Japan, China To Allow Mutual Business Travel

Japan, China to allow mutual business travel

NHK has learned that Japan and China have agreed to resume round trip business travel between the two countries beginning in mid-November. It applies to both short- and long-term trips.

The government of Japan is gradually easing restrictions which it imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

'go To Travel' Campaign Extension Being Mulled

'Go To Travel' campaign extension being mulled

Japan's tourism minister says he will consider extending the domestic travel promotion campaign beyond the end of January.

The government-sponsored "Go To Travel" program gives discounts on trip costs and offers coupons for use at tourist spots and souvenir shops.

Japan, China Discussing Resuming Business Travel

Japan, China discussing resuming business travel

Japan and China are continuing talks to resume business trips between the two countries as early as October.

The Japanese government has gradually eased entry restrictions it had in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It has already resumed business travel with both South Korea and Singapore.

Kato On Resuming Business Travel With China

Kato on resuming business travel with China

Japan's top government spokesperson has expressed the government's intention to allow the resumption of business trips to and from China while implementing anti-coronavirus measures.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu referred to discussions now under way with China on whether to allow the resumption of business travel between the two countries.

Japan Mulls Lowering Global Travel Alert

Japan mulls lowering global travel alert

NHK has learned that Japan's Foreign Ministry is considering lowering the travel alert that has been issued for the entire world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministry raised the alert to Level 2, the third-highest on a scale of 1 to 4, in March for the whole world and asked people to avoid nonessential travels.

Special Flight Offered Amid Slump Travel

Special flight offered amid slump travel

Dozens of people in northern Japan enjoyed a special sightseeing flight on Sunday, amid the slump in air travel brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan Airlines organized the flight together with the Yamagata prefectural government and a travel agency.

Japan's Travel Agencies Enhance Online Services

Japan's travel agencies enhance online services

Travel agencies in Japan are stepping up online customer services as part of efforts to prevent spreading the coronavirus. The moves come after the government's incentive campaign for domestic tourism started including trips to and from Tokyo on October 1.

H.I.S. launched a new online system this month employing artificial intelligence. Customers can enter their travel period, budget and so on via smartphone, and AI then recommends travel plans.

Japan-s.korea Business Travel To Resume

Japan-S.Korea business travel to resume

Japan and South Korea have agreed to reopen business and other travel between the two countries on Thursday.

Japan's Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu on Tuesday announced the bilateral agreement as part of efforts to ease coronavirus entry restrictions.

Japan, S.korea To Resume Business Travel

Japan, S.Korea to resume business travel

Japan is expected to agree with South Korea to start allowing people to travel between the two countries for business purposes as early as this week.

The Japanese government is gradually easing entry restrictions that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Six Interesting Things To Do While Gambling In Japan

Six Interesting Things to do While Gambling in JapanJapan is a country with a rich culture and history. A lot of attractions are available for locals and enthusiastic travelers to be entertained in the Asian country, often referred to as the Land of The Rising Sun. For travelers who love to gamble, they can be forgiven for thinking that they will be deprived of their hobbies while traveling to this fascinating nation.

Motegi: Travel With Singapore, Brunei To Be Eased

Motegi: Travel with Singapore, Brunei to be eased

Japan's Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu says Japan has agreed with Singapore and Brunei to ease entry restrictions on long-term residents.

Motegi told reporters on Friday that cross-border travel by long-term residents will be allowed between Japan and Singapore from next Wednesday, and between Japan and Brunei from October 8.

Discounted Travel Plans For Tokyo Go On Sale

Discounted travel plans for Tokyo go on sale

Tourism businesses in Japan are starting to sell travel packages to and from Tokyo under the government's "Go To Travel" campaign to stimulate domestic tourism.

Major travel agencies such as JTB and HIS will launch sales of such packages at noon on Friday.

Govt. Set To Add Tokyo To Travel Campaign In Oct.

Govt. set to add Tokyo to travel campaign in Oct.

Japan's government is set to add Tokyo to the "Go To Travel" domestic tourism campaign on October 1. The travel discount program is aimed at boosting consumer spending.

Trips to and from Tokyo were excluded from the campaign at its launch in July due to an increase in coronavirus cases in the capital at the time.