Govt. To Add Tokyo To Travel Campaign In Oct.

Govt. to add Tokyo to travel campaign in Oct.

The Japanese transport minister has revealed a plan to add Tokyo to a domestic travel campaign, "Go To Travel," on October 1.

Akaba Kazuyoshi said the plan is a result of talks with Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide and Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi, who is also the minister in charge of the coronavirus response.

Japan Urges Against Travel To 13 More Countries

Japan urges against travel to 13 more countries

The Japanese government is urging its nationals to avoid all travel to an additional 13 countries as part of measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

The countries were added to the Level 3 Travel Advice and Warning list on Wednesday. The list had already included 146 countries and areas.

Tokyo Awaits Nod For Travel Campaign Inclusion

Tokyo awaits nod for travel campaign inclusion

The minister in charge of the coronavirus response says no decision will be made on whether to add Tokyo to the government's domestic tourism promotional campaign until experts weigh in on the matter next month.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi made the statement at a meeting of the Lower House cabinet standing committee on Wednesday.

Coronavirus Hampers Summer Travel In Japan

Coronavirus hampers summer travel in Japan

The number of people using public transport in Japan is much lower than normal for the time of year due to a surge in coronavirus infections. The Bon holiday period normally sees many visiting their hometown.

The Japan Road Traffic Information Center reported that vehicles were backed up for more than 10 kilometers on three major expressways in the Tokyo area before noon on Monday.

Travel Industry Workers To Help Farmers

Travel industry workers to help farmers

NHK has learned that Japan's national farmers' organization is teaming up with one of the country's largest travel agencies to secure labor for farmers in need of helping hands.

Foreign technical trainees have mitigated labor shortages in Japan's agricultural sector, but there is a shortage this year as they cannot enter Japan due to coronavirus restrictions.

Tokyo Governor Urges Citizens Not To Travel

Tokyo governor urges citizens not to travel

The governor of Tokyo has called on residents to refrain from traveling to other prefectures during the summer holiday season, amid the continued rise in numbers of coronavirus infections in the capital.

Koike Yuriko told reporters on Thursday that people should remain on heightened alert, as the situation in Tokyo is still extremely severe.

Govt. To Set Guidelines For Family Reunion Travel

Govt. to set guidelines for family reunion travel

The mid-summer holidays in Japan are a time when many people visit their hometowns and family. Ahead of the "bon" holidays next week, the government plans to set guidelines to prevent travelers from spreading the coronavirus.

Some local leaders are worried that people living in city areas may spread the virus when they visit their smaller locales for family reunions.

Travel Campaign Starts As Coronavirus Cases Rise

Travel campaign starts as coronavirus cases rise

The Japanese government is pushing forward with its plan to reopen the economy. It comes as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise across the country.

Part of the government's strategy is the "Go To Travel" campaign. It officially kicked off on Wednesday and offers discounts on transportation and accommodation, and coupons that can be used at tourist facilities and souvenir shops.

Travel Discount Campaign Starts

Travel discount campaign starts

The Japanese government's travel incentive program has started to promote domestic tourism hit hard by the coronavirus.

The "Go To Travel" campaign involves discounts for travel costs, and issuing coupons that can be used at tourist facilities and souvenir shops. Discounts became available on Wednesday.

Japanese Travel Campaign To Start On Wednesday

Japanese travel campaign to start on Wednesday

Tokyo is reporting another 237 confirmed infections --- well above the numbers seen when businesses began reopening. But the government says it can balance plans to kick start the economy and the higher case numbers.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide said, "The government's basic stance is to prevent the virus from spreading, and continue a phased reopening of the economy."

Govt. To Compensate Canceled Go To Travel Bookings

Govt. to compensate canceled Go To travel bookings

Japan's government is again shifting its policy on a major campaign to shore up tourism hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Transport and tourism minister Akaba Kazuyoshi now says people will not have to pay cancellation fees for trips to and from Tokyo, which have been excluded from the campaign.

Compensation Offered For Canceled Discount Travel

Compensation offered for canceled discount travel

Japan's government says it will compensate people for cancelation fees for bookings made under a discount program to promote domestic tourism.

The "Go To Travel" campaign is set to start on Wednesday. It's aimed at helping revive the economy, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan To Launch Travel Campaign Excluding Tokyo

Japan to launch travel campaign excluding Tokyo

The Japanese government has officially announced it will launch a domestic travel campaign on July 22 that excludes trips to and from Tokyo.

Transport and tourism minister Akaba Kazuyoshi made the announcement at a news conference on Friday.

Tokyo Cases Prompt Travel Campaign Shift

Tokyo cases prompt travel campaign shift

The rising number of coronavirus cases has become a stumbling block for plans to boost Japan's economy. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported a new daily high for infections on Thursday, breaking a record set only a week before.

The capital confirmed 286 cases -- a return to a recent trend following slightly lower counts.