on February 13. This type of test does not produce a nuclear explosion.

Hiroshima Mayor Promotes Nuclear Abolition

Hiroshima mayor promotes nuclear abolition

The mayor of Hiroshima has pledged to strengthen solidarity and cooperation among cities around the world to abolish nuclear weapons.

Kazumi Matsui addressed an award ceremony on Friday for the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. The event was part of a film festival in New York. The award is given to people and groups that inspire innovation.