People Returned To Japan On 3rd Flight Go Home

People returned to Japan on 3rd flight go home

A group of Japanese people who evacuated the virus-stricken Chinese city of Wuhan on the third government-chartered flight, except for one, have gone home after a quarantine period.

Japan's health ministry says when they returned to Japan on January 31st, all 145 people tested negative for the new coronavirus and exhibited no symptoms, such as fever,.

Eight Infected People Aboard Ship In Serious State

Eight infected people aboard ship in serious state

Japan's health ministry says eight of the people confirmed infected with the new coronavirus onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship are in serious condition. The ship is quarantined at Yokohama Port, near Tokyo.

The ministry says two other people are also in serious condition. One of them has not been confirmed to be infected, while the other is waiting for the result of a virus test.

197 People On Chartered Flight Test Negative

197 people on chartered flight test negative

Japan's health ministry says 197 people who have stayed in isolation after returning from Wuhan, China, on the first of the government's chartered flights from the city have tested negative for the new coronavirus.

Two hundred six people were on the plane that arrived in Japan on January 29. The 197 did not show any symptoms and tested negative when they were first checked.

Japan To Ban Entry Of People From Zhejiang

Japan to ban entry of people from Zhejiang

The Japanese government will ban people from the Chinese province of Zhejiang from entering the country starting Thursday, to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus in the country.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the announcement at a meeting of a taskforce dealing with the virus outbreak on Wednesday.

39 More People Infected On Cruise Ship

39 more people infected on cruise ship

Officials at Japan's health ministry say 39 more people have been found infected with the new coronavirus on the cruise ship Diamond Princess at the port of Yokohama.

This brings the total number of passengers and crew infected on the vessel to 174.

39 More People Found Infected On Cruise Ship

39 more people found infected on cruise ship

Authorities in Japan say 39 new cases of coronavirus have been identified on the cruise ship at Yokohama Port.

A total of 174 cases have now been found on the Diamond Princess. A Japanese health ministry official who was conducting an inspection of the ship is infected with the virus.

Japan's Entry Ban To Include People From Zhejiang

Japan's entry ban to include people from Zhejiang

The Japanese government will broaden its entry ban to cover people from the Chinese province of Zhejiang to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus in Japan. Many cases of the virus have been found in Zhejiang.

Japan currently bans the entry of foreign nationals who were in Hubei Province within 14 days before their arrival in Japan, or those who hold passports issued by the Hubei provincial government, unless they have special reasons.

People Brave Cold To Perform Waterfall Ritual

People brave cold to perform waterfall ritual

Visitors at a Buddhist temple in western Japan marked a time-honored tradition by soaking themselves in cold water in a ritual aimed at toughening the body and soul.

Monday is "daikan" in the traditional Japanese calendar, which means the coldest time of the year. About 10 people braved the chilly temperatures by soaking themselves in frigid water.

People Run On Track Of Tokyo Games' Main Venue

People run on track of Tokyo Games' main venue

Members of the public have run on the track at the main venue of next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics for the first time since it was completed last month.

Taking a cue from 2020, the same number of people chosen from the public took part in the event at the new National Stadium on Saturday.

People Who Died In N.korea Remembered

People who died in N.Korea remembered

About 40 people gathered at a port in Niigata City on the Japan Sea coast on Saturday to mourn the deaths of Japanese nationals and their relatives who died in North Korea.

Saturday marked 60 years since the Japanese government launched a program to assist Koreans living in Japan to relocate to North Korea.

Nagasaki People Grateful For Pope's Support

Nagasaki people grateful for Pope's support

People in Nagasaki say the pope's message has strengthened their convictions to abolish nuclear weapons.

Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura said, "Pope Francis showed us his belief that to attain true peace, many people must unite and work together, trusting one another."

At Least 28 People Dead From Typhoon Hagibis

At least 28 people dead from Typhoon Hagibis

NHK has learned that at least 28 people have died due to Typhoon Hagibis in Miyagi, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Gunma, Fukushima, Saitama, Iwate, Nagano, Ibaraki, Chiba and Shizuoka prefectures.

Eighteen people are missing, and 177 are injured.