Wednesday Marks 2 Months Since Kyoto Arson Attack

Wednesday marks 2 months since Kyoto arson attack

Wednesday marks two months since dozens of people were killed in an arson attack on an animation studio in Kyoto. Police say it will likely be several months before they arrest the suspect, who's hospitalized with severe burns.

The attack on the Kyoto Animation studio on July 18 left 35 people dead and 34 injured. Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba on suspicion of arson and murder, among other charges.

Android 10 Marks The End Of An Era As Google Ditches The Dessert Names

Android 10 Marks The End Of An Era As Google Ditches The Dessert Names

One of the defining features of Android is Google’s playful take on the naming schemes for the different versions of the software, where with every release, Google chooses to name the update after a dessert in alphabetical order. This year, which is version 10 and is known as Android Q, Google has yet to officially reveal what the update will be called.

After all, there aren’t that many mainstream and obvious desserts starting with the letter “Q”, right? Turns out, for Android 10, Google has decided that they will be marking the end of an era by dropping the use of dessert names completely, and where 2019’s version of Android will simply be known as Android 10.

Japan Marks 74 Years Since End Of Wwii

Japan marks 74 years since end of WWII

People in Japan are observing a solemn anniversary on Thursday. August 15 is the day Japan marks the end of World War Two and prays for peace.

A government-sponsored ceremony will be held in Tokyo to remember about 3.1 million Japanese who died in the war.

Nagasaki Marks 74 Years Since Atomic Bombing

Nagasaki marks 74 years since atomic bombing

Friday marks 74 years since an atomic bomb was dropped over Japan's western city of Nagasaki. At a memorial service in the city, the mayor will call on Japan's government to join a UN treaty on banning nuclear weapons.

The service will begin at the city's Peace Park at 10:40 a.m. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will attend, along with survivors of the bombing, known as hibakusha. Families of those who died as a result of the attack will also be at the service.

Okinawa Marks 74 Years Since Wwii Battle

Okinawa marks 74 years since WWII battle

Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa is commemorating the 74th anniversary of the end of a fierce ground battle during the final stages of World War Two.

Bereaved families and others have been gathering since early Sunday morning at the Peace Memorial Park in the city of Itoman to pay their respects.

Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition Marks End Of Japanese Availability

Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition marks end of Japanese availability

Thirteen years ago, Mitsubishi discontinued the full-size Montero SUV in the U.S., and now the same thing is happening in its home country of Japan where it's called the Pajero. The company is marking the end of availability there with a Pajero Final Edition. Only 700 examples will be built.

There isn't a whole lot that separates the Pajero Final Edition from normal ones. It has serial number badging inside, and special stickers on the outside commemorating the SUV's introduction in 1982. One cool feature is a Citizen watch with Final Edition branding that's only available to buyers of this Pajero. For a little extra, customers can opt for an exterior package that adds a rear spoiler, chrome spare tire cover and mud flaps with aluminum plates that spell out Pajero. It comes standard with either a black or tan leather interior, a sunroof, roof rails, cold-weather package, and under the hood a 3.2-liter diesel I4 coupled to a selectable four-wheel-drive system and five-speed automatic transmission. The price for it is 4,530,600 yen, or $40,602 at current exchange rates.

Kumamoto Marks 3 Years After Major Quakes

Kumamoto marks 3 years after major quakes

More than 16,000 people are still living in temporary housing three years after a series of devastating earthquakes began in and around Japan's southwestern prefecture of Kumamoto on April 14, 2016.

Kumamoto prefectural officials say 16,519 people in 7,304 households were residing in temporary units as of the end of March. The figure is down about 65 percent from the peak of more than 47,000.

Ceremony Marks 30 Years Of Emperor's Reign

Ceremony marks 30 years of Emperor's reign

A ceremony to celebrate 30 years of Emperor Akihito's reign has been held in Tokyo, with the attendance of the Imperial couple.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Speaker and President of both chambers of the Diet, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, members of the Diet, representatives of businesses and foreign ambassadors to Japan also attended Sunday's event at the National Theatre.

Ryoyu Kobayashi Marks New Ski Jumping Record

Ryoyu Kobayashi marks new ski jumping record

Japanese ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi has set a new record for the number of titles won in a single season at a World Cup competition.

He came out on top in Innsbruck, Austria, on Friday, earning his 4th straight victory, and marking his 7th win this season.

Fire Festival Marks End Of Fuji Climbing Season

Fire festival marks end of Fuji climbing season

Festival-goers have marked the end of Mount Fuji's summer climbing season with a nighttime parade illuminated by giant torches.

The 2-day Yoshida Fire Festival started on Sunday at the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja shrine at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. The annual event was first held more than 400 years ago.

Kono Marks Immigration Anniversary In Hawaii

Kono marks immigration anniversary in Hawaii

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono has visited Hawaii to mark the 150th year since Japanese people first immigrated there.

Kono visited the National Cemetery of the Pacific on Tuesday and paid tribute to fallen soldiers, including Japanese-Americans who served in the US military during World War Two.