Kyoto University Puts Autumn Enrolment On Back Burner

Kyoto University puts autumn enrolment on back burnerKyoto University President Hiroshi Matsumoto said Nov. 29 that reform to the university's entrance exams would take priority over a switch to an autumn enrolment system, suggesting that the institution will shelve fall intakes for the time being.

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Japan Election Campaign Gears Up

Japan election campaign gears upPrime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who also heads the ruling Democratic Party, says a focus of debate in the upcoming general election will be whether or not Japan continues to depend on nuclear power.

Speaking in Saga, southwestern Japan on Wednesday, Noda referred to Japan's 54 nuclear reactors and noted they used to supply about 30 percent of the country's energy needs.

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Ldp Abe Says Gov Bond Purchase Decision Up To Boj Update

LDP Abe says gov bond purchase decision up to BOJ updateThe chief of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, Shinzo Abe, said Saturday the Bank of Japan should make its own decision on purchasing government bonds for monetary easing, toning down pressure he had recently put on the central bank to implement aggressive policies for beating deflation.

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Coin - Throwing Ritual At Buddhist Temple

Coin-throwing ritual at Buddhist templeA coin-throwing Buddhist ritual to pray for the deceased is under way in the western Japanese prefecture of Tokushima.

Around 150 residents packed the hall of Chouenji temple on Thursday. Eleven different temples in the town of Minami take turns hosting the annual event.

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Ozawa Acquittal Finalized

Ozawa acquittal finalizedProsecutors have decided to give up appealing an acquittal ruling handed down by a high court last week to Japanese opposition party leader Ichiro Ozawa.

The move clears Ozawa of charges of false political fund reporting.

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Noda Set To Dissolve Lower House On Friday Update

Noda set to dissolve Lower House on Friday updatePrime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has said he will dissolve the Lower House of the Diet on Friday if the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party commits to Diet reform measures.

Noda faced LDP leader Shinzo Abe in a Diet debate on Wednesday.

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Killer Whale Gives Birth At Nagoya Aquarium

Killer whale gives birth at Nagoya aquariumStella, a killer whale at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium estimated to be 26 years old, gave birth on Nov. 13, marking the first killer whale birth at the facility.

The newborn female calf is estimated to be 2 meters long, and between 160 and 180 kilograms. On Nov. 12, Stella showed signs of labor, including a drop in her body temperature, and her water broke the following day at 8:40 a.m.

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Photo : Prince Hisahito Visits Imperial Mausoleum

PHOTO : Prince Hisahito visits imperial mausoleumPrince Akishino (2nd from L), his wife Princess Kiko (2nd from R) and their son Prince Hisahito, 6, visit the site of the mausoleum of Emperor Jimmu, Japan's first emperor, in Kashihara, Nara Prefecture, on Nov. 7, 2012.

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